You won’t find it because you never lost it

First off, you must recognise that your ideas about being separate are imaginary.   Your ideas about what imagination is are also imaginary.  All of your sacred ideas about higher realms of consciousness are mere gossip and hearsay.   Your spiritual heroes are without substance and are equal to your own reflection in a pond of water.

Speaking of the basics can sound mysterious or even esoteric. It isn’t.  We all innately know the essence of being.

The immediacy of this phenomenal appearance (world or universe) is energy appearing as an apparent field of finite patterns appearing in space (volume).  

The finite appears as the content of infinity.

‘Things’ appear as the content of consciousness.  Consciousness is no thing.  No one can define what consciousness is.

The appearance of ‘things’ is naturally and constantly changing.  There is nothing static in the universe.  Energy is a movement.  That which moves cannot be known as an object.  It may appear as an object but the essence is not seen.  The activity or movement is the knowing – not separate.  The universe is composed of entirely ever-fresh movement and there is no static point or thing that moves of itself.  The River flows constantly.  The evidence or trace of ‘things’ is an appearance and that includes the entire universe.  When you look at a star in the night sky there is no separation.  All registers exactly where it is.  It is all energy appearing like reflection, just like the reflections in a mirror – they are an appearance.  Nothing in the mirror can affect anything else in the reflection.  It is all empty of substance.  

One mirror, one reflection.  The reflections have no independent existence of their own and none can stand on their own outside of the mirror.

There is no ‘thing’ that stays the same for eternity.  All is time bound.  That which is not time bound is THAT, which is not ‘in time’ and THAT is this ever-present (life) and that is what I am calling ‘the immediacy’ (Life). 

The immediacy is not a thing, not an object and even the idea of it being a subject is simply another concept appearing.

This living immediacy is what we call ‘experiencing’ (present tense).  Everyone appears and disappears ‘upon’ this unchanging experiencing. 

Nothing can alter, improve or impair this experiencing. 

Experiencing is non dual.  It never splits into any time zones. 

Memory is another term for the past, and the past has no existence except as an appearance in mind. 

Mind cannot be found.  Mind is neither one nor many.

Mind is a word or concept appearing and disappearing. It has no permanence at all. Flickering conceptualising has no substance, no base or fixed point.  

We all agree that memory is of the past.  One can recall events and experiences but they are simply conceptual constructs appearing in the unchanging ever-present impersonal experiencing.  This immediacy is un-interrupted – no event can stall or change or alter the actual experiencing.  The so-called mind flips between an apparent future and an apparent past but the actual functioning cannot leave the immediacy. 

All your beliefs are erroneous.  It is all nothing but experiencing, which appears ‘as’ this and that, with or without words, labels and images shifting across the absolute stability of this experiencing.  There is no entity to any of it.  Even the thought that something is apart from something else is just a concept.  Reference points in the mind have NO locality.  You cannot pin point where a thought or a reference point is.  

All is sensation.

Self-realisation is simply the naked cognising, which is totally empty.

To say that “all there is, is consciousness” is correct – and even logically, without consciousness you couldn’t say a thing.   No expression in words can be truth, so the phrase Consciousness is all there is, is not the truth – it is simply correct.  It is a pointer.   Arguing over pointers is the realm of fools.  No shortage of those. 

No word is ever what it represents.

Many speak of ‘Truth’ or the ‘Ultimate Truth’ as if it could be some static thing.  As soon as you name something as truth, it is already false.  Truth and falsehood are mind content.  The mind is dualistic due to its nature is vibration, an appearance.  

Nothing of the content of consciousness, objects or mere concepts, ideas and words, can have any independence from consciousness – they are all nothing of themselves, nothing that can stand on its own.

Without the life energy, without consciousness, none of it can even be contemplated.  

Empty mind is non dual.   Pause thought and recognise this obviousness.   All problems are oscillations between reference points in dualistic mind.  They all appear and disappear upon empty mind.

There is an order, an intelligence to all that is.  Is-ness is non dual.

The universal order cannot be reduced to something relative to ‘me’, not to something ‘personal’.

The coloured light from a rainbow appearing out of a crystal can be focused back into a beam of white light.   It is all light.  A single frequency beam of light will have a particular colour.  White light is all the frequencies balanced and apparently woven together.  A crystal will split white light into all the colours of a rainbow.  The crystal is empty.  Filters have a bias.  The limitations of mind are belief in conceptual assumptions.   The unlimited nature of all things remains beyond the filters of mind.

We put learned words and labels upon the naked experiencing and then believe we understand.

This indefinable consciousness, which you are enjoying presently, either knowingly or not, was not requested by you.  Spontaneously consciousness is present.  The clarity of pure consciousness remains beyond all explanations, all boundaries and all limitations.

  1. Some fancy guru/teacher may come to town. You may part with a large sum of money to attend the meetings. Hope of acquiring something is ignorance. To ignore your own true nature and to expect some miracle from another is delusional mind. Your own true nature is already with you. It simple needs to be recognised. No spiritual practice can reveal it. In fact spiritual practice only obscures the pristine nature of consciousness. Self-centered ‘wanting’ for ‘me’ is the most effective blockage to realising that there is no substance to the image of self. Few will tell you this. Why? Because they are making good money out of the gullible belief system of seekers. Business is business. Why spoil good business with the truth?
    Why? The question does not appear here. Compromising oneself to make a living out of the ignorance of others is not of interest. Can’t do it. Intelligence prevents it.

  2. Thank you for still being here Gilbert, as if there were anywhere else to be, that is. Thanks!

    • No choice. Someone has to bang the drum. There is so much BS out there, it is a wonder that anything gets through to anyone. Of course that is nonsense. What you seek, you already are. The consciousness in a dog, a cat, a priest of the highest order and you, is the same consciousness. The content of consciousness can never become anything other than what it is. Content is content. Being is being. Becoming is an illusion. All the hope and investment in the image of self is useless, except for the suffering that it produces and no one wants that. ‘People’ don’t see that it is the suffering that brings them to what is real, what is already so.

  3. Hi Gilbert
    I did not find your group on facebook. Please give the link to it.

    • I do not have a group on FB. FB is a mixing bowl, where every kind of miss mash is churned out. ‘People’ will argue over the meaning of a word and yet they themselves have not taken the trouble to learn their own language in any degree of exactness. The miss mash arena of common understanding can never be a place for speaking of anything ‘real’. The feature of anything that hints of ‘truth’ is that it demolishes the false. Therefore one cannot speak of any ‘genuine investigation’ without upsetting the majority. ‘People’ will never understand that what they believe in is nothing that is actual or real. To do so would demolish their image of self, which they cling to as if it were the last floating piece of debris in an ocean of raging madness. But I have already said too much.