Words and meaning

In the scheme of things, everyone has subjective understanding about the meaning of words.  Some are articulate and some are less so.  Communication happens but what is communicated may be quite different to what one believes.

You can form a group and get the group to discuss the meaning of a particular word. The discussion may be lengthy and heated arguments may rise up. Choose another word and the same thing can happen.

Realize that very few have a clear understanding of their own language. The higgle de piggle te nature of understanding words and language is introducing sloppy communications. Some may argue about something not realizing that they actually agree with each other.

Get a good dictionary and open it up. Look at some words you think you understand well. Read the meaning written in the dictionary. You might be surprised how different or how incomplete, how fuzzy your so-called understanding of the word is. Yet you may use that word frequently. In the other extreme, we have the pedant – a pedant is an annoying person who is focused on unnecessary details and memorized book knowledge rather than on what is actual or on  what we call ordinary common sense.  A pedant will go nuts over bad grammar or spelling mistakes.  Even many ‘learned folk’, with degrees in this and that, do not have a clearly understood vocabulary and they have not got a clue about how subjective their ‘knowledge’ is.  So, it would seem that common communication is a bit like throwing dice where you might get the right numbers – usually not.  Ordinary everyday folk get by and communication works well enough.  As soon as one believes they are a special case, things start to go haywire.  Gurus today, especially in the west are obviously full of self-delusion about themselves and their special fabricated states of mind.  They suffer from extreme self-centeredness and that is very obvious – but not to them.  They believe they are above it all.  They have joined the realm of fairies and angels, in their own mind.

This is why the ‘message’ gets distorted so much.  Even if the messenger is clear and precise in the delivery, it still does not hit its mark for most because of hap-hazard understanding of words, and of course, because of self-centeredness. What happens is the message is interpreted via a very subjective understanding of the words used in the message.  Experiences are automatically referred to the ‘me of memory’ and this is not noticed because of a belief that ‘it is all happening to me’.   Investigate that belief in me and see if it is made of words, images and memories or if it is actually something real.  Why not?

Language and all words in that language are learned.  How well they are learned is something worth looking into.  After all, language is there to serve communication, not to add confusion.  Intelligence learned the language.  Pride and self-deceit do not serve intelligence, they undermine the integrity of our true nature.

Our attitude to language is a reflection of our attitude to life. Picking up words, willy nilly, and using them without a clear understanding of their meaning is so common, we might as well be speaking gibberish. Many are, actually.

Look up the word ‘spontaneous’.   Recognize that you don’t know what your next thought will be.  Recognize that thoughts spontaneously appear and disappear.  Laboring over meaning is not useful.  Spontaneous understanding is happening a lot more than one may realize.  How can that be?  Investigate!   All the trouble enters via the fixation on the me of memory.  A dead image of self.  If there is a self, it must be a living and immediate presence, before language.  The word self is pointing at the livingness, not some entity.  As soon as you assume there is an entity, the natural clarity of being is obscured.

  1. To release someone from bondage brings a natural gratitude. To show someone that they were never bound in the first place requires a cutting insight, where all concepts are cut aside. Disbelief turns into acknowledgement and relief is experienced. The heavy burden of constant psychological suffering lifts away. To doubt such relief is madness. The mad will grasp for the old habits and find themselves back in the thick of the illusions of self-centeredness. Intelligence will cut through the madness of self-centeredness so long as a genuine resonance in being is ‘humming’.

  2. Who speaks of these things? The common ‘spiritual’ scene is all about fabricating a realm of extra specialness for the me. It is all bollocks. I don’t care how sacred you think that guru is, it is all gross and subtle BS. Fancy talks are nothing but imagination go wild. Do you admire some teacher or guru? If so, that is your first error. Admiration blinds you to what is actually going on.