Wisdom surfaces spontaneously

Mind is limited. Mind is time. Mind is me.
With the mind one tries to realise that which is limitless.
Failure appears over and over again simply because the limited cannot ‘become’ the limitless.
Wisdom surfaces as intelligence discards the mechanical nature of belief in words and belief in belief.

It is imperative to understand what belief is.  Belief is not a foundation for truth.  A belief is NEVER the actuality.

So-called self-realisation is not the realisation of some person, someone, some body-mind.
Self-realisation is the formless nature of intelligence itself. That which formed the body, brain, the language, THAT which the ‘mind’ assumes it represents.
Nothing re-presents anything other than what it is. No division. No separation.
The self-realised (one) is neither proud or interested in praise.
All manner of patterns (energy) may appear and disappear upon the timeless, limitless pure essence of being.
Do not follow a guru or teacher. Do not follow anyone. Above all else, do not follow the thoughts that appear in ‘your mind’.
They all lead away into divisions of this ever present unicity. They all lead to illusion, which does not actually exist – never did and never will.

What you truly are is limitless, formless intelligence, whether ‘you’ know it or not.

It cannot be seen.  It cannot be found.   

To look for it requires its presence.  

Are we like the man who hold his keys in his hand while searching everywhere for them?


 New video of Mark West http://youtu.be/bIpGSSPYFoY
An active Link is on his website on Video page.  www.markwestsite.com
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  1. Hi Gilbert
    First I wish you a happy new year. What is said is clarity. .