Words don’t cut – intelligence does.


“Just a quick question… Is it really the case that there’s nothing behind the eyes seeing? That there really is only seeing? There is the sense that I’m behind the seeing – is this misguided?

No worries if you don’t get a chance to reply. Thanks, A”.

Reply: The whole point of my posts is not to tell anyone how to think or what to believe.  The natural uncontrived ‘design’ of the posts is to challenge beliefs, to allow intelligence to cut through assumptions and naturally dispel erroneous beliefs.  It is called ‘pointing’ for want of a better word.

I am not telling anyone ‘this is the way it is’ or what is what.   One must always test everything to see if it is true in your own immediate experiencing.

No one can do it for you.

Knowing is not ‘knowledge’ and neither is it any form of second hand information.
To put it in other words – see for yourself….. and recognize that the so-called self is secondary to the naturally empty nature of pure seeing.  All mental activity appears obviously as it is and awareness is not obscured by anything.

Simply recognize that everything is appearing spontaneously, naturally, before it is labeled!


For those who believe that the question was not answered:

The activity of seeing is happening and it has no beginning to it.  Concepts about ‘I am seeing’ appear in the ‘mind’.  The idea ‘I see’ cannot see.  It is a translation ‘of mind’ of the activity of seeing.  The activity of seeing is not obscured by any concepts appearing and this is obviously so.  What appears to obscure the seeing is what the mind adds to the bare translation in the ‘form’ of memory, other concepts, feelings and emotions.  These sensations ‘appear’ to give the idea of ‘me’ some substance but it is also obvious that they all come and go.  How can you be something that comes and goes?  If you were ‘something’ that appears as ‘content of mind’, the moment it vanished you would also vanish but you don’t!   The parade of mind content is ever-fresh and ever-changing.  Simply by paying attention to what does not change will empty the mind and reveal the clear and empty nature of pure cognition.  

Those who insist on being an entity cannot provide absolute proof of that belief – because it is all conceptual, all content of mind.

So, we can only agree, not prove, that there is some similarity between the content of ‘my mind’ and the content of ‘your mind’…..who-ever that may refer to.  One may notice that in listening to one ‘speaker’ there may be a resonance (or an acknowledgement) with what is expressed and with another there is no resonance at all, just words registering.  Many ‘teachings’ rely on belief simply because the teaching is based on belief not actual ‘knowledge’.

Without a true understanding ‘behind them’ the same words spoken by one ‘teacher’ will lack ‘something’, and just spin off in the intellect, while the same words spoken by one who understands will reverberate throughout one’s being.