‘You’ are dreaming a dream.

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the dream – nothing stays the same!

no-thing stays the same!


The entire manifestation is one energy, which is expressing and appearing as duality. Everything is that singular energy, which we can call ‘essence’. It is the same energy that appears as the North Pole and the South Pole of this planet and every magnet. The label ‘north’ or ‘south’ are relative to each other.  Every stick has two ends.  This same singular (universal) energy  appears as a sperm and an ovum – the apparent beginning of your existence.  It is the same energy that appears as anger, as love, as every emotion, every thought, feeling and concept.  The discriminations between any two apparent things is also courtesy of the same undivided essence/energy.

In the seeming realm of time, many years ago, while sitting in a meeting at Bob Adamson’s home, a realisation ‘hit home’.  The realisation was that the mind cannot and does not actually divide anything.  Concepts about time vanish. It was like being in a semi-translucent state, a fog and also like being a billiard ball in the midst of a game of billiards one moment…. and then the clarity of being out of it all, pure seeing, as if one was above the billiard table, seeing everything just as it is, all happening by itself.  No doer!  Words fail in attempting to describe the absence of states of mind.

The mind came back appearing upon that clarity as a thought, ‘My God, the mind has never divided anything!  Never!  Separation is an illusion!’. The knowing was/is irrepressible. The resonance of this insight does not fade away or change.  It wasn’t something new that ‘I’ had learned or acquired.  A revelation, somehow, already known.  No belief in ‘separation’ can survive that ‘insight’. The old habits will come up but the fabric of belief is in tatters. Belief has lost its hold.  Relief.  Something from childhood popped up: “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again”.

We love stories.  (Once upon a time…..) We seem to be attached to our own story and it obscures our true nature.  Some belong to a religion that has at its core teaching ‘non-attachment’ and yet everyone in that religion gets attached to the religion and its dogma.  How strange!

In the scheme of things mythology has played a significant role in binding tribal communities together.  Belief in the myths provides primitive forms of wisdom, or so it seems, wisdom to share and give a relative structure to harmonised community life. The ‘rites of passage’ can be found in most native cultures.  A young man or woman is encouraged to face the naked truths of nature, alone. Stripped of support from the tribe, through isolation, they are forced to find within themselves the courage to overcome their own fears.  An apparent transformation, an initiation, takes place, alone, privately for the individual. Insights that are not accessible in ordinary community life open the individual to a fresh and new ‘way’ of being.  

For modern man, who does not have the apparent benefit of tribal initiation rites, the realm of belief (tattered remains of ancient myths) needs to be transcended and seen through.  A myth or belief is not reality.  All myths are a ‘tool’ used for various ‘means’ in the dream.  For the individual full of doubts and irrational fears, facing life as it is appears to require courage. Finding that there is a natural courage present, when needed, is a significant discovery.  When all the myths and beliefs are seen through, life reveals that it is the essence that appears as everything.  Every-thing! One Essence appearing as the myth, the courage, the entire display. We actually give it a name.  We call it Life.

“You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe” – Carl Sagan. 

A dream appears in the sleep state.  The sleep state is the ground for the dream.  A dream also appears in the waking state and the waking state is the ground of the dream, the waking dream.   What we are in essence is prior to all states and not perceivable from the perspective of mind.  Like space, it is present, no matter what appears or disappears.

Lord Krishna: “No one can penetrate my world bewitching maya”.  Man, in the dream, dreams he is awake.  One man dreams he is an enlightened guru and another dreams he is waking up through his practice, while another wrestles with the demons of substance addiction.  The way out is ‘full stop’. Reality is not a practice.  Spontaneous life does not rehears anything. 

Life is an impromptu dynamic display.  

The free man rarely thinks about his image.  The vain man can’t stop thinking about his image and how others might see him. Being a slave to an image of self that has no actual substance is the dream.

Our original ‘state’ is prior to star dust and everything that appears as forms, patterns forming from the elements of star dust, appearing as the galaxies, stars, planets, life forms of all kind, large and tiny.  This original state is not in the past or in any time of any kind.  The clear evidence is right here, right now.  Presence of cognition before the mind translates it.  

The following information is rarely found in so-called teachings, if at all. The self-image is a dream character.  

A dream character cannot wake up and all efforts to wake it up fail.  It is a dream.  All methods and practices merely reinforce the idea that the self image has a possibility.. in the ‘future’ of waking up.   The actual wakefulness is seemingly burdened by belief in concepts about a future time.  In the ordinary sense of dreams, what happens to a dream when you awaken in the morning? It vanishes. It is known that nothing in the dream actually happened.  

It is known in the immediacy that nothing ever happened!  – There is the revelation!

Most ‘teachings’ contain a grave error and the ‘teaching’ will cover up this error as best it can.  However, the ‘teaching’ is totally transparent and nothing can be hidden.  The grave error is that the ‘teacher’ through the use of ‘the limitations of their teaching’ and belief in its methods, they get the aspirant to work on the image of self – using all kinds of mind games to wake up the image of self.  Elaborate methods mystify the simplicity of being. The methods cannot work.  Wakefulness is spontaneous.  All you need to ‘do’ is recognise that and realise that any concept or idea about some need to engineer that spontaneous wakefulness is just tom foolery.  

The suggestion that a method can bring a result is the conjuring, the lie. The ‘payoff’ for the conjuror is a sense of status in the eyes or minds of those who believe in them.  It is vanity!  Inner work is a complete fantasy. No result except more dream work and that is useless.  

Waking the dreamer?  It will NEVER happen!  It can’t happen!  The ‘teachings’ and methods take on a form of high sophistication, worthy of a prize winning novel – but it is all useless.  Apparently I am casting pearl before swine.  However, someone has to tell you and you wont hear it from any guru or spiritual teacher, that is for sure.  Those who say that methods work must be kidding someone – first themselves and then whoever will believe them. It is a complete fiction. Sorry to be the barer of such unwelcome tidings.  It may feel like one has just found out that the shares one purchased in a company deal were/are nothing but a fraud. It is useless to pretend to not know what is not true just as it is useless to pretend to know what is true.  True is true. False is false. They do not mix.  

Some ‘Teachers’ (conjurors) say they are not direct in their teaching because their followers are not ready yet. Where are they judging that from? Isn’t it obvious that it is they themselves who are not ready?  When a baby emerges from the mother, the midwife does not say.. “Wait, the baby is not ready to take its first breath – I have to teach it to breathe first”.  Life is spontaneous.  Teaching methods and practices that actually support the illusion of the self image that is not ready yet is a shameless cover up.  It is like putting a heavy weight on top of your head for no reason.  The ‘delay tactics’ implied in ‘teachings’  are due to the fact that the ‘teacher’ does not know the actual completeness of this life essence, the true essence of the immediacy of life.  So, they teach. They teach erroneous methods because it is lucrative and it gives them support for their delusional self-importance. That is the most obvious feature which stands out like a dogs swollen nuts when the bitch is on heat.

‘Tomorrow’ is a disease of the mind.  The only life there is, is this immediacy of life.  Any cover up job is unnecessary and why make any effort to cover it up, when you have to ‘come back’ and uncover it yourself? Madness!

The naked truth is self-shining.  No mask, disguise, words or belief can actually cover it up, so why even try?  And why call it a ‘teaching’ when it is so obviously nothing but ignorance?  All teachings are based on the assumption that there is something to teach, something to learn.  Your own true essence is already so.  It cannot be taught, learned or unlearned.   The image of self is an illusion.

Quote: “Once you have seen something as false, you can NEVER believe in it again” – Bob Adamson – (end of quote)

The activity of knowing (cognition) of itself is no thing.  In partnership with the body/mind form, experience of everything happens spontaneously.  All experiences come and go but the actuality, the experiencing, does not come and go.  That which is remains as is.  That which appears to be, appears and disappears spontaneously as the apparent continuum of the appearance, which is not separate from experiencing, cognition – that is changeless – not a thing.

You cannot ‘get that’ because you already are that.

Already perfect, already so.


Compassion may express itself as removing (or attempting to remove) the shackles of a seeker who is convinced they are bound.  Resistance to the removal is due to fear of negation of that which they cling to, the belief in being a conditioned individual (me).  The so-called past cannot re-present the present because it is gone.  Your own shadow in the light of day has more substance than a concept about your self, from the past (or present). Yet, it surely appears that we bind ourselves to definitions of what we are with memory, a dead image.  No memory is accurate by any means.

In spiritual circles there are various particulars that are skipped around, ignored… or kept out of any discussion… or discredited… or down right denied.  Threats to the belief system must be kept at bay, at any cost.

The grand illusion that is commonly believed in is that the seeker, the dreamer, can wake up.  The dreamer is the dream.  In the same manner, a seeker is a concept, an idea.  I have never yet met any idea, image, concept or dream character that ever woke up.

It is impossible for the dreamer to wake up. It is totally and utterly impossible.  The spiritual self-image is a dream.  It appears to grow in the imagination to grandiose proportions in some and remains as a stunted guilt ridden image in others.  Each case is unique and variations are infinite.  Anyway it appears, it does not ‘matter’ because it is a dream figure and can never be real, can never wake up or even go to sleep.

One can explain in very clear terms and point in the simplest language and it goes straight over everyone’s head.  It is not heard.  It is deflected via an almost instantaneous denial or translated via a cumbersome referencing to the image of self (me).  Self-centredness is the assumption that at the centre of this body/mind there is a static point (me).  Investigate and see if you can actually find it.  It is not there!  Don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself!

The irony of it all is that spending one’s energy and time trying to wake seekers up is just a dream.  Methods and practices are an efficient way to keep seekers occupied and on an imaginary path that the seeker can dream about, measure their progress and imagine a wonderful secret progress, or the common beating oneself up over how unready I am… or how ‘I will never get it’, which is all indulged in privately…. or blabbed about to others who are in a similar situation.  It is all a self-centred dream. Sympathy for the devil.

The perfection of (naked, unadorned) wakefulness is present (for all) no matter what!  This wakefulness is clearly obvious, easily recognised in a new born baby.  Seemingly covered over by psychological suffering in a typical adult.  Wakefulness is present before the dawn of words.  Before reason.  This is why words and reason fail to grasp it.  

Quote: A salient pointer… “The place where even the slightest trace of the ‘I’ does not exist, alone is Self.” – Ramana Maharshi  (end of quote)

Before your next thought!  Recognise it!

Whatever appears upon this wakefulness, whether it be the thought ‘I’ or any other thought, feeling or emotion, will also disappear and the apparent duration of any content of mind is an illusion. Mind is time.  Mind appears upon awareness.  There is no separate or independent awareness in the mind.  What appears in the mind is an appearance.  Fixation upon the content of mind gives it a seeming ‘reality’. Investigate!

Nothing corrupts, damages or alters this natural wakefulness (which is shared by all).

What use is there in a dream, for one apparent separate dreamer to try and wake up other apparent dreamers?  

The convoluted mind game of trying to integrate ‘pointers’ into the realm of belief in the me of memory is a thoroughly tedious strategy that never works…. and yet it appears to be so common.  

How can anyone, who believes they are attempting to be more awake, fall for any kind of mind game?  Unless it is a dream!  If it is not a dream then it doesn’t make sense.  Actually nothing makes sense.  The senses are already spontaneously functioning.  We focus on the intellect and miss so much of what is self-evident in nature.

Seekers actually show little or no sign of being interested in letting go of their ‘story of me’.  Consciousness is real. The ‘me’ is unreal.   How can anyone believe that they can use something unreal to attain something real?   Millions try every day and fail and still they miss the obvious error. Why?  Because it is all a dream!  The dreamer can never wake up!  Never!

In the scheme of things ‘spiritual people’ appear to be convinced that they are ‘on the right path’ and they do not recognise that the ‘path’ is just a fanciful dream path.  To point this out is taken as a personal insult.  Yet they are convinced that there is something ‘real’ to be gained from continuing upon this imaginary path.  They even call it a ‘sacred path’.

Belief must be investigated.  The problem is that the me can’t investigate the me.  

Impartial intelligence is required. 

Belief is the me – ‘my beliefs’.

It is all about ‘me’ and the ‘me’ is the dreamer! The dreamer gets offended so easily and in the dream will surely snap viciously at you if you manage to actually disturb their dream. It is just a dream.

Recognition of this natural wakefulness is not a result of any content of mind or any transmission from someone else.


Spontaneous, uncaused, unprompted, unsolicited, unplanned, unrehearsed, impromptu.  This immediacy of life transcends concepts of time. There is no answer in the mind to the big questions.

Question:  If the origins of the universe or life ‘was’ (is) a spontaneous ’emergence’ of something coming out of nothing, surely the origins of the universe or life is not to be found in time or space, theories or concepts.  

Isn’t this spontaneous life right now where the ‘salient clue’ resides?  How can a mechanical thing such as the labouring intellect discover it by using second hand intelligence, learned words, learned concepts or ideas? 

  1. Some say that there is no heart in this ‘message’. No love. Once the shackles of belief in me fall away, one recognises the compassion and the directness in the message. There is no point in beating around the bush. No point in cushioning the message or talking about unconditional love. Seducing seekers into a false sense of security with a teaching based on some future time of deliverance, which is only available after long and tedious practices is unnecessary. Yes, it can make one feel a certain kind of self-calming, some comfort but it all falls apart the moment the shit hits the fan. Spirituality is a multi billion dollar industry and 99% of it is fraudulent – just a life style choice and the practice of suppressing psychological suffering is no cure. In the scheme of things it only exacerbates the problem as frustrations build up into a crescendo. Promises of enlightenment dashed against the tattered remains of a wounded ego. The ego is not reality. There is no way around that fact.

  2. Sometimes, it is best not to tell all. The intellect imitates ‘knowledge’ without any basis of direct experience. So, the pretending to know gets more sophisticated, even though it is transparent and obvious, it does, in the scheme of things, fool some unwary ‘seekers’. One genuine insight (your own) has infinitely more value than anyone else’s collection of insights.

  3. Reading these blogs turns the mystery into a level playing field…and I am speechless in the face of it! Bound by nothing! Thanks!

  4. If you can find anything wrong with what is pointed out, please let me know. I would be very interested to hear about some error in the pointing. However, if you want to push some idea that there is a process and one needs to work on oneself to overcome some conditioning, forget about it. That is just erroneous belief and you are the only one who can see through that limitation. The mind says ‘Yes but…..’ etc, etc. Mind is time and time is mind. If you believe you are in the mind, then that belief will keep you believing in all sorts of concepts that support the image of self. The great illusion….’me’.

  5. Seeking is over. Once I was propelled by method and practice and by these blogs I see how utterly ridiculous the concept of ‘paths’ is. I identified with a series of ideas and false perception and I appeared to be attacked by mind and feelings striving for perfection. Even here I make a folly of what ‘I’ interprets. However I am compelled to read these posts and investigate the essence of being !

    • Recognise that the seeking never started.
      Recognise that the idea of someone being identified is a belief in a concept.
      The realm of belief in concepts is like a mist floating in the air.
      The dream of being a separate entity has no ability to wake up.
      A mirage will still appear to be composed of water, even though it has been seen through. The sky will still appear to be blue, the horizon will still appear to be the edge of the earth or sea. That which ‘appears to be’ is an appearance, which is changing constantly. The bondage of self is an illusion. The moment one sees that there is no separate self, the fabric of bondage dissolves. The cage of beliefs is composed of concepts and inadvertence. The ‘me’ is non-investigation.

  6. Dear Sir
    Thanks for this most factual blog on spirtuality. After J Krishnamurti, this is the only page, that I am in live with it. Please clarify only one thing:

    What is the meaning of Immediacy of awareness or What Is ?

    With Love
    Gurtej Singh
    Ludhiana, India.

    • The immediacy of awareness suggests a ‘brief time’ yet awareness is timeless, beyond all limitations, labels, words and understanding. Understanding registers upon awareness. Words, labels, concepts, ideas, thought, emotions all register upon awareness. Awareness is prior to subject and object. What is, is the is-ness of life as it is. Before the mind translates it. The immediacy of awareness is the spark that burns the whole bail of cotton and it is eternity. In the experiencing as the shroud of ignorance cracks, the ‘inner fire’ burns all apparent condition. One senses that one is on fire from the ‘inside’ and this fire turns the old mind to ash. Living as the immediacy of awareness, it can feel as though one is living in nature and the world of ‘people’ appears as a mixture of beings living either in the heads, in the emotions or in their bodies, apparent individuals living without a balance of these three aspects of our structure (Mind-Body-Spirit). The features of each there different types is clear and obvious. Rarely one comes across someone who is more or less balanced and a harmonic communication is possible. ‘People’ are so obsessed with their particular ‘centre of gravity’ they can only imagine how someone from one of the other two types ‘sees things’. Of course no one can feel anthers feelings or think anthers thought or know the sensations of another being. Synthesised feelings, empathetic thoughts, response to pain or suffering in another are re-presentations only. So many live in a 2 dimensional world. The immediacy of awareness includes All the dimensions without boundary. Labels are conceived boundaries. Words or labels are empty. Discovering this is not a threatening event. It is liberating. However, it is not liberating for some entity. The immediacy of awareness is empty of identified consciousness or ‘me’. The ‘death’ of the me is the liberation of no one. What you are is no one – pure consciousness – eternal being. It seems that courage to be what one is, is in short supply and yet the courage itself is the immediacy of awareness. It is all Love. Love is light and light is life. The light shining in yourself is the only true light there is. Do not be afraid of this light of consciousness. Let it shine without resistance and without the belief in being a separate entity. You are the light of the world. Do not hide in the shadows of your own light. Let it shine!

  7. First of all,
    there is no single proof that everything is “energy” , If you are talking about physics, then you are even more wrong, matter has energy, and universe has other substances, matter, energy, frequencies, etc. Everything is energy is a false statement (You didn’t understood what Einstein said, do you?)

    Can you define this mysterious “one” energy ? Why “one”? If it is energy it is not , one, nor two, nor three, it is fragments and fields of “energy” , it is not one, nor two, nor three. but you can’t even show me the proof of this energy, can you? Where is the evidence? How can a something called “energy” give rise to many things? to things completely different from each other and even substances that has absolutely nothing to do with energy? lol, this is absolutely false. Call this “energy” jelly and will be the same thing

    ” Everything is made of One, Two, Three Jellys “

    • No one can see energy. No one can prove that energy exists. Energy is just a word that we use to describe an activity. You know something. Can you deny that something is known or that there is an activity of knowing? Words are NEVER what they re-present.
      We use words. If words use us, then there is misunderstanding. You may say that my words are clumsy or wrong. Where are you measuring any of it from? Can you pin point a reference point that you call your self? Who knows better? Who knows what? Knowing is happening.