Wordless understanding is pure cognition

The mind is time.

Eternal Being cannot be found in the mind (or anywhere else – it is not a thing).

A very simple, uncontrived, uncomplicated investigation, by simply being totally open to ‘what is’ can eliminate all conceptual obscurations and reveal the spontaneously  clear and empty nature of mind.

The living self-illuminating evidence of ‘being’ is silent and wordless – not a thing.  You cannot get to it from or through belief in being a thinker, nor through the thinking.  The fabricated entity cannot see or hear anything.  Recognize that single factor and everything will fall into place.  The internal dialog has no capacity to see, know, hear or do anything.  When thinking pauses or ceases, even if only for a moment, the timeless nature of what is, is revealed as ‘no mind’ or infinite silent stillness, which cannot be either absent or present.  It is beyond absence and presence.  It is so subtle it is missed by the searching mind simply due to the fact that language, images and words can’t grasp it.  Thought cannot acknowledge anything…or do anything, of itself.

Those who aspire to attain the highest self-knowledge can examine the motive.  It all stems from a sense of feeling separate, wanting more.  But what if there is no more than this ordinary awareness, right now?  Why is this ordinary awareness conceived of as something ‘not good enough’?   Surely it must be obvious that the wanting stems from a sense of lack.  It is that concept of lacking something that obscures the innate beauty of spontaneous, ordinary, everyday awareness.  One could call it a miracle to be aware.  Being aware is natural.  It is not a ‘doing’ of yours.  To conceive that ‘I must raise this awareness to some conceptual higher level’ is only a fiction appearing to be taking place in the thinking.  The subsequent attitude locks the ‘mechanism’ (habits of mind) and the way out is barred by the very obstacle that one tries to rise above.  Millions are convinced that they have to purify their body and mind.  Such a point of view is not only ignorant, it is edging into arrogance.  The believed in entity wants to rise above the rest or simply to escape suffering.  But if ‘the belief in me’ is the cause of the suffering, how can ‘the belief in me’ help?  It is actually all a complete fiction and the levels that are believed to be real are no more real that the invisible ‘me’ that ’causes’ all the unnecessary struggle and suffering.  It is entirely nothing but self-centered activity.  A Buddhist may tell you that you cannot attain ‘Buddha-hood’ in one life time and that it may take a thousand life times.  Isn’t is plainly obvious that such a limited view cannot be true.  It is all a fiction.  There is only life.  Here, now is the only life anyone can ever know.  Time is mind.

Self-centeredness, belief in ‘me’, is the cause of all psychological suffering.  It is a belief in a conceived ‘center’ that is nothing but concepts and images seemingly fortified by ‘the me of memory’.  Anyone can investigate and see very clearly that it has no substance without belief in a conceived image of ‘self’.  Drop the image of self and see what is left.  Language is limited and through belief in words and labels, there is an unquestioned assumption or a ‘suggestion’ that there is a self.   By fixating on ‘oneself’ as an unquestioned belief ’causes’ a grave misunderstanding.  This erroneous belief in ‘me’ is the very obstacle that clouds the mind and obscures any wish to investigate it.  It blocks the view.  Few have the courage to investigate the so-called ‘self’ and maybe that is because we intrinsically know it is a fiction and fear of exposing the fraud of self-centeredness is just too much to bear.  It is all content of mind with no actual duration.  The energy of belief ‘keeps the fiction in place’ (fixation) even though it can never stand up to any clear and genuine investigation.

The water in a glass can fill the glass but it is unable to grasp the glass – the water is content of the glass.  Just as the content of mind cannot grasp the timeless nature of consciousness. The mind content is ‘time’ while the timeless cannot be reduced to words or concepts.

The timeless appears as a container to the mind, just as space appears to contain the universe.  The space that is ‘seen’ now is the same space ‘seen’ as a child.  Space has not changed.  The content has changed, including the body and so-called things, appearing in it.  The essence, the life energy, is the same.  An old person and a young baby share the same life energy. The livingness, the living energy, is pure intelligence.  It cannot belong to anyone and is not particular.  No parts – no separation. ‘You’ cannot ‘do’ anything without this life energy, so it must be clear and obvious that that believed in ‘you’ is merely an animated appearance.

The life energy remains invisible while the animated shape, form or expression, merely appears and disappears in the singularity of one instant.  The apparent continuum of replacement appearances (moment by moment) is due to the spontaneous nature of consciousness, ever fresh, without any cause.  Mind is time.  You cannot live a moment in the past or the future.  The ‘suggestion’ of cause is conceptual and it may be recognized that every concept is spontaneously appearing and disappearing.  You do not know what your next thought will be.  The word spontaneous used here means without cause.  No cause.  No past.  No future.  Just this is-ness.  As is.  Not as it was or as it will be.  As IS.

The living essence of intelligence, life itself.  No words can touch it, grasp it or encapsulate it.  No one can actually speak about it with any authority and yet it is through language that ‘pointers’ may be shared.  Intelligence itself appears to share according to the capacity of the apparent clarity of intelligence in the ‘receiver’.

The best anyone can do is point clearly without adding extraneous data.

Science searches for evidence of a theoretical ‘big bang’ and all they find is what they interpret from apparent evidence.  It all ‘happens’ in the immediacy and it all postulates a ‘time’ other than right here, right now.  No wonder it looks like no one sees the clear and ever present evidence.

The clear and present evidence is that there is no beginning or end to the wholeness of pure being, pure existence.  Neither ‘time’ or any thing has a beginning or end, only apparent relative beginnings and endings.  All the evidence of so-called time is nothing more than conceptualized postulations that can only ever ‘take place’ in this immediacy, in this living intelligence.

What identifies a creature as being a tiger?  It is the shape and form with particular stripes in the golden (or white) fur.  The stripes are not the stripes of a zebra.  Even though the tiger’s stripes identify the creature…. they are not the tiger.  A shaved tiger, without fur and it’s stripes is still a tiger.  Can the stripes on a tiger’s fur stand-alone?  The stripes may bring a response of fear in another creature but the stripes can’t do anything just as concepts cannot do anything or stand-apart from consciousness.

Can your identified notions about the meaning of life stand-alone?  The intellect cannot stand-alone.  Neither intelligence nor the intellect are ‘a thing’. The intellect is an expression of intelligence.  This ever-fresh clarity of intelligence remains unencumbered.  Intelligence remains beyond the grasp of mind.  This living activity of knowing (with you right now) is intelligence and consciously knowing this is called understanding.

There is pure understanding present naturally and it is not the result of any fixation on ideas, concepts, words or ideas.  Understanding is the activity of knowing, cognition, and this can never be actually separated into dualistic realms of mind.  Intelligence is not subjected to concepts, words or ideas.  Concepts, words and ideas can only serve intelligence.  They have no intelligence of their own.  In the scheme of things, if belief in words gets the upper hand, then self-centeredness and delusion follows.

The theory of evolution is similar.  It all seemingly depends on a past or a theoretical future, which no one can prove actually exists. It is all merely an expression of this immediacy, which is not in time. The mind is time.

Each cell in the body plays a role within the wholeness of the body.  One may study embryology and have profound insights into the wonder of this intelligent expression called ‘body’.

With the aid of a microscope one can observe the life of a cell.  It is a subtle movement of intelligence. The cell does not exist as an independent entity.  The boundary of the cell is porous and exchanges are taking place, through that membrane, with the surrounding environment. The wonder of it may stop the mind from its usual patterns.  If the impact of this insight into intelligence of naked life is sufficiently strong, the mind may spontaneously lose its old habits. Fixations with an erroneous view may be starved of belief through the recognition of an inexpressible insight.  Seeing into, a cutting through concepts.

The only time one can observe life is in this immediacy.  If you want to understand the living tissues of the body you cannot expect to gain any clear understanding by studying dead cells.  Believing in dead images, theories, ideas and memories from the so-called past is useless.

The same principle applies to the so-called ‘self’.  Theoretical postulations and self-centred activities will not reveal anything until they are seen from beyond the fixation.  The living intelligence of this immediate actual, undefined actuality, is what is required for gaining any true ‘self-knowledge’.   Self-centered ‘people’ (persona – mask) think about themselves and call it self-knowledge.  Being full of bias obscures any possible true insight or impartiality.  Only when the thinker is recognized as being just another thought or when the mind is stopped (no mind) will a clear view reveal the clear and present evidence of non conceptual perfection (being).

Intelligence is not ‘in’ the intellect, nor is it a result of the intellect.  The intellect is a relatively mechanical expression of intelligence, a movement, and in most cases the intelligence is almost completely covered over by belief in what the mind ‘says’ to itself.

The internal narrator is a fictional character that represents a mere image of self.

When I was a child there was a saying: ‘Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness’.    We have all passed someone on the street, muttering away to themselves or shouting obscenities to shadows or no one in particular.

Some say that consciousness comes out of the brain and is just electrical impulses or a chemical thing going on.  Such conceptualized theories don’t address the question of identity or what consciousness is.  The lovely thing about many elaborate scientific theories is that they can’t be proved or disproved.  Many theories include postulated particles that no one has ever seen because they are (if they exist at all) so small they are far beyond the scope of light waves and electron microscopes, etc.  Theories pile up upon other theories, like lego blocks, all floating in the so called mind.   Or maybe it is like like a piece of sting tied up in knots, hanging in the Tower of Babble, mere concepts resting upon other concepts.

“It’s no use, Mr James, it’s turtles all the way down.” (from a short quirky story about William James – philosopher, discussing with an elderly woman about what indeed does the (planet) Earth rest upon.)

Religion and science disagree with each other and yet they are both expressions within the realms of equanimity.  If they could seriously investigate the points of argument from their opposing side they might actually get an insight into their own folly.

The mind is time.  The timeless clear evidence is ignored by the fixated attention simply because there are no words for it, no labels and so it remains ungraspable.  That is not to say it is something out of reach.  It is actually (your) natural state, which is right here, right now.  Re-cognizing it is non-conceptual.   Words can point.  Words may appear to bring a recognition and words may translate the recognition.  The words are not the non-conceptual recognition.  Cognition is wordless.

Your own existence is this uncontrived livingness, which cannot be grasped or put into concepts.

Why ignore the only thing you cannot doubt – Being – life itself.

  1. As you walk down the street, there is an understanding of most of what is seen. You don’t bump into others on the street because intelligence ‘acts’ without a ‘doer’ getting in the way. The functioning happens by itself. If someone is fixated on some personal problem, then bumping into others may happen. The personal drama that spins from the fixation on a non existing self image clouds the clear functioning. It is unnecessary.

  2. A typical stance of a seeker: “I am still letting go of thought and bringing focus back to beingness. Bring the awareness or focus back to feeling of being centered, over and over and over.”
    Reply: Awareness is already self-aware.
    Being already is.

    Awareness is not an entity.

    Thinking about awareness is not the naked conceptless awareness.

    Stop trying to do the seeing.

    Simply Be.

    Typical response: “But then habits take over if I don’t shift the focus”.

    Reply: A habit is a mechanical pattern that has NO power to do anything. It cannot see or do anything……because it is just a belief in a series of thought – images.

    Recognize that seeing is spontaneously happening…… and there is no one doing the seeing.

    Stop believing in the habit of talking to yourself….as a narrator….. telling ‘yourself’ stories. How many of ‘you’ are there? One telling a story and one listening?

    Insight is the key that unlocks the belief mechanism. Recognize that any insight is nothing but seeing cutting through belief.

    There will never be any answer through belief.

    Be the naked seeing without any concept of being a see-er.

    It may appear to be a fleeting glimpse but I can assure you that there is nothing fleeting about reality.

    Be the courage of being itself and being will reveal everything for what it is. Appearance only.

  3. I would like to say…Language limited or is it while speaking the words the “truth of it are the vibrations to create the ears to hear”, or writing the words to stop the mind?

    A habit to translate what is seen everything turns suddenly to be a overwhelming force which flows into a talking head.
    Such a taking head started when i came into contact with someone i actually knew that everything said is true.
    But how could I know? Naturally interest and support of life itself I was on the way to seeing all.
    And of course finally the question arose who tries what to see and to see what…
    Yes,appearences only…..
    “what is the fun to talk about nothing”.

    What i want to say,although the UGM is closed I have discovered that there is still a possibility to listen to the podcast on UGC.

    And Yes how often we wonder what in life is health and how to deal with it.
    Podcast nr.78 ( Rick Linchitz) tells you all about it.
    Sure I am in favor of the UGC but then “nothing to sell” – G

    • Everyone misses the simplicity of the simplest pointer: One without a second.

      This pointer cuts through all mental patterns and beliefs.

      Who can take delivery of the message?

      No one. The cognition is NOT a pattern nor is it any thing that is appearing anywhere.

      • In the scheme of things, the directness of ‘pointing’ is not wanted by the so-called ‘seeker’. Belief in being a seeker obscures the genuine essence of inquiry. Therefore, seekers seek out anything that keeps the seeking going, since that is the main identification for them. This is why full on BS is so popular with seekers. Teachers of spiritual BS hate those who circumnavigate their BS stories about having to do this and do that, to attain what they promote as the main goal. It is all bollocks and yet few see through it. Who cares? Well, if psychological suffering is unnecessary, then everyone should care that they are being hoodwinked by charlatans and sooth sayers. But no one notices, no one cares. Happy to roll around in their personal junk pile of personal issues with everything and nothing. What to do? Nothing. The cage of belief does not actually exist.

  4. The culture of cultivating a fabricated spiritual self image is a huge industry called ‘spirituality’ and resistance to any exposure of it, for what it is, is wide spread. Politics, religion and the business world are full of the same distortions.
    It is all the one essence appearing as the diversity of ‘things’ and ‘states of being’ – not one of those things or states have any real substance or duration, apart from the attention they are given.
    There is no entity to give attention, so it is all happening spontaneously. Spontaneous means causeless, ever fresh. Seeing, hearing, knowing are all spontaneously ‘happening’ in the immediacy and nowhere else. The mind is time. The time bound concept ‘I’ can never get to the timeless nature of the all encompassing spontaneous pure being (intelligence-energy). The more one tries, the more frustration appears due to the impossibility of a fictional character ever having the ability to ‘do’ anything. Got it?

  5. Teachers, so called teachers have to tell lies or else they are out of a job. They have to suggest a path and a way to walk upon that path, in a particular fashion. But what if that path is only a conceived path, in your mind? Imagining that one is walking on a sacred path is just that, imagination. Who is being convinced by such nonsense? Who indeed. Yet it is one of the biggest industries today. Spiritual BS makes big bucks. Everyone appears to fall for it and no one notices that it is all conceptual, made up in imagination. Glorious imagination. You have as much chance of walking on that path as you have in growing an extra finger. One thing is sure, if you cling onto the sense of being separate, believing that it will all come good one day, then the truth of your own being will remain hidden.

  6. If you still insist on being something or someone separate – then there is an obvious ‘way’ to go…..face your own BS story, because without that, how the hell are you going to realize what is true? (and to those who are hyper-sensitive, NO, I am not angry. I am just expressing what gets swept under the carpet)