Pause thought and bring your attention to where the seeing is wide open….then just ‘be the seeing’ and nothing else. Clarity is self evident. Notice that it is clear and obvious that there is no ‘thing’ there, doing ‘seeing’. Emptiness of emptiness is without dimension and without any reference point. No centre and no circumference.

It is not a void.  It is life, a living intelligence that is formless.

The first and only instant of cognition.  What we commonly call ‘now’.

You cannot get away from it.

It is not some magical power that anyone can develop, harness or control.

It is totally ordinary. Common to all. I call it wakefulness and everyone ‘has’ it. It is perfect, in the sense that it has no specific qualities that can be defiled or compromised. It is like space. Space-like.

In recognising this ‘I am That’…..the witness (‘I’) is prior to what appears in the seeing-knowing. The witness is temporal and is a movement upon stillness. Stillness knows nothing. The movement is cognition!

…..It may leave you completely speechless. It is, by its very nature, totally wordless and silent.

Some call it ‘the natural state’.

It is not a state.  All states come and go.  This pure cognition does not come or go. It has no beginning or end. You cannot lose it or negate it.

It is the basis of all existence.

It is ‘The Whole’, the all inclusive nature of what is.

It is not ‘what was’ or ‘what will be’. It is the immediacy of ‘what is’. Such ness.


It is nameless.

I will call it The Cosmic Ocean.

No name can stick to any thing. A name is a word, a sound, a vibration.

No word is ever what it describes. A word is a pointer but it is not what it points to. Like the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.

The sum total of all (so-called) ‘things’ is not equal to the whole. The Whole has never divided. The integrity of the whole is incorruptible.

Things are ‘appearance only’. Things appear and disappear. Things appear to be separate from other things. All things are intertwined and inseparable.

Things apparently borrow their apparent independent existence through belief in thought.

You will never work it out in the mind. It is not a puzzle. It is ordinary everyday awareness, which is not a ‘thing’.

You are that….. No Thing.

Nothing but That.