Who am I ?

I am the self-less self.
I am invisible, beyond the manifest patterns of all appearance.
I am what you are.
Because you appear to not know of my existence, I nudge you quietly and subtly from ‘inside’.
You have forgotten me because of an ignorance, which you call ‘self-knowledge’ coupled with what you call ‘worldly knowledge’.
It is my activity that animates you, including the indulgence of ignorance. For without my activity even ignorance would not ‘happen’.
Out of silence there arises a subtle ‘hum’ (Aum) and this activity is the first instant, the only instant of knowing.
Because you have erroneously relied on that ignorance to protect a dream character, which in ignorance you call ‘I’ or ‘me’, that ‘form’ suffers as it defies you as it consistently and constantly dissolves into emptiness. You struggle to hang onto your achievments, merits that you dream that ‘you have made’ – but they slip through your fingers like fine grains of sand. The more you grasp at your dreams of achievement, the more they slip away.
Everything is infinity and you grapple with imaginary finite limitations that do not actually exist.
The grossness of grasping consciousness can never bring anything but more appearances of suffering – yet you keep grasping and struggling – ignoring the ‘lessons’ provided through the compassion of existence itself.
This timeless subtle ‘hum’ can dissolve the grossest belief, yet it is you who must investigate that believed in self.
Pretending to know or pretending that ‘enlightenment’ has happened is vanity or ignorance and those who pretend to teach the way of pretending are obviously deluded. Such gurus and teachers are merely ghosts in this mirror like awareness that you are.
This infinitely subtle ‘hum’ of  pure being weaves the tissues of the universe, woven from LIGHT, this light of knowing – this knowing of my own existence.  I AM.
This mirror like awareness is reflected AS every particle and the secret I am revealing to you right now is only a reverberation of this pure being – and THAT is what I AM – THAT is what you ARE.
Many worship an image of self  and ignore the pristine nature of pure knowing – and thus they remain in ignorance.
None of it is of concern – for I AM freedom itself – and this freedom is totally available to all and is the ALL.
It is only your imagination that binds you – and it is only the light of immediate knowing that can dissolve the bondage.
This light is suffused into these words, uttered NOW in this immediacy of timeless knowing, which ‘appears’ right now between the dawn of creation and the eve of destruction.
In ‘this most sacred place’ you have errected a monument that you call ME.
Now hear this:
With or without your assistance it will be destroyed  – deconstruct it yourself – for in the moment that you begin, you will receive assistance beyond your imagination.
Knowing is all that is happening – and yet this knowing has never manifested as knowledge – nor as ignorance.
All there is is THAT.
I am THAT.


  1. I would like to say…”Because you have erroneously relied on that ignorance to protect a dream character, which in ignorance you call ‘I’ or ‘me’, that ‘form’ suffers as it defies you as it consistently and constantly dissolves into emptiness.”

    just now viewing this on a screen. it seems like multitasking, at once typing and also viewing and pondering. and what is it that ponders? labeling it as I. But that is the separation.

    these concepts seem easy to grasp, yet the pattern of recreating/labeling self go on incessantly. ready for it to end.

  2. Simply SEE that it never EVER started. Then a projected end is not needed – it is absurd actually – Everything is Clear and Obvious – just as it is.

  3. There is much light and warmth behind the words…

  4. Our true nature is full of light and warmth. The mind caught in a cycle of seeking is cold and isolated. It need not be so. All it takes is a little investigating. But my God, what resistance is tossed up to cloud the view – by those who refuse to relax and see.

  5. I posted already but I think it got lost in the ether! Lovely post …. hummmm. indescribable effect

  6. I would like to say…Is THOUGHT that which obscures and distort the seeing of what is? How could consciousness allow it to be fooled by this and why is it grasping when it is it?