‘You’ can’t handle the truth

The person is not reality.  No one can get around that fact.  The contrived individual is a slave to its own contrivance.  It is imaginary!

The private and undisclosed spiritual pride of a seeker is little more than spiritual arrogance hiding behind a wall of belief.    You may say… “How dare you!” and my reply is “How dare you!”

If one is not willing to expose all of one’s erroneous beliefs, how can one entertain the idea of earnestly ‘seeking truth’?  No belief is ever actual knowledge!  NO BELIEF is EVER knowledge!  Investigate that thoroughly.

Maya, the illusion, has no morals or laws to abide by.  Everything is used as a means to keep the apparent individual in slavery.  Is it ever truly real?  Your most sacred belief is bound to be a device utilised by maya.  Investigate.

The tyranny of the mind with its psychological suffering is due to belief and ignorance.

Ignoring what is most obvious by believing in what is completely fictional is what keeps a man bound into a miniscule limited realm of belief in words and relativity.  Through belief in ‘me’, everything is turned into the ‘relative’, relative to me, the image of self.  The me is a fabrication of mind, while the pristine clear and obvious nature of all things remains perfectly clear in open view.   Because no concept can grasp it, everyone misses its absolute uniqueness.

At no point can you say ‘I am unaware’.  There has to be awareness to even say such an absurdity.  When was this awareness ever not here, now?

All the stories about getting lost or identified in phenomena are stories.  Nothing can appear except in this immediacy of naked awareness.  What is aware of concepts, words and all the stories?  How do ‘your stories of me being lost’ stack up against the fact that at no point can you say ‘I am unaware’?

You may argue and say ‘I was not present’ at such and such a time.  Is it true? Can it ever be true?  How is it known that ‘you’ were not present?  Surely it is obvious that there is awareness present.  It is not a thing.  To seemingly dismiss this naked awareness with adornments of mind, words and erroneous beliefs, is an absurd postulation.    

There is no word that is your natural state.  Words were learned and the intelligence must be present for any learning to take place.

The wakefulness is always clear and clean, while the waking state is like a dream.  The dream character ‘me’ wants desperately to claim the pristine clarity of naked awareness but it cannot do it.  It is the obscuration.  While the wanting is predominant, the wanting will obscure the actuality. However, no matter what appears, there is awareness of it all and the awareness is not altered by what appears or disappears.

There is nothing to teach.  All teachings are invalid.  You do not need any more experiences.  Every so-called ‘experience’ comes and goes.  Without labels there are no experiences, as such.  All there is, is this un-interrupted experiencing.  A never ending flow which has no static point and no beginning.  Knowing that to be true, isn’t it obvious that the ‘experiences’ are empty in this immediate experiencing.  Isn’t it also obvious that those mentally labeled ‘experiences’ are also empty of whatever you imagine that you seek?  Investigate!

Many are slaves to wanting to reclaim a past experience.  It is impossible.  No one can re-live even the briefest moment from the past.  The spontaneous, ever-fresh nature of naked awareness, remains undetected by all seekers.  Even the seeker is ever-fresh, with no past or future. Investigate.

The intellect or verbal mind is limited to a consensus of opinions, an agreed realm of an endless series of implication through meaning.  The activities of the intellect can only ever be a mere fraction of what is and for most it is a vast array of imaginary understanding.

All of our problems are problems of identity and boundary. 

All there is is right here, right now.

  1. The popular teachers today offer nothing but seduction into an endless realm of practices, useless methods and endless peeling back the apparent layers of mind. Can you actually find the mind? No! Why imagine layers of conditioning in a mind that you cannot even find? ‘People’ love to ‘work on themselves’ and it is all self-centred activity – it is all about me! How absurd it is to have all that nonsense under the banner of ‘truth’. The slightest, briefest insight reveals the entire circus for what it is. There is no false evidence in naked seeing. A turning away from clear seeing is a habit. Is it possible that the ‘I’ doesn’t want to see that the ‘I’ is a fiction? The ‘I’ cannot actually see. It is a conceptualised re-presentative, as blind as a bat. In some ways a caveman or woman was better off than the modern sophisticated seeker of truth. Primitive belief systems fly in the face of truth today and millions upon millions play their role for Maya. There is a way out but it will cost you your belief in ‘me’.

  2. Dear Gilbert
    I can not actually see.
    Seeing is happening.
    and simultaneously thinking.
    To carry with thinker is easy job.
    To stay as watcher and observe the
    action of thinker as if seeing is seeing movements.
    This movement of thinker is so hard to stop
    and place of seeing is so slippery.
    I can’t remember when I have taken stand of
    ‘I’ and when recognise that this is movement
    of thinker that is encouraging.
    Probably I have not not seen the standpoint
    of seeing so questioner is under spell.
    At last sensation or vibration of thoughts
    are not seeing but knowing of that vibration
    is happening and I will never know what seeing is.
    Thank you.

    • Leaves appear on the tree. Leaves fall, they come and go. The tree remains. New leaves form.
      The leaves are not separate from the tree. In essence they are the tree. The tree and all of its apparent parts emerge from the seed. The seed contains the essence, which expresses as the tree and all of its various aspects, including new seeds. ‘Things’ appear in the seeing. They are not separate from the seeing. The thought ‘I see’ cannot see. What needs to be recognised is that the idea of ‘I am the doer’ is not the cause of anything, except misunderstanding. Misunderstanding appears to be the cause of suffering. The thought ‘I do’ or ‘I did’ appears as an apparent cause and a claiming ownership or an after effect. The choice maker is nowhere to be found. Pure seeing is primary. Thoughts spontaneously appear and disappear. Identity is a mirage. ‘I’ is a reference point that refers to identity. What is present before the reference appears? What is present in the first moments of waking before the memory kicks in with the stories about ‘my identity’. Ironically, it is the fear of being nothing that appears as a desperate need to be something. Anything! As I have pointed out on many occasions, one must realise one’s no-thing-ness before any true realisation can spontaneously remove the illusions of mind. I am not exaggerating, when I say that 99.999% of ‘people’ have no idea of what they are, who they are or what their true potentiality is. Through belief the potentiality of pure being is reduced to habits of belief. Now, it would seem that very few are willing to investigate what their own beliefs actually are. Why? Because the identity that they believe they are is woven into all the events and experiences of memory. Memory does NOT contain your true identity. Your true identity is not to be found in ‘time’, past, present or future. Awareness, if we can use that word, is timelessly present. What is reduced to words is not reality. So even to give it any name is an error. The activity of knowing, cognising, is beyond the appearance. By being identified with the body and mind and a constant referencing to an image of self, we miss the true essence of all things. There is NO answer in the mind. The mind is like an onion with infinite layers. The more you peel back, the more layers there are. The revelation of our true nature is always and ever available in an instant. It is NOT the ‘person’ that discovers true nature. It is the falling away of belief in the person that reveals what has ALWAYS been present. THAT is wordless, silent. No label whatsoever can stick to it. The closest ‘thing’ in phenomena to THAT is space. Space is neither vast not small. No centre, no boundary. If this is understood, it is obvious why the true message will NEVER be popular. It may be tempting to think that one is living amongst a population of numbskulls and idiots working on themselves…..but they are only an appearance and compassion over-rides the discriminating mind. It is all THAT, one without a second – not even one.

  3. In this parody, some characters have let me know of their intense displeasure about my posts. They make one basic error. They take it ‘personally’. When it is pointed out that the ‘person is not reality’ they react strongly, thus missing the essence of such pointing. There are characters who insist upon a progressive path and they have strong feelings about it. They do not like anything that undermines their imagined progress upon their imagined path. Reality does not bend for anyone. Reality does not kneel before any personality. If you or anyone imagines that I am a person with wrong ideas or that I am deluded, then that is your belief. I know that I am not a person, as such. The persona of a being is not the being. It merely re-presents the being. For self-knowledge to reveal itself fully one must cease to lie to oneself. There is nothing in this for me. Zilch. There is nothing in this for any me. What we call spirituality is all about the me. The mind divides up what is into polar opposites. Good and bad. Spirit and matter. Right and wrong. The mind appears to take sides in thought feeling and emotion. Thus a conflict appears in that so-called mind. But where is this mind? Can you find it? Is it just a dream? Running on assumptions is no way to discover what actually is. Cease to take it personally and see what happens.

    • Taking things personally has diminished quite a bit here although the ‘me’ identity hasn’t completely dissolved yet. I greatly appreciate your posts, Gilbert. Thank you!

      🙂 Lonni

  4. Dear friend,Gilbert
    Your words of intelligence.
    what is aware of thoughts,concepts,things?
    Remove belief energy from reference center.
    Deny everything except that you exist, all the rest
    is conceptual.
    Fear of nothing creates need of becoming
    What you are if you don’t think about it?(Bob)
    …and many more.
    It seems that your words as pointers make
    seeker drag attention onto that which is
    totally outside the space of conceptual status.
    As if, as a chance to stop in no thinking space.
    That makes me (whatever I am) happy.
    At least that gives me relief from thinkers involment
    in some suffering thoughts.
    I see thinker creates space of some suffering
    thoughts and also some happy thoughts.
    But to confirm who sees thinker doesn’t find
    who sees (seeing knowing).
    I have lot to say in appreciation for your
    intelligence but memory and words as you put don’t support.I wish I could be able enough to
    as clear as you are.
    May be I am not that good to prove what your
    words are pointing to but I am sure there is no
    match to your intelligence.
    I am not sure if I am loosing track while using
    boasting of I…But what can I do I have no
    alternative I to express my feelings?
    Thank you.

    • No one can see the seeing. The seeing is an aspect of awareness. What is seen is the display of consciousness. Consciousness is conceptual space or elemental space. Seeing is non conceptual space – pure space. Where are ‘you’ seeing from? Is there a ‘you’ that is seeing?
      These questions cut though the conceptual stance of an imagined individual. There is nothing wrong with the display. The sensation of conflict appears only because we identify with the body-mind. As Nisargadatta points out (to those ‘ready’ to hear it)…”You are not the body nor the mind”. He is not talking to any person. The pointer is directed to the true essence.
      Ultimately there is nothing in the words or labels that we put onto ‘that-ness’. “This is that, everything is that and that is that”-(Bob). Nothing exists outside of space. The space is there prior to the thought. The thought APPEARS to make the space known but the attention goes onto the content. The content is an illusion. No one truly wants to know this ‘knowledge’. Spiritual seekers are basically fake. The seeker is ignorance. To point this out is highly offensive. The only one who does not get offended is the one teetering on the edge of realising their true nature. Any pointer can tip them over the edge. The ‘edge’ is an illusion but this is not understood until it vanishes and leaves you naked and totally alone as the ‘one without a second’. Not even one. The entire manifestation is known to be a display, an illusion. It still appears as it always appears. It appears to be. The definition os phenomena is ‘that which appears to be’. Reality, or ‘what is’ does not appear. So, even hearing about this can bring relief but it is a message that robs the mind of false identification. With the false identification removed one is open to what is, as if beyond the conditioned world that ‘people appear to live in’. There is no one caught in phenomena. You are not tangled up in anything. A concept has NO substance whatsoever. Belief is what gives concepts a seeming substance. We make our own cage of belief. It doesn’t actually exist. Investigate.

      Here are a few words about spirituality that are rarely seen. We all know that spirituality is a dream but many are in denial of that. Why? Because of our own indulgence in lies and deception. The con-job, the lies and deception that display as very popular spiritual teachers and teachings is in plain view for anyone to recognise. The holier than thou, the utter conceitedness of so many popular teachers is blazingly obvious. Their egos stands out like dog’s nuts and the fact that they are not cognisant of their ‘belief in their own special me’ is plain to see. They are like some crazy circus act, like a clown dressed up to be Abraham Lincoln. Those who follow them are attracted by the attractiveness of the icon specialness of the appearance, the egoic display. Like attracts like. In such ‘scenes’ one is not allowed to speak freely. You have to be subservient and sustain the image of being a seeker. So, no one is freed. It is a prison set up as an ashram. All the inmates of this phantasy are chained to erroneous beliefs. They can easily walk away but they don’t want to lose their investment. It is all counterfeit! If any of this stings, it is because you have been duped by a conman (con-woman), a scoundrel – the bottom line is…it is your own ego that got ‘you’ into all this mess! Be that as it may, it can be transcended. As Nisargadatta clear puts it: “In order to transcend something (anything) you must first know what it is”.

      • Hysterical and so true about the many cons out there! When you point it out, I find it funny, but too often arrogance and judgment arises here. I like what you said in an earlier comment .. “but they are only an appearance and compassion over-rides the discriminating mind.” At this point I need to be reminded of that for it doesn’t seem to come naturally.

        Thanks, Gilbert.


        • Lonni, There is a natural gratitude that appears. It comes in the form of a relief, something is dispensed with, a weight lifts off. No need to fixate on the one who appears to remove the burden. A chick hatching will attach itself to the Hen (mother) and that is nature’s way of assisting survival. In the case of a mature adult seeing through erroneous beliefs, there is no need to worship or become a slave to the one who pointed out the error of belief. If it is indulged in, a new form of bondage will appear. Then one has to get free of that. Recognising one’s true nature is seeing that there is only THAT, one without a second.
          However, for the body-mind pattern, the discriminating mind is useful for without it we would not be able to find our way back from the corner shop. Whatever comes and goes cannot be what you are. In the belief that ‘I am a person’ one sees persons everywhere. Labels are mental constructs. The things appearing to be (out there) have no actual labels. The actual life (world) has no labels. See that! Cease to label everything for a ‘short time’ and see what happens or does not happen. Being, pure being, is that which is present at all times. When being disappears into non being all apparent differentiation dissolves. In the space where seeing is ‘happening’ there is no thing. The ‘world’ appears there as a rainbow appears in the sky. The rainbow is not there, yet it appears to be there. There is no thing that sees and yet it is No Thing that is seeing. ‘Nothing is seen and yet everything is seen’ No see-er. No Thing! Every thing is That. Not even one!

        • Not intending to be defensive, I would like to list some names of current teachers who give non-duality pointers, in no particular order:

          Rupert Spira
          Greg Goode
          Gilbert Schultz
          Randal Friend
          Eckart Tolle
          Jeff Foster
          Gary Crowley
          Joel Morewood

          This is not an exhaustive list. by any means of folks who currently express and teach the pure and essential message of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, and Taoism. None offer a “path” based on spiritual practices, none have an ashram, none require payment of money (not including for published material or retreats/seminars held at private venues) all have essentially the same message, albeit uniquely expressed by different body minds. The days of cults presided over by charismatic charlatans have pretty much passed by AFAIK. There are now plenty of individuals who are capable of giving true and valuable non duality pointers. The point being, that dismissing every teacher who has a book or two, a website, and/or a YouTube video, as being a fraud, is going too far. Very many are not. So each so called seeker finds one or even two who speak a language they can connect with or relate to. Of course, as Eckart Tolle once warned, no point in collecting a bunch of pointers, valuable though they may be. Just words, in the end. Hanging onto the words misses the point.

          • One may assume that one has a clear view of what these ‘teachers’ offer. This view may very well be full of an unsuspected bias. There is an old Chinese proverb: “Water finds its own level”. If we are talking about ‘main stream’ stuff, then what is most popular will appeal to seekers who want to hang onto their baggage and avoid confronting their own imaginary self image. Throughout the ages, it is clear that only one amongst millions upon millions have had the gift of ‘pointing’ to the uncompromising nature of reality or truth. The very clear messages of Jesus and Buddha have both been diluted to a realm of belief and faith.
            It is said that there are plenty of teachers but there are very few genuine aspirants.
            The mind can only understand what it has ‘created’ itself. So, the uncompromising message is not heard clearly. The message is translated by the mind through the content of mind and memory.
            The clear message is not for the ‘person’. The ‘person’ is a fiction. Most of the ‘teachers’ around today are addressing the ‘person’ and offering a more intimate relationship with themselves and with others. It is all a fiction.
            My point is that, in the scheme of things…’teachers’ who are not actually genuine (there is nothing to teach anyway) are in fact devious and they keep one step ahead of the average seeker and they introduce many carrots for the donkey. This deviousness is clearly obvious and can be recognised easily but for those who are not free of the same deviousness, they cannot detect it. In fact they have a default position of admiration of the seductive concepts about the image of self. The image of self is an image. It is not the self. In my experience over the last 15 years, I have noticed how some of these ‘teachers’ pick up on clear pointers expressed by genuine messengers and they add these pointers to their own ‘spiel’. I have not noticed anything in the expression of most of the ‘new wave’ of teachers that is original, anything that obviously stems from a true insight of their own. Mixing clear pointers with the popular ‘bait’ for catching seekers is not genuine. In general, the more popular a ‘teacher’ is, the more B.S. is on offer. It gets very sophisticated. The latest offering is about acquiring more intimacy in relationship. It is like a bag of gold waiting to be plundered by opportunists. I will add this…..I have read or heard the messages of a great number of modern ‘teachers’ and I cannot remember ever getting through the first paragraph of text or the first few minutes of listening before some ‘hooks’ turn up. So many hooks scattered through their message. Charlatans! Hooks to suck in the believed in entity, tantalising concepts to enhance the image of self with. It is a crock of shit. If one knows clearly what this is all about, why on earth would you use B.S. at all?

  5. Koan

    the bare tree
    can shed
    her last leaf.

    A poem I wrote sometime in 2004 or 2005.

    :”In order to transcend something (anything) you must first know what it is.” In my experience of life, there is nothing and no one to transcend. However, transcending happens as does all those millions of incidentals that make us fully human, perhaps a spark of divinity, so to speak.

  6. Dear Gilbert
    Your pointer where are you seeing from is reminding in the form of conceptual space to recognise
    non-conceptual space.
    It seems an expectant ‘I’ takes initiative to check if thought of ‘I’ can see anything and when recognised that pop up thought can not see then challenge remains that who must be seeing? Then your answer works, that seeing is happening, not as content but as knower (not known to the’ I’) of content. If not thought then how come appearances are recognised? Seeing must be present to know all appearances.
    All this process of understanding takes place for some time and when expectant ‘I’ re-appears
    whose initiative had started the process at least it seems so finds non-conceptual space is not
    the fulfilment of any purpose means not of any use so why waste time lets take some
    conceptual ride in imaginary zone.
    That stance of ego takes away from non-conceptual space where you want ego to stop.
    It seems ego wants some use of non-conceptual space but as you say ego cannot grasp the essence.
    Retuning happens just like the insect that jumps on light and kills itself in that effort as if a passion.
    Just to keep in touch and attracting your attention to make one possible to stay in non-conceptual space these words are appearing.
    Wanting your fingers support in the form of your pointers of words. Many pointers fail to
    fullfil the requirement of stability in non-conceptual space but you will definitely bridge the gap.
    Your one old pointer
    It is courage to stand naked means without conceptual clothes and dare to see.
    Thank you for everything.
    Sorry if there are some nonsense text.

    • Trying to grasp it with concepts or reference points will always fail. Compromises in the intellect are due to what? Is it the ‘I am right’ (you are wrong) or ‘I am wrong’ (you are right) attitudes?
      The ego (including concepts and words) has no power at all. It is a fiction. The ego is an image with labels attached. It cannot think, see, hear or do anything.
      Seeing is happening.
      Investigate the concept of being a see-er. No one can do it for you.
      There is an ancient text from Tibet. The title in English is: “Self-liberation through seeing with naked awareness”.
      The title is enough. The title delivers the message. But who receives the message? The ‘self-liberation’ spoken of is not the liberation of a self. It actually means that the seeing, the naked seeing is spontaneously self-liberating. The seeing is not a self seeing. Words can never truly liberate. The best that words can do is to be an antidote. We have been en-chant-ed by words. Words are useful but if words use us, we are bound by them.
      Without words what are you?
      We all talk about mind. Words seemingly give the mind some apparent substance. But can you find this mind without words?
      Drop all words and concepts and recognise what is left. What remains?

  7. The basics are: What you truly are is ‘the one without a second’ – but it is not even one.
    Everyone else is an appearance in what you are. Your own body and mind content is included in this appearance.
    Identification, giving one’s identity to ‘things’ is where attachment enters. It is an illusion.
    You can go to hundreds of sat sang meetings and the result is the same. The experiences that are indulged in, in spiritual meetings, are transient. Because they bring a good feeling, an addiction to that good feeling forms. One has to keep going back for more. Out there in daily life the shit keeps hitting the fan, so the addiction to satsang or some spiritual group is more urgent.
    Now if this teacher is worth his salt, he delivers the message straight away. In the first few moments of meeting your teacher for the first time the entire landscape is revealed. If the teacher plays upon the idea that they have something that they can give you, then you are doomed. If the teacher points to the fact that you are already free and that you were never bound, then true freedom is close at hand. The habits of mind must be decimated and that appears to take time. Resistance is called ‘me’. The mind is me, the mind is time, the mind is consciousness and consciousness is the ‘appearance’, phenomena. Phenomena is that which appears to be. Phenomena is not ‘what is’. Phenomena is the expression of the oneness. It is not separate. The imagined entity is where the conflict (suffering) enters. It is a play of consciousness. If you believe that you are a person then that belief will bind that imaginary person to the apparent unfolding patterns of time. Nothing is actually happening. It is all appearing to happen. WHO is it happening to? That is the basic investigation. Many hear of this but it is extremely rare that anyone actually hears it. The hearing of it releases the energy and that release of bound energy (belief) is the actual intelligence moving through a dead spot. That is the uncontrived investigation – not done by anyone.

  8. The ONLY value ANY pointer has, is in the recognition of what the pointer is pointing at. The moment the pointer has done its job it is emptied, mere words. You don’t need the words any more. Parroting the words for the benefit of others is foolish. More than ten years ago, I pointed out that hanging onto pointers is useless. Worshipping pointers is madness. There is no shortage of spiritual madness about. Many of the points I expressed many years ago were not in the currency of conversations. Today, many of them turn up in quotes from ‘teachers’. The same is true of Bob Adamson’s pointers. They were nowhere to be found except from Bob. Today, I hear echoes of Bob’s pointers turning up in the so-called ‘teachings’ of others. it doesn’t matter one iota. Seeing is happening. Ever-fresh and new – Seeing. For those without preferences and belief, fresh insights happen consistently because the essence of any insight is clear seeing. There is no one on this planet that is ‘doing’ any seeing. Seeing is happening.
    I have a low opinion of the modern spiritual teacher simply because, all they seem to offer is a bolstered image of themselves as being holy or better than everyone else and a load of borrowed pointers and no actual genuine insights of their own. They may say ‘Don’t hang onto pointers’ but it is obvious that they are avid collectors themselves. Their books are full of borrowed pointing and yes, a pointer spoken by a parrot CAN deliver a clear message…..but the parrot has no idea of what it is saying.

    • In determining which “teacher” is authentic, and which is a charlatan, who is more suspect of being full of bullshit than the one who accuses everyone else, besides him, of being false or wrong? That is a fairly obvious crock. The worst part that it is spoken on this website by the body mind known as “Gilbert” who in all other respects appears as totally, but NOT UNIQUELY, authentic. That Gilbert would stoop to charlatan tactics, I, as a confused “seeker, find particularly dismaying

      The fact is that in the current generation there are innumerably more authentic “awake” “persons” than in times past. They are next door now. No need to travel, as Sailor Bob had to, in order to find nisargadatta maharaj. I can find maharaji’s “disciples”, Bob, Gilbert, Randall on the interwebs, where I can also numerous living others with the Advaita “one without a second” insight, the Buddhist “Anatma” insight, and the Taoist insight, “the Tao which is spoken us not the Eternal Tao”.

      Nobody owns or has a monopoly on Truth. Any claim to that is clearly false. I hate to see Gilbert hoisted on his own petard. I really do. Gilbert, why do you insist on shitting on others who are on your team? If they are authentic, they deserve credit. If not, then scorn. Read or listen to them, to confirm authenticity. Gratuitous derision debases the accuser not the accused. Not a single one of the teachers I listed ever went in record, accusing another of being a charlatan, except Gilbert Schultz. Bad mojo, that.

      • Doug, My comments may induce an inquiry into one’s beliefs. Holding up another as being ‘Clear’ is useless. What about your own clarity? Surely everything is already clear and obvious, just as it is. It does not require belief. Investigate belief and see that no belief is EVER the actuality.
        There is nothing quite so obscuring AND revealing as stirred up afflictive emotions. Many folk pride themselves on being advanced spiritual souls, and around the traps of spirituality, I see such folk often. Most of the time, it appears that I let things be as they are. Now and then I say a few words to one of these specimens, these ‘persons’ and their false self image is exposed instantly. The response is unmistakable. They get super pissed off. It is all an illusion, a dream and they do not want their dream to be disturbed. Tenuous is their ground and belief is their main obstacle. I should keep my mouth shut. One utterance can enhance a reputation of insensitivity.
        What will survive if truth comes knocking at the door? Will they put forward their best mask? Basically most folk are completely ignorant of their intention. Action happens and the mind creates a story to match, inserting the idea of ‘I the doer’. It seems that everyone is only familiar with the mind games of the me, me, me. It is all about ME. ‘I WANT a more intimate relationship with a loving individual’ is a common idea floating around.
        If one cannot be totally genuine with oneself, then what hope is there for any intimate relationship? It is all relative to ME. I am using words. Words are not using me. What you appear to miss is that words have no power whatsoever. Words can reveal, very efficiently, whether there is any true understanding or not. If any of these characters that you seem to want to protect were as clear as you seem to think they are, then you would have reached an equal clarity of mind through their ‘teaching’. The seductive idea of progress is one of the concepts that teachers use to hold seekers to ransom. Make no mistake about it, it is ransom. It is all about a freedom in the future IF and WHEN payment is made. ‘The disease of tomorrow’. It is all in the realm of Maya, the illusion. The indivisible nature of the totality remains the same. Words, time and the way things appear, do not touch it or alter that unicity. Empty promises and enticing concepts about acquiring more wakefulness or better relationships is just sheer nonsense. It is a very lucrative business to keep seekers bound to endless practices and methods that don’t work.
        If by chance one has a ‘cutting insight’ it comes spontaneously and the insight removes everything and leaves you completely conceptually naked and the so-called conditioned mind vanishes. In this naked seeing it is known without any doubt that the realm of cause and effect is a dream (Maya). This apparent ‘event’ does not stop the world from appearing as usual. The world carries on but you know what it is. This ‘revelation’ cannot be forgotten because it IS the spontaneous nature of ALL phenomena. Knowing this, one does not go about using spiritual bullshit to gather together a following. No one can ‘teach’ anyone HOW to have a spontaneous cutting insight. At best, one can use ordinary everyday language to point at the core essence of being. There appear to be thousands of ways to point and not one of them requires any contrived ideas or spiritual bullshit. Clarity is not something that can be cultivated. Clarity does not come and go. If your ‘famous’ teachers are so clear, you would KNOW this very well by now. But it appears that you don’t. You get offended by words and by my apparent ‘attitude’ to sloppy teachers. (I did not refer to anyone in particular. In fact I did not refer to anyone in the list of names, even though one or two appear to be more business people than anything genuine)
        If I ‘had a go’ at (criticised) the people responsible for polluting our rivers or the self-centred folk who want to do fraking, would your opinion be different?
        In the scheme of things, in how things appear to be…there may be the appearance of more available clarity because of the internet and there is a misconception that there is a great awakening emerging in humanity. Such opinions are held by ‘spiritual people’ and any sane individual who watches the Newscasts everyday might have the opposite view. It does appear that never before has mankind been so contriving and manipulative. It seems to the average intelligent being that through self-centredness ‘we’ have threatened the very environment that our bodies depend upon.

  9. What is your true identity? Do you have any ‘idea’ about that? The idea is not it. Do you have any concept about that? The concept is not it. Generally speaking, ‘seekers’ of truth identify themselves with anything that is seen (interpreted) to be ‘good’ and reject anything that is seen (interpreted) to be ‘bad’. Example of identification: I, me or you, have a gold pen, which I, you or me have had for 20 years. It is identified with as ‘mine’. It has taken on some kind of quality, in my mind, as a ‘part of me’. If someone steals it, I will get very upset. Why? Because it is an assault upon my identity? Spiritual folk identify with ‘spiritual teachers’ or ‘gurus’. They worship the messenger. Since they themselves in their limited states of mind can’t have ‘enlightenment’, they settle for having someone in their life who is imagined to be enlightened. An object! Now, if someone comes along and points out that that realm of belief, so clearly displayed, is a fiction of mind, these ‘seekers’ get very upset. They have invested very heavily in BELIEF, not realising that belief is worthless.
    The messenger is NOT important! Worshipping the messenger is a most efficient means of avoiding the message. Nama Rupa, name and form, is where the common seeker stays. Belief in ‘I am the body’ and ‘I am the mind’ is the cage of belief. If this popular ‘enlightenment movement’ had any power at all, it would have transformed every being on this planet, thousands of years ago. It has not happened because it is reduced by the intellect into a fiction of mind. The perfection of the ‘isness’ is turned into concepts. It only seems very seductive because everyone identifies themselves with the lowest vibrations of being – name and form. One simple question can cut through it all, however the resistance (me) has such a grip over the consciousness, the question is immediately translated by the mind into ‘noise’. One such simple question is this: Where are you seeing from? …or more simply….Where is the seeing taking place?
    Can you find a point or place where this most obvious function of seeing (or knowing) is taking place?

    The mind will scramble about trying to think of a way to deflect the question or pass it off as nonsense or some esoteric mumbo jumbo.

    Many pointers are offered on this site. The comments that I make about questioning the popular so-called ‘teachers’ is what generates the most animated response. Even though the bulk of the posts is simple and direct pointing, those are passed over it seems and the offended ego jumps into gear and being offended by some dubious comment, it grabs at the opportunity to defend its own realm of belief. All to no avail. It is all a fiction.

    In the scheme of things, ‘spiritual people’ cling to concepts about their own progress on a spiritual path. The path does not exist except in imagination. It is apparently forbidden to mention this most clear and obvious fact.
    Whether you like it or not, your body, along with all of its functions, is spontaneously functioning without any need to ask permission from your imagined ego. The natural body has no self-centre and it is nature. Nature does not have a self-centre. All of your problems are due to belief in a self-centre that actually has no existence outside of imagination. You as a believed in entity have NEVER done a god damn thing.
    Don’t shoot me, I am only the messenger.