Already perfect

June 08, 2020

To be enslaved to your own reactions to events and experiences will keep you seemingly bound to an unnecessary, cumbersome translation of the dynamic flow of energy (consciousness). 

Chasing descriptions of the world is endless.

Prolonged unhappiness is often dressed as a ‘spiritual seeker’.  

Is it anything more than an unquestioned narrative about someone you actually do not know? Who is me?

Habits can be broken.

See everything fresh and new.   The natural state is wordless and silent.

The one who claims to be the thinker is a thought-image. A thought image cannot think. Thinking happens spontaneously. The claimant is a fictional character called ‘me’.  A mental construct cannot see, hear or ascertain anything.  Check your premises.

A goat tethered to a stake, will eat everything except the rope that binds it. We are similar. We refuse to investigate that which causes the psychological suffering. Anything but that. This is why seekers are bound to gurus for decades or even life times.  It is under the banner of Truth and Freedom but is it really true? If it is true, where is the freedom?

All it takes is a clean and clear recognition. Without a single thought, what are you? The wakefulness is perfect and spontaneous. It requires no permission from a guru, teacher or personal identity. It is already so.

Nature produces many seeds. The singular essence appears to be passed on through many forms, through many ages. Everything appears in the seeing. Realise this and forget words.  Thoughtless reality.  Self aware. There is nothing other. No gurus. No students. No teaching. No path. The singular essence is everything and nothing. There is no duality in non duality. Do not follow anyone, for they are nothing and they can give you nothing. You are already that no thing and everything. 

Self aware.  Effortless self aware….ness.

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