Non Duality is not a subject or object

May 20, 2021

Non Duality is not a subject or object. You can’t say anything about it. Talking about Non Duality can be like an antidote. It can take the sting out of psychological suffering. Words divide what is true into true and untrue. Words can’t really divide anything. The definition of non duality is simple but at the same time, impossible. As soon as you add any qualifications or quantifications it gets complex and dualistic. Non Duality has no opposite. It is not a thing.

There is no teaching or path to non duality. To create a path, you have to have distance between TWO different places. If you cut an orange in half, it is no longer a whole orange. It is not possible to put the two halves back into wholeness. The mind divides itself through words and definitions. All meaning requires differentiation. Understanding itself is inherently dualistic. The natural state is wordless and silent. A recognition of wholeness brings an apparent state of silent and wordless appreciation.

This planet as a whole is all inclusive. It is composed of an incalculable number of components, large, small and tiny. It is constantly changing and yet it remains relatively stable. The ocean is similar. The ocean is divided into separate areas and given different names. The ocean is changing constantly and yet it is relatively stable. If you put your toes in the water at the beach, your toes are touching the entire ocean. The sense of separation is relative to an apparent belief system, which is composed of words, definitions and an incomplete understanding.

Your own insight is what evaporates the sense of separation. Someone else’s state of mind or words are limited. At best they can point. The recognition happens unexpectedly and it leaves you without any words or labels. As soon as you start talking about your insights, there is a sense of ‘something telling lies’. The ego always says ‘There must be something I can contribute’. Check your premises. Belief is an automatic acceptance of an alleged fact without positive knowledge or proof.

Just because ten million individuals believe that some ‘thing’ is real does not make it real. Apparently most folk do not have the capacity or the inclination to investigate any of the things they believe in. They are happy to just accept it. It is not polite society to challenged someone’s beliefs. Most folk just accept what the media tell them. They choose the media that supports their beliefs. Ideas are ideas. No one is stuck in ideas. When ideas become gods, people become slaves to those ideas.

So much talk about humanity emerging with some massive awakening……and people accept this idea because it makes them feel good or special. Self importance is what blinds the intellect to the clear and obvious. The activity of knowing (cognition) is the base. Nothing exists without it and everything is that movement. That fact is the elevator…….up and out of identification with the bondage of self. A fiction. The story may be very seductive but without a single word, what are you?

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