Infinity remains as is

June 21, 2020

Nothing can divide the whole.

The whole cannot be divided. Your ideas are not yours. Thoughts are merely subtle display of patterns forming from the singular energy, just like everything else. The whole is non dual.

If you worship the mind of another, you miss the immaculate nature of your own mind.

How is it, that you are here? Did you will yourself into being? Did consciousness dawn upon you?  What is conscious of the consciousness if not the self?

If you are caught up in the spiritual mind game, no one can help you…..especially not the ones who propagate the myth of the progressive path.

The spiritual dream about the progressive path must be shattered. Some call it awakening but it is only the dissolution of a dream. The wakefulness is already perfect….with everyone. It is so, so, so very obvious. Ideas and beliefs only appear to cloud the wakefulness.

The image of self is impotent, no matter how much importance you assign to it.  It is an image.  Can an image see, hear, know or do anything?  No.  What one is, is prior to the coming and going of images, thoughts, ideas, concepts etc.

What one IS.  Not what one was or what one will become.  Becoming is a complex conceptualised, un-investigated belief.  A belief cannot withstand a clear investigation.  A belief requires many other beliefs to support it.  Pare it all away consciously and recognise what is left, without a thought or idea.

Yes, it requires courage.  The image of self has no courage because it is a fabricated ‘entity’.  Courage is a natural aspect of knowing-being, what is true.  Belief is subject to doubt.  Belief has no being.  It is all conceptual.

You cannot see the wind.

You cannot see your true essence.

You are that true essence… and no concept can change what is.

What is, is what is.

The progressive path is nothing appearing to be something in the image making aspect of the so-called mind.  You cannot find the mind. Pause thought.

What you seek, you already are.

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