January 05, 2020

I​n the scheme of things, there appear many who wish to discover their basic true nature.

Few understand that their basic true nature is not hidden in the mind or anywhere else. Pointing happens through words, and yet it is words that obscure the clear and obvious. The single essence expresses itself as everything. Labels appear to divide up this unicity into a myriad of things.

The recognition that comes unexpectedly, and spontaneously, cannot be reduced to words. It is similar to your feelings; we describe our feelings in an approximate fashion but no words can describe a feeling. In the realm of language, what I speak about is that which has been most often overlooked.

We all speak to each other and we imagine that we understand each other, but it may be far from the truth. In other words, if it could be put into words in an exact way, it would have been done ‘long ago’.

Down through the ages, there have been a few who have left records of their pointings and they are as fresh today, as the day they were first expressed.

This livingness–life, is spontaneously fresh and new. Fresh expressions appear and disappear spontaneously (before any consequence called thinking).

Most individuals never meet what we loosely call a ‘messenger’. The ‘true messenger’ speaks from an immediate ‘knowledge’.

A recognition of what the pointing points to, will clear the mind of belief, and the spontaneous spacious nature of pure Knowing shines of itself.

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