Who understands what?

Are you the body?

What is the body made of?  Elements.

Where did those elements come from?

The planet?   Where did the planet get the elements from?

The appearance of ‘becoming aware’ only appears to ‘happen’ because awareness is already present.

What were you before this planet formed?

When were you unaware?  What meaning can any answer have?  A story of ‘time gone by’ can only ever be told in the immediacy of right now, we call this immediacy ‘presence’.
Awareness of form is spontaneous.
Awareness is timeless.
What is true is always simple.
Complex theories, like cosmology and theology or how the universe began are far from simple.
Very bright intellects try to find answers to what they believe are deep questions about how we got here.
They observe phenomena and build theories.  The theories have holes in them.  They adjust the theories to close the holes thus giving their theories ‘more validity’ in their own minds.  A mouse chasing its own tail.
Adjusting theories to fit observations is not true knowledge.  Clever intellects chase answers.  Theories fall apart because they are not true.  Others chase better answers.  Whoever gets the biggest following is King for a day or two.
E=mc2 is an equation that is commonly known.  How many understand what it actually means?  Albert Einstein, a name etched in ‘the book of time’ so it would seem.  Every intellect has its limits.  Intelligence has no limits and is not contained in space or time.   Life (pure intelligence) expresses itself as the unlimited nature of All and Everything.
Trillions of beings, born into the appearance of time ‘take their turn’ and have their own ‘season’.  The seed of consciousness may fall on barren ground or it may lodge in fertile ground.  The seed germinates and grows into a blade.  The blade develops a head and with maturity, harvest time comes naturally and effortlessly according to the nature of the pattern.  So-called individuals are appearing and disappearing in the wholeness.  They all have their own unpredictable ‘duration’ and then they disappear.   The totality is not made of parts.  The entire universe appears as patterns within patterns, appearing and disappearing, overlapping each other – some call it the rich tapestry of Life.   No beginning – No end.
Life does not need anything including ‘meaning’.  Life energy expresses as everything.  Without Life, what could be?
‘People’ need meaning because they doubt the intelligence and trust the intellect.  Through blind faith in things believed in, we miss the obvious.  In the scheme of things ‘we’ are betrayed over and over by a mechanical apparatus, the intellect.
Yet intelligence is fully available…… if only beliefs can be put aside.
Thousands upon thousands have the book ‘I am That’ (Nisargadatta) upon their bookshelf.  A kind of status symbol.
How many understand even one sentence in that book?

Reality does not meditate or practice before it manifests. Meditation can quieten the noisy mind. Insights will come and go. The seeing-knowing is already here and never departs.

There is no entity that achieves enlightenment. Illumination is the nature of self shining presence-awareness.
It just needs to be re-cognized.   If not NOW, then when?

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  1. Few risk showing their face. Everyone comes from the self-centered point of view. They don’t want to be blown out of the water. The ‘me’ is a complete fiction. Trying to protect the illusion of being a separate individual is bondage of self. Psychological suffering in unnecessary. Playing spiritual mind games is for the pretenders. Just because 99% of the population is ruled by self-centeredness does not mean you have to be. Dare to be what you truly are. No regrets!