Spontaneous recognition

June 24, 2020

What you are can never be reflected in a mirror.

The mirror like mind is not in front of you, nor behind you. Just as the surface of a lake has no thickness, the seeming membrane that appears to separate you from the universe has no thickness. It is as broad as the imagination can ‘make it’. It is conceptual. Take a look at a mirror and recognise that you cannot see the mirror. All you can see is the reflection(s). One reflection. ‘Many’ things appear in the mirror but it is a singular reflection. Look at the moon’s reflection in a pool of water, on a clear evening and see it as a portal, inside yourself, to the dimensionless nature of awareness.

Pointing has no time to turn into a teaching. A pointers value is immediate. The value of a pointer is in the recognition….a sudden and unexpected recognition.  Pointing cuts through the indulgence of the intellect and reveals the open view, without a subject.  Naked awareness.  Not even the word ‘self’ applies.

What you are is prior to any medium. This is why only pointers are used. Teachings, teachers and students are all about ‘doing this and doing that’ and they are all in ‘the mirror’ and cannot, by any means, ‘get out of the mirror’.

The promises of awakening are in the dream and the dreamer cannot exit from the dream. The dream of awakening is called sleep. Wakefulness is not in the dream.

Non Duality is not a scheme to make anyone famous. It is not a scheme to build idols of worship. It is not a scheme to make money from the ignorant. Non Duality is a term that describes ‘What is’. Not what will be… or what was.

What is, is not founded upon words or language. If you pay attention, you will notice that words do not clear up misunderstanding without an insight. Words obscure what is clear and obvious. Words are pointers. They can bind the mind and they can potentially release the bondage.

In the moments of waking in the morning, the clarity of wordless being (thoughtless reality) is unobstructed. Through habit, the intellect will leap into the old narrative patterns and the enchantment has got you again. You are back in the thick of it before you know it.  In reality you are not in anything. Everything is an appearance. The witness remains invisible.

Be quiet and observe the spontaneous nature of conscious life, this livingness.

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