In the previous post, questions were posed.  One in particular should have struck a chord with you.

Did any of the questions bring a pause in the thinking?   Did any of the questions have an edge to it?  Did you pass over the questions and onto the next line without blinking?

So much of spiritual seeking, NO, all spiritual seeking, is nothing but an ignoring of what is most clear and obvious.  Being caught in a mind game of seeking is not going to free anyone. In the appearance of things, in the scheme of things, millions of so-called ‘seekers’ have fallen for replacing their own true nature with a search for identity, which can never bring any true revelation.   Brief, transient experiences are clung onto and fed into an imaginary realm of seeking one’s own true nature IN THE MIND.  It will never work!   NEVER!

How can what you truly are be lost?

It is nothing but a belief.  Get this!   A belief is NEVER the actuality!

Belief in being a separate entity, belief in ‘a sense of being lost’ appears naturally, simply because that ‘sense of me’ is nothing but belief in an idea and its ground is in imagination….not reality.  It can never be true.  Just like there is no water in a mirage that can quench your thirst, the belief in me can never bring a total confidence.  The ‘me’ is vulnerable simply because it is not real.  Because the ‘me’ is not real it is susceptible to any influence that ‘comes along’.  What is real is not fragile or vulnerable and what is real has no need to depend on any concepts, ideas or beliefs.

I will repeat the question.

Who is asking ‘Who am I?’ if it is not the same ‘who’ who seemingly wants to know?    

The question should cut through the mental terrain of erroneous beliefs.  However, it appears that so many cannot understand the simplicity of language.  They don’t hear what is being said.   What they ‘hear’ is their own reaction to words.  They try to fit the new information into their old ideas, their old beliefs.

Nothing can be done to help those who refuse point blank to investigate their own beliefs.   Reality is not a belief.  

The Moon is made of cheese is a belief.

When someone joins a spiritual group or religion they are expected to take on a whole new set of beliefs.  This is totally opposite to realizing one’s true nature, which contains and needs NO beliefs, no rules of behavior and no concepts whatsoever.  True nature is wordless and silent.

Being a slave to a whole new set of rules and beliefs is encouraged by religion and spiritual teachers alike…..and you are asked to trust in some ‘future time’ of achievement. The point I wish to emphasize is that reality is not somewhere in some future time or in some past time. Where are yesterdays thoughts?  In the past, in the particular past called yesterday?   What past is there if you do not think about it?  

Reality is timelessly, always and ever here, now.  It cannot be anywhere else.  The immediacy is not in time.  Reality is not subjected to ‘time’.   Space and time are appearances.  What we call ‘insights’ appear as a cutting through of something.  True insight has an ‘already so’ quality to it.

So, the task that one needs to address is to recognize what is false as false and cease to feed the false beliefs with any energy.  In recognizing the false as false, then what is true reveals itself naturally.  What is true does not need support from a mind.   All the  obscurations that ’cause’ so much misunderstanding are in the perception, not in the naked seeing.

Reality is not actually obscured by belief. Everything registers ‘as it is’ in the seeing-knowing prior to the perceptions of mind.  Realize that no new (or old) beliefs are necessary.  

No prescriptions are necessary.  Perceived benefits from practices are temporary and anything believed to be a ‘long term benefit’ is only due to mind games and stories about ‘me’.  

You do not have to worship some guru or teacher.   No method or process is necessary to find what is real and true.  

Methods and practices are perpetuated by those who have made a career out of teaching such methods and practices.  They get a payback of some sort.  It is quite obvious that practices like meditation are nothing but a way to quieten the mind and the effect has limited results.  Sooner or later ‘the shit hits the fan’ and one is back in the thick of it.  Booking another meditation retreat is not going to solve the problem.  It is just another addiction.  

The ‘system’ is biased toward laying the blame for poor results on the aspirant, not the ‘teaching’.  In reality there can be no blame.  In reality – ‘no harm done’ to anything or anyone.  That ‘truth’ is unacceptable to the one stuck with belief in ‘me’.

Approaching reality or truth with a belief in being a separate entity is not going to work.   Impossible!  That is clear and obvious, even logical.  Yet, so few can recognize that it is the belief in being a separate entity that causes all the confusion, the suffering and the apparent seeking.   


  1. I am fortunate to be in touch with some of the most stubborn seekers that ever walked this planet. The way they ‘justify’ their erroneous beliefs is highly informative. Since there is no seeking happening in this ‘body-mind’, there is no ‘data’ to use as material for pointing out the errors of belief. Fortunately, contact with excessively obsessed self-centered individuals provides fresh insights. The readers of my posts benefit from these insights, even if the subjects of my observations do not. It is all nothing but a display of awareness. No subject and no object in the actuality.

  2. On the 26th february, I wrote “I want to say to Gilbert that I am lost” then I read your answer above. Yes, it is about belief. I am looking at this : what is a belief? Is a belief seen, heard or touched? No. Then what is making the belief? A thought is seen, it goes and there is no attachement to it. Another thought is seen, there is attachement to it. Is there anything to do? …or just observe the attachement to it?

    Reply: The ‘seeker’ in frustration rejects the clear message and says with emotional conviction “Look! What am I going to do without a self-center?” That is a display of the crux of it all. The belief in being a seeker, doer, thinker…..is the belief in being a separate entity that has some power to choose etc. The rude awakening, the cutting through of that belief is so distasteful to the fixation ‘me’, it appears it will resist until the end. How can what you truly are be lost? Lost where? Lost in belief in concepts. Pause a thought. Is there a past if you do not think about it? Is there any conditioning if you do not think about it? Intelligence is ever present just as space is ever present. All the things appearing in space are forever changing. No appearance in space can alter space. No concept or idea can alter the naked intelligence. The ‘me’ is an apparent agent of consciousness. It is a fiction. There is nothing stable about the me or I. They are basically words that have been learned. We put labels on the space-like awareness and believe in the labels.

  3. What substance do your doubts have? Are they merely thoughts, concepts?

  4. When I read your answer I had an insight about ego. I was thinking that awakening brings no ego. Now I see that egotic actions and reactions continue to happen and as presence knowing I see them passing. I see that “egotic actions” is a label for happenings which arise and disappear in awareness.

    • Reply to Nour: “When I read your answer I had an insight about ego” – Seeing from beyond the fixation. “I was thinking that awakening brings no ego” – Awakening is a concept appearing in wakefulness. Whatever comes and goes cannot be what you are. “Now I see that egotic actions and reactions continue to happen and as presence knowing I see them passing” – Yes, without fixating on the content of mind, the ‘seeing’ is clear and obvious. “I see that “egotic actions” is a label for happenings which arise and disappear in awareness” – Yes but the reference point ‘I see’ is conceptual. There is only clarity of seeing.