Who is free?

Roots of language


The roots of language and the fruit of investigation

Who is free?

Who is in bondage?

What is your true identity?

Is it all hanging off a narrative?  

Can the following possibly be true?  

The solution to all of your worries may be too simple for you to recognise.
Everything is sensation. You cannot postulate anything without a sensation because even the most subtle thought is a sensation. Basically sensation is a movement of energy. No labels come with the movement. Labels are added ‘after’ by the intellect. All labels and words have been learned.
If we don’t put labels on the sensations, they flow without a hitch and witnessing is effortless. As soon as one buys into the label game it all gets complex and mechanical – and the ‘witness’ is burdened by so many biases and fabricated identity issues, the functioning appears to falter. Fear is a label. Anxiety is a label. It is all energy. No one ever died from a sensation.

True or false?

The problem of the (so-called) seeker is belief in mental constructs.  The seekers basic problem is that the mind is enamoured with ‘things’.  All things abide in other things. The ‘chair’ you sit on is in a ‘room’.  The ‘room’ is in a ‘house’ or ‘building’. The ‘building’ is in a ‘field’ or ‘suburb’.  The ‘town’ or ‘city’ is in a ‘country’ or ‘nation’.  On and on it goes until we reach the universal expanse (which is closer to you than your nose).  The planets, stars, galaxies and the universe are in space.  Space is no thing.

There is only ‘one thing’ and that one thing is actually ‘no thing’.  That thing, which is everything, moves upon emptiness.

The boundaries we perceive are due to the limitations that we ourselves put upon things, things great and small… and we do this via the use of words.

The belief that a word (any word) is the real (reality) is the basic error common to all.  Enchantment is the state of belief that the word is the real.  Fundamentalists fall into this hole, this category.  Observe the cruelty inflicted upon others through the ignorant belief in (printed) words.

Illumination (insight) penetrates the darkness of ignorance. The belief that the word is real is the invisible prison called ‘the bondage of self’. This ‘prison’ (of mind) can be transformed into a prism, a transparent vehicle of transcendence.  

The rope that tethers the self image is cut through by a simple act of uncompromising investigation.  The recognition that you were never bound is the infinite nature of pure cognition revealing its untethered nature. Always so.  

This pure cognition is always free and the seeming limitations, placed upon it by words, are without substance.  In seeing this truth, a revelation reveals itself, one that nothing can convince you that it is not truth itself.  In essence ‘nothing ever happened’ and all the apparent activities of the world of things, events and words are known to be floating apparitions, like a rainbow in the sky.  

The instant ‘you’ try to claim this revelation, it recedes beyond ‘your reach’. This is why all seekers and all seeking fails, without exception.  The facade of the spiritual self image, guru, teacher, seeker or beggar, is a lie. Such a lie requires more and more lies to sustain its apparent existence. Slavery to practices and methods is nothing more than seeking dressed up in different costumes.  Bound to fail, the seeker continues its imagined journey, trying to climb out of a pit that it has been digging for itself, imagining that progress is being made. Down is imagined to be up and everything is upside down, inside out and confusion reigns.  Psychological suffering cannot be disguised.  Oddly enough, pointing this out to a seeker only brings up a state of being offended.  Pride in the self-image resists any effort to unveil the mask of delusion.  All resistance to truth or reality is bound to fail, one way or another.  

There is no harm in the discovery of one’s true nature.

‘Oh what a web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’.  

Self-deception, in its own desperation, blocks all avenues of escape. The imagined entity cannot escape imagination because that is what it is.  The anguish of protecting delusional states of mind, the self-deception, is a cycle of hope and despair.  The past is gone.  The future not here yet.  All there is is right now. The solution is right here, right now. Recognise it. You will never work it out in the mind simply because mind is time. Awareness is not in any mind.  Consciousness itself is merely the transient content of awareness.  

Did you pass over a salient point in the last paragraph?  

Let me repeat it: The imagined entity cannot escape imagination because that is what it is.

Beyond the realm of seeking, our true nature is already free. Recognise it. Only our true nature is free of words, free from insults and from mental states of being offended.  

Everything is clear and obvious, just as it is.  As is, is as is.  As is, is not the result of whatever the mind adds to ‘as is’.  One must recognise that the realm of concepts is nothing but a display of transient images, words, beliefs and imagined boundaries.  The imagined ‘centre’ of it all is only an aspect of the display.  Everything IS clear and obvious.

It is difficult to disguise water.  You can colour it or mix it with dirt.  The water is obvious.  Our true nature is like that.

Just as space is the ground of all being, our true nature is the abiding nature of eternity, life itself, self-evident just as it is.  

Who needs an introduction?  Innately you already know.  The knowing (naked cognition) is ever present, beyond affirmation and negation.  

A complex life of denial is unsatisfactory.  Reality can only be known by being real.  The cost is to go through the pain of discarding the unreal or simply to see things as they are.  Cease to put labels on everything and be open to the revelation of ordinary, everyday awareness, which is perfect and has no need of limitations imposed by the intellect.  

As Nisargadatta says:  “The mind is a good servant…….but a bad master”.


  1. Like water off a ducks back, the message only sinks in where rejection is absent.
    It is true that if transmission was a reality, everyone would receive the solution to their unnecessary suffering.   In the ancient traditions there was a ‘law’, which was spoken of.  The law of reciprocal vibrations.  This is similar to the concept of ‘morphic resonance’, introduced by Rupert Sheldrake two or three decades ago.  Entrainment is another example. Basically, similar vibrations harmonise with each other, naturally.   An example of this is two violins in close proximity.  If these violins are tuned perfectly and one string on one violin is plucked, the same string on the other violin will vibrate in harmony.  You can test this out for yourself with any stringed instrument, if you have two of them.  This example offers an explanation, to some degree, why seekers do not hear the message.  Their minds are caught up in seeking mode and that dissonance blocks the message.  Frustration of not hearing the message adds to the psychological ‘noise’.  

    Only a rare student will hear clearly what is offered.   There are more teachers than there are those who are able to hear the message.  If the mind is emptied of psychological noise (seeking), the hearing has more than a good chance to resonate with the clarity of the message, so long as the messenger is not distorting the message with their own agenda.  

    This rarity of a suitable aspirant is so rare, it almost never happens.  What to do?   On this website there are hundreds of notes, which use an unconventional approach.  There is no spiritual BS on this site.  I see no use in wasting time pandering to spiritual egos, those who are desperate to validate their spiritual self-image.   It is complete rubbish and should be treated as such.  This may be a shock to read for some.  Everyone thinks they have time…..but the actuality is that they have no time whatsoever. Most teachers and gurus will have seekers running around chasing imaginary states of mind, states with wonderful names like ‘enlightenment’.  In that, there is little difference to what a hypnotist does in some City Hall as entertain for the public. The so-called ‘enlightened states’ so often portrayed by teachers and gurus is so blatantly contrived, it seems amazing that it needs to be pointed out. Conceited individuals don’t recognise it – they just admire it! 

    Basically, I will say this: Most ‘teachings’ on offer today are the extreme opposite of what they pretend to be. 

    There is no use waiting until your last breath before you start to investigate the quandary you find yourself in, on a daily basis.  Forget about ‘awaking’ and acknowledge the wakefulness that is already with you.  Spiritual concepts are no better or worse than any other concept.  They are all concepts.  You are not a concept and there is no one caught up in concepts.  It is all a dream.  The dreamer cannot wake up……and you, what you truly are, is not asleep!  Get that!

  2. Words can never lie, because they have never said a thing! There are no words flying in the sky, no words growing out of the earth, no words swimming in the water, whence they come? Words are but an abstraction of reality, yet without them I could not point to that fact, hence the usefulness of words. And what is the word “I” pointing to? Is that which is described as “I” separate from that which is speaking it? Whence this “I” to be found? If “I” cannot be found then how could “it” not be free? Yet for there to be freedom then also there must be bondage, thus in truth “It Is” not free/not bondage as these are but conceptual limitations imposed upon itself through the mechanism of belief which is created by a pseudo identity called “me” which is created within mind. Simply, that which believes it is free or in bondage is that which is prior to both limiting words and thus “it” cannot be either word, and yet it is also not separate from the word. Now, trying to find that which is would be like the sun trying to use light to find that which is light. Shall the mind use the mind to find the mind? It is itself so.

    • The mind must be understood. The best way to understand the mind is to impartially observe it. It would seem that almost no one can do this. Who cares?

  3. I think not that almost no one can do this, but rather that almost everyone can do this, but either they don’t know “how” to do it, haven’t yet contemplated doing it, or they simply won’t do it because they believe they can’t do it or don’t see a reason for doing it. Can’t usually means won’t try, for the only way to know is to attempt it, but it usually takes an immense amount of suffering to act as a catalyst for one to seek for the cause of it, and the see the way out. Which is to see that the cause and the cure are within the same thing which is “you.” What’s ironic is that everyone is basically doing it or at least the observing part, its the impartially or without attachment or identification portion that is the obstacle.

    I care by the way, and it seems so do you, or you wouldn’t have started this site, as all our words and actions reveal something about ourselves. In fact I think that many in this world care but are afraid to reveal it, as they’re caught up in the upholding of pseudo identities which generates fear, and thus are truly unaware that they’re unaware of who/what they truly are.

    The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance,
    for they don’t know, that they don’t know, that they don’t know,
    as they are unaware that they’re unaware of being unaware. 🙂

    Those who believe they know are difficult to guide.
    When one wills to know, it will.


    • The simple fact is…..the believed in entity does not have any substance. It appears as though the believed in entity hijacks the senses and uses them to fortify its ‘domain’.
      The believed in entity cannot be aware. It synthesises a conceptual image of someone being aware. All this is witnessed, without an agent called ‘the witness’.
      You are not unaware. Verify that fact and notice that the seeing is empty of agency.
      That is all.

      All the caring in the world won’t cut through the habit of taking oneself to be what one is not.
      Sympathy is useless, in this case.

      There are no opposing sides to non duality.

  4. Non duality is itself opposing because its in opposition to duality. Non duality is a fragmentation of actuality which consists of both the play of yin/yang. There cannot be non duality without there being duality. For what would the non-dual teacher have to teach without duality?

    There cannot be no substance without there being substance.
    There cannot only be inhalation, but must also be exhalation, creation is dependent upon movement, which must go in opposing directions. Yes, it is , one “thing” moving between polarities.

    One cannot negate thy self as what is negating who?
    Any time one declares that there is not this, that statement validates there is this, because for something to not be it must exist otherwise how could one know it doesn’t exist? Now we are getting into the limitations of word/semantics I know.

    Non duality is a doctrine of the denial of life as it actually is, a denial of the entity itself by the very entity which is denying its own existence. What could know it doesn’t exist? Non duality denies the play of existence, as if the originators of non-dual philosophy could actually know that their concept was absolute, which they cannot know any more than they could know its not absolute, hence it is a concept and nothing else which is all the limited, finite mind can generate. A true non-dual state allows with unconditional acceptance (and then even the releasing of this) all of life as it, as it actually is (without any judgments of any kind) and sees that there cannot be any mistakes whatsoever.

    The denial of life as it “actually is” whether dream or not, is but resistance and limitation, both of which are necessary to life. Hence, the belief in duality is necessary and so is the concept of non-duality. If life is a dream then one must be able to know this through the contrast of what is not dream, and we cannot have one without the other, thus we must find a way to unconditionally accept life in all its holistic diversified totality. If life is but a dream then so is the concept that life is a dream, and so is the concept of non-duality for it has arisen out of the dream.

    There is nothing that is useless, for useless is but a word revealing ones own limitation of understanding and vision to see either or both the short or long term consequences/effects of what they’re declaring as useless. Even to waste resources is not a waste, for the actions of wasting teach us not to waste, hence in everything there is a lesson, nothing is useless.

    The very word “non” declares division because its against division, thus non-duality or the non acceptance of duality is an opposing side, thus non duality is a fragmentation of that which in truth is not divided.

    What humans call silence, is but the limitation of hearing.
    What humans call nothing, is but the limitation of seeing.

    The rejection of what one doesn’t know is the greatest ignorance, thus the greatest wisdom knows it doesn’t know.

    • What you (K) express is from a dualistic point of view. There CANNOT be any duality in non-duality.
      In mind there will always be the pairs of opposites.
      The key ‘point’ is that awareness is NOT in the mind.
      Mind appears in or upon awareness.
      Body appears in mind and mind appears in awareness.
      As long as there is a fixation (of me) in mind, the open view is apparently unavailable.

      Non duality is All inclusive.

      Who owns a point of view? Investigate that and see that there is no fixed point anywhere, that could have a fixed point of view. Nothing static.

      There is not one static point in the entire universe.

      The observable universe is phenomena, that which appears to be.

      That which is, is not an appearance.

      Language fails to convey ‘truth’. Pointing is the best that can be done.

      Recognition is beyond ‘reason’…..not in the thinking.

      Clarity is always present.

      As the saying goes: “Never argue with an idiot. First they bring you down to their level and then they beat you on experience”.

      ‘Who’ is offended? ‘Who’ is the character that believes it is solid and real?

      In the appearance of things, some individuals find a point of view, roughly hewn out of various insights and they feel comfortable and even confident with ‘their understanding’.
      It erks some to think that someone has found a ‘point of view’ that is apparently superior to theirs. Their anguish brings up evidence that they are still caught in duality and to hear about an apparent ‘state’ beyond their condition causes an itch they can’t deal with.
      The fact is that there is no point of view in reality. All inclusive has no exclusiveness to it.
      One can only point. For instance: Let the mind rest upon nothing at all. Whatever comes up, do not attach any attention to it. Let everything come and go. In this way all points of view will vanish and what is actually true will remain. You can’t say what it is but you cannot deny it.

      Since everyone takes things personally and misses the ‘message’, I will add this: I have no interest in proving anything. I know what I know in the immediacy of knowing. The content is constantly shifting and changing. The knowing is unwavering. Nothing to prove and no one to prove anything to.

      Some call it ‘sharing’. Sharing implies duality….but then, all language implies duality and that is why one rarely finds anyone expressing anything other than spiritual carp on the internet. It is all a dream and the dreamer CANNOT wake up. That simple fact is far to disturbing to face, so denial steps in and psychological suffering carries on, sometimes in the disguise of a ‘superior point of view’.