Words may be useful.

“There is NO separation…and a concept NEVER EVER divided the spacious nature of reality.”

” A little drama in the mind turns into a full theatrical display…with tears and laughter. Did you actually DO any of it? ”

“There is no ‘I’…there is just knowing.”

“Cease to claim things for an imaginary ‘I’ and life rolls along very well.”

“The ordinary knowing, active with ‘you’ now, embraces the entire universe….there is no boundary.”

“The knowledge ‘I am’ is the warmest knowledge you can know.”

“Seeing is happening. Whatever SEEMS to obscure the seeing must be seen as a transient appearance.  All that appears, disappears”.

“Nothing can exist without energy. Through belief in concepts, an attachment appears to form in the body/mind.
A believed in entity ADDS to itself via belief in other concepts, events and experiences. Is it all fictional? – You need to know.”

“If you deny all concepts or drop the presently appearing concept, or belief, then the energy ceases to feed any ‘attachment’ to it…
the believed in entity fades away (a belief is not real anyway, it falls apart if you stop thinking about it.)…
then the energy stays with the ‘seeing’….it is very simple….be the seeing and be nothing other than that…..No need to believe what anyone says…….discover the truth of it yourself.”

“You are the Ultimate and Infinite reality that cannot not be real – even its shadow is suffused with reality”.

“You are existence itself ….the beautiful tapestry of life.”

“You cannot find a beginning to this ‘moment’,
you cannot find an end to this ‘moment’.”
Notice the profound sense of  ‘I Am This Presence’ (All), right Now!”

“At the end of the song there’s the most blissful silence.”

“The activity of knowing is naked. It is not knowing this or knowing that. ‘Awareness of’ is not naked awareness. The mind adds its learned ‘stuff’ and belief in that ’causes’ an apparent obscuration. Drop all concepts and be the naked awareness”.


The above are taken from responses to ‘interested parties’.