Without compromises – without false promises.

No one can get from duality to non duality.

There is no duality in non duality.

If you start with a concept, instead of an insight, the mind will unfold into ever new concepts.

All the waves that form upon the surface of the ocean, do not alter the nature of the ocean (water).  All the conceptualising, arguments, proposed rights and wrongs, do not alter the true nature of mind, which is timelessly clear and empty.
The assumption of personal identity is based on something ‘learned’. Before that body was formed there was no personalised sperm deciding to get ahead of the rest and take the prize.
While that body was forming in the womb, there was no personal identity deciding to grow 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. No personal identity deciding to add some cells to a liver today. No personal identity deciding to take its first breath after birth. Only when language was learned were all the words, we use today, added to the complexities of being an apparent ‘person’.

In fact the ‘person’ is merely a bunch of ideas and concepts, images and memories. That may seem abrupt and distasteful.

What do you actually know, without a single doubt? What?

Assumptions and hearsay are not acceptable, because they only mask the innate knowing that is present in all sentient beings. Uncovering that is essential, no matter what the cost.

The intelligence that acted through the sperm and the ovum has not disappeared into the past. It has not stepped aside just because thought or reason has come along.

Innately we all know existence as expressed through the mind as the words ‘I exist’, not as a specific ‘I’ but as existence itself – the sense of presence.

No one can define the ‘I’…. or consciousness…. or awareness.  No one!   Words are words.  Definitions are not the actual.

While the belief in being a separate ‘person’ is supported by the energy of belief, the fictional identity will over shadow the true simplicity of our true nature, our natural and simple existence.

All true insight into our true nature is wordless and silent.

Whatever it takes to bring about that insight is totally valid, whether it is a moment of clear seeing, a discussion or even an argument…… or simply a bird singing.   The means are not important.

There is no way of knowing, no prior knowledge about how any insight will come, if ever.   Seeing is happening and the essence of all insights is ‘seeing’.
The nature of the universe is an open system. It is self-sustaining – existence itself. Wonder of wonders. If you enjoy it, that is a bonus.

Whatever stops you from enjoying it, is probably nothing more than an erroneous belief of some sort or other.
Wouldn’t it be wise to find out what it is that has you believing in something that gives a sense of being separate from life …..Something that causes dis-ease and suffering?

  1. I would like to say…I love you, Gilbert!

  2. language is the basic tool used to convey clarity and it is the same language used to obscure it. much can hinge on a word or on the definition of that word. ill define a word and mind is off on a wild goose chase.

    appearance. it is not “it appears to me”, as in the common phrase. that would put me outside of the appearance. it is everything as it is now without exclusion. self and mind included. it occurred to me that appearance and form seem to be the same. two for the price of one, maybe it’s my lucky day.

    self and mind. these are often preceded by my. there is this root problem of taking ownership of every damn thing we can, subject, object, animal, vegetable, mineral. there is paradox to reconcile and difficulty in the going back and forth between implications.

    reality. it occurred to me that when the words appearance and form seemed to be the same, reality and emptiness do as well. that would be good.

    reality is not dependent on language, but the pointing often is. not mistaking the finger for the moon as much as having a look at the finger.

  3. or mistaking the finger for the moon AND having a look at the finger. lol