Words, concepts and images.

Some of the most frequently used words that appear in discussions, writing, talks and dare I say ‘lectures’ on this subject of ‘Non Duality’ are the words ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’.  Now it may not be clear to you that no one can actually define consciousness or awareness.  All definitions remain as mere pointers to ‘something’ that truly defies all definitions.

If you disagree with this, simply look at any conclusion you come to, any definition you arrive at and realize, by examining it impartially, that it is merely words, concepts and images.  Without consciousness/awareness the words, concepts or images could not appear at all.  This basically and obviously means that consciousness/awareness is prior to words, concepts and images.  Therefore words and concepts, images and memory all depend on consciousness/awareness without a single exception.

The name is never the thing.  The name of a city is not the city.  No amount of words, concepts or maps can define a city.

For example, you can have 10,000 detailed maps of New York.  You can have 10,000 books describing the city of New York.  No one would ever mistake these ‘items’ for the actuality of the living, moving, changing city we call ‘New York’.

In exactly the same way, none of our concepts, words or mind maps, images or ideas can amount to anything other than what they are.  They are ‘about something’ or they ‘point’ at something – they are never the thing.

Belief is never the actual.  The word is never the thing.  This may come as a shock when it is completely realized.   This may be a revelation and if so, I advise some contemplation on this ‘fact’.

In ‘Non Duality’ what is being pointed to is beyond all appearances in mind.

We can call ‘that’ consciousness/awareness but as it has been demonstrated none of the concepts, ideas or definitions are anything but appearances in mind.