I am Loader!

Enlightenment is no mind. Why look for it with mind? This wakefulness is perfect and is 'with' everyone.  No effort is required to realise this.  It is already so.

It is so ordinary that no one notices its immaculate nature. Hidden in plain view, as they say. Nothing can be added to this wakefulness and there is no need to add anything to it. It is already pure. Nothing can be taken away from it. It is the silent companion for everyone who meditates and everyone who does not meditate.

It can never be a discipline or a practice. There are no methods to enhance it or diminish it. The sword can't cut it. The fire cannot burn it. The water can't drown it and the wind cannot dry it.

There are NO levels to it. No higher or lower. There is NO entity attached to it. It is most intimate and totally impersonal.

It can never be a teaching and it can never be taught. It cannot be transmitted nor can it be lost.

There are many names for it but the names are not it. The drama of seeking it is a distraction from it and yet there is no one who is distracted from it.

It is like an invisible temple that bestows great fortune upon everyone regardless of gender, age, race, color, religion or creed.

It is ordinary, every day WAKEFULNESS.

When the mind meets its own emptiness, all questions and all possible answers disappear naturally by themselves and what I truly Am is found to be totally naked and unencumbered by anything.

The sum total of all there is, is silent being. There is no separation in reality. Separation is misunderstanding based on a concept.

How could this moment ever be divorced from the totality of what is? How could a tiny fragment of the wholeness be separate from the wholeness--in any way shape or form?

Your own perfection is a unique expression of the totality. Whether the expression is imagined to be positive or negative is of no consequence. You are existence itself. Transient points of view have no substance. Seeing the truth of that does not set you apart from anything.

Considering the Ocean: is the energy of a wave in the wave or passing through the wave? Does the shadow of the earth obscure the sun? Do thoughts obscure awareness? Does belief ever turn into truth?

Identifying oneself as an object in need: It is the WANTING and imagining about something, something that you think you don't have; that is what obscures the clarity of recognizing what is already so.  Reality is already so. Wanting to change it is just a feeble belief that cannot withstand any close scrutiny.

Keep dropping the conceptual constructs woven around the wanting.  Observe the mind and see how it operates. You will notice that you are not the content of mind, which is completely transient and changing.  How can you be something that is always changing?

You do not have to translate what appears in the clear and empty space, out of which you are seeing, via anyone else's concepts or beliefs. You do not have to translate it at all.  The translation is mechanical and happens spontaneously.  The registering of what is, is not mechanical and is free from the so-called past.  

What is, as is, is prior to language and ideas. Our mother's tongue (language) is very useful if we use it wisely. If it uses us, we can become slaves to the mundane views of stagnant and dead ideas. The intelligence that you are is fluid and free in essence. Let the mind be quiet and your innate wisdom will shine like the sun.