Where is your attention now?

The attention is free to move anywhere.   Is it not?  The attention does not have a static point or location.   (Where are you seeing from exactly?)

The ever-fresh quality of awareness (attention) is not noticed due to a habit of fixation on ‘me’ and the ever-fresh nature of awareness is overlooked by the fixation on ‘me seeking’ something that appears to be missing.  Nothing is missing, nothing is hidden and there is no secret knowledge.  There is no esoteric realm.  Ordinary everyday awareness is the overlooked gem.

Awareness (attention) is not limited to time or dimension.  Awareness does not move.  The moving aspect of awareness is called ‘attention’ and the attention ‘appears’ to move but it never strays from awareness because it is awareness.  Awareness and attention – not two.

The linear sense of time passing is due to memory.   Mind is time, mind is me and mind is memory.  In the actuality there is no entity that has to learn to live in the now.  There is no entity that can get lost or come home.  The display of phenomena is the display of awareness.  The apparent movement that appears to happen for the attention is actually stable and without deviation.  It is only the fixation on an idea ‘me’ that appears to waver, come and go.   What you truly are does not move.  The definition of reality is ‘that which never changes’.

If you watch a bird in the open sky you may notice that the bird leaves no trace in the sky.  You cannot predict where the bird will fly.  There is no perceivable pathway stitched into the sky.

Observe the ever-fresh quality of the attention and let the observation dissolve into the attention.

All of our problems are due to fixations upon a conceptual centre and conceptualized boundaries.  

Investigate everything and recognize that the attention is free to move everywhere without any need of belief.  The immediate nature of life is spontaneous and ever-fresh.

Nature does not have a self-centre and any ‘time spent’ being ‘in nature’ has the potentiality of revealing that the nature in you and the nature outside of you (you in nature) are one and the same.  Not two.  Non Dual.

Awareness is timeless and non dual.  Awareness is not divided by concepts and all the content of mind, past present and future has less substance than a puff of smoke.   It is belief that gives concepts an apparent substance.

Awareness cannot be limited by any thing.  The believed in entity is temporal, transient, an appearance believed in or not.   The ever-fresh discovery of ‘insight’ is spontaneous and the apparent limitations of the ‘me’ are whittled away and insight is revealed to be nothing but ever-fresh seeing, right here, right now.   No entity is seeing anything.  

No one wants to acknowledge that because it means that all their personal dramas are empty.   Psychological addiction to drama is based on the fear of being nothing.  

Have the courage to be nothing and see what happens.


A clear glimpse of the true nature of ‘attention’ brings into question all of our beliefs.

Do you agree that the attention is relatively free to move anywhere?  Is there ever someone who is psychologically bound to something?  Wouldn’t it be wise to investigate who it appears to be happening to?   Who is appearing to be bound?  Isn’t it a significant thing to investigate? Find out for sure why the attention appears to get fixated on some ‘thing’?  Why would the attention fixate on psychological suffering?  What is the ‘glue’ made of?

Isn’t it true that psychological suffering is believed in due to the habit of belief in ‘me’?  

Surely one can see that one needs to open the mind up, be open to ‘what is’ – be without judgement…. and be free of a dead image (me), a stale old idea of being a fabricated identity?


  1. There is a reason why a clear message is not heard. It is belief in reasoning, belief in doubt and belief in word, as if they were real.

  2. Hi Gilbert, It’s been awhile, eh? Let’s agree on everything you said above.

    So, how’s that reconstructed Gilbert working out for you? Are you all you could be and desire to be in your ever-vigilant nondual nature? After all, it does come down to this question, doesn’t it?

    Are you happy?

  3. If there is no belief in ‘me’ and so there are no labels put upon oneself, then there is no psychological suffering. Many would call that happiness. There is no reconstructed Gilbert. LIFE is spontaneous, ever fresh. In recognizing that alone, is enough to cut asunder the terror of the situation. Awareness is without any restrictions. No time. Mind is time. The belief in the mind game of sovereignty is passive. What I have recognized, no one can take away. So-called self-knowledge itself has dissolved into its own essential nature. That will not make much sense to anyone, except those who know what it means.

  4. Izzat so? So the body is a mental construction, too?

    You say, “what I have recognized, no one can take away”. Who, in their right minds could take away something from someone who doesn’t exist?

    Ahhh….the reconstruction of self and other… Quite a paradox.

  5. In fact “what I have recognized, no one can take away”, is ALL there is. Nothing to take away and no one to do it. There can be no division (or taking away) of what’s indivisible.
    Not a paradox in the least.

  6. Oh my gosh, Michele.

    *Who, in their right minds could take away something from someone who doesn’t exist?*

    Except the reconstruction of self and other…else Gilbert wouldn’t have written what he does and did, and neither you nor I would have answered.

    See what I mean?

    It’s all good, however, it’s fun to play both sides of the game, eh?

    • All points of view are colored by a bias. There is no good or bad. Thinking appears to make it so! The bias is based on an assumed entity, that ‘appears’ to have the capacity of seeing, hearing and knowing. It is an invalid point of view. The desire to find one’s true nature has to be 100% free from the so-called self-centre. The slightest speck of self-centeredness will distort the ‘open view’. The belief that this is some sort of game is simply an ‘out-post’ for those who believe they have seen through it all. Reality is not a game. There are no dice and no god to throw them. Cause and effect belong to dualistic mind. There is no cause for reality. Reality is spontaneously fresh and new. It is never depleted and the energy that expresses itself as the appearance of phenomena is absolute potential. There is no negative or positive energy. The north pole and the south pole of any planet are simply apparent opposing poles of ONE planet. The ‘belief system’ of a so-called individual is totally unstable and its shifting metamorphose nature is not perceivable for the so-called individual. As it has been pointed out many times; there is no use in pretending to know. Pretending to know is clearly obvious to all who can see clearly. The exception is the one who is pretending. They are so occupied with their delusional ‘self-knowledge’ they can’t perceive that it is their own beliefs that cloud the open view. Understandably, these pretenders get rather upset if they are challenged. Too much investment has gone into the pretending. Being caught out cheating in a game of cards is uncomfortable. One would assume that being caught out as a cheat in the game of spiritual understanding is down right humiliating. However, these cheats (gurus) have Rhino skin egos and they find a way to use spiritual lingo to excuse their behavior. One famous example, (true or false, who is to say) in the 1990’s used the fabricated ‘identity’ of being a ‘Avatar’ to excuse his addiction to his sexual abuse of children. It doesn’t get much more absurd than that. Or does it? It is all appearance only. There is no entity anywhere no matter how it ‘appears to be’. Phenomena is that which appears to be. Reality is that which IS.

  7. Thanks for keeping this going Gilbert..your clear and unwavering pointing is still a breath of fresh air in an ever increasing pollution of pretense.