You cannot get to non duality from duality

Mind is time.

Recalling the past.

Thinking about the present….

and imagining the future ARE ALL CONCEPTUAL.

There is NO independent or separate intelligence IN those believed in conceptualized notions, thoughts and concepts.

They are all expressions of intelligence.  In harmony with intelligence they express cleanly.  In conflict or in denial of what is true the intelligence is as though clouded or hidden as if in the confusion.  Insight releases the intelligence and the obscuration is cut through.

The sun shines constantly.  A heavily overcast sky does not obscure the sunlight completely.  The luminous presence of the sun still reveals everything as it is.  Intelligence is not obscured by erroneous beliefs, only seemingly so for the believer, which is a fictional character.

This living energy, pure intelligence, life itself, is self-aware.

Cognizing is happening and ‘you’ are NOT doing it.
Naked awareness is non conceptual and has NO time whatsoever.
You cannot get out of awareness.  You ARE awareness…..You are not what you think you are!
What exactly do you know?
What self-knowledge have you truly acquired?
Pride in self-knowledge is nothing but ignorance.
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  1. Without judgement, observe the popular teachers. What do you see? Most often it is pride in self-knowledge that is the main feature of their persona. They really believe that they are very special. They really believe that they can help people. Vanity and self-conceit is mistaken for wisdom by the unwary. Fabricated confidence and wallowing in the adoration of their followers has distorted their own chance to find the very thing they pretend to have. It is an amazing display of falsehood in the name of ‘truth’. Only the genuine see through it. The others believe in the display because that is what they are looking for – a way to pretend convincingly to have attained a BS state of mind.