Can’t be seen, can’t be heard, can’t be spoken.

May 09, 2021

All the senses imply time past, present or future. Mind is time. Awareness is timeless.

The spontaneous nature of life is pre-sense. The sword can’t cut it. The fire can’t burn it. The water can’t drown it and the wind can’t dry it (touch it).

No phenomena can reach beyond itself to its origin. This is why the search for self fails. That which animates the very basic formation of the tinniest particle and the largest galactic display of order is, it would seem, a mysterious something. We know this something by the word ‘energy’.

The activity of knowing is this energy, just as everything else is this energy. There is no separation of this energy and time does not divide it into periods or intervals. This activity of knowing is all pervasive. The content of mind, is an impersonal display of patterns forming and dissolving spontaneously.

The spark that weaves this intriguing, uninterrupted display is always immediate. Some call it ‘the razor’s edge’ but in reality it is Zero dimensions, pointless, beyond the apparent limitations of planes, edges or volume, beyond apparent dimensions, beyond near and far and beyond this apparent unfolding of phenomena (time).

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