Without knowing your true nature, ‘maya’ reigns.

The mind is time.  Being is not in the mind.   The mind is ‘me’.   Searching or seeking through ‘belief’ is completely misleading.  The seeker wants to belong, wants to believe.  It is all dualism and there is no way to get to your true nature via such ‘paths’ and concepts.  It just cannot happen.   ‘Teachers’ must have something to sell otherwise no one wants what they offer.  They usually sell beliefs and fancy concepts about awareness or whatever.  None of it is real.   Reality is thoughtless, concept-less.  It is what you are.  Believing you are a concept or image has no value and it only binds the mind – it never frees the mind.   Most ‘teachings’ are just subtle traps for the mind and the teacher never reveals that.  Good business is good business.  

Compromises reign over the clarity of direct pointing.  There is NOTHING to teach and there are NO methods or practices – such ideas are mechanical repetitions and the ONLY value they have is in really seeing that they are useless.  Knowing transcends belief.  Most resist such information – because it undermines the spiritual self image that is a fabricated piece of nonsense that has no actuality at all.   What you are is beyond doubt and concepts.  

Innately you already know that you are – it is just the mind that ‘creates’ problems about identity out of nothing – problems for the imagined ‘me’.   If this news feels prickly, then investigate that sensation and SEE what feels uncomfortable.  There lies the ‘problem’.

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  1. I know that it would be far more popular to talk the normal spiritual bullshit but I just cannot do it. The words won’t come out. There are so few speaking clearly without compromises or fancy nonsense and far less who are open to hearing anything that cuts through the identified belief system. Who cares?