Where can consciousness hide?

Fractured face B3

The self-image (persona-mask) is a re-presentation of identity

Slavery to the maintenance of self image is unnecessary

Consciousness cannot hide itself from awareness.  The entity cannot see, hear or know anything.

Consciousness and awareness are not two.   Differentiation (duality) is due to belief in see-er and seen.

What everyone is searching for, you already are.   Innately we all know.  

That-ness is not particular.

In essence everyone is THAT (knowing).  Everything is THAT.  Not two.

The majority, the believers, so it seems, believe that there is a process of ‘becoming enlightened’ and with this belief, forefront in their minds, they are ‘taken for a ride’.  Many of them pay dearly for the privilege of being fleeced of their own integrity (not to mention their hard earned cash).  The one who pretends to be stable and pretends to help others (the teacher) cannot teach anything but what they pretend to know.  The very act of pretending to know anything is an absurdity, totally unstable and their teaching can only appear to help those who are have a tendency to pretend to know.  The one who is actually stable is perceived as a threat to everyone who believes they have progressed as an entity, the one who believes that they are a separate entity.  

As Nisargadatta puts it: “There are no customers for this knowledge”.

In the scheme of things everything is revealed to the apparent individual according to their capacity.  Clinging to apparent results of understanding (imagined results) reduces the flow to a stagnant pond of self indulgence. The potentiality of increased stability is seemingly halted.  Egoic pride in a mere image of self is a devil of a thing to oust, so it seems.  It has no power at all.  What is real is never threatened by the false.  The one who truly sees clearly is not tricked by the appearance of separation (things). Beyond the translating mind, words and calculations of mind, everything is clear and obvious!

The empty driver-less train is going nowhere.   Even though the train appears to transport millions of passengers here and there throughout its lifetime, without fuel and a driver, the train can do nothing.  It cannot even roll down a hill without the assistance of gravity.  The body cannot move a muscle without the life-energy ‘being’ present.  No word can be uttered without the life energy being present.  A seeker’s path is made of yesterday’s beliefs and hopes of tomorrow.  The mind cannot remain still for long. It’s nature is active.  Through stillness, activity is known.  Through the activity of knowing, stillness is known.  The apparent duality of polar-ic points of view are appearing in the singular naked seeing-knowing.

One must go beyond one’s own apparent limitations.  The obstacle that gets in the way is belief in ‘time’ and separation, ‘other-ness’.

Yesterday’s insight will turn into an undetectable obscuration – and so what appears to be most important, ‘knowledge’ is turned into a personal burden of false pride.  Self-centredness obscures the potentiality of pure seeing-knowing for the believer.  Recognition of your true nature is potentially ever-present AS the spontaneous nature of what is.  The naked seeing functions as a spontaneous flow of insights – and that is spontaneously fresh and new.  The ‘me of memory’ is a mental construct from yesterday. It cannot see or know anything of this immediacy, right now!

Seeing is already happening.  The see-er and the seen are ephemeral reference points in mind.  For the identified persona, the accumulated ‘self-knowledge’ is a store house of fodder for the ego.  The conceited teacher cannot hide his/her conceitedness because it is in plain view.  Self importance is written all over their body and face (mask).  Their holy gestures are contrived and constipated.

Psychological suffering is like your own shadow consuming you through the illusion of self-importance and ‘personal’ erroneous beliefs.  It can be stopped….but it requires utter clarity of mind and seeing everything as it is.

The spontaneous activity of ever fresh knowing is the secret gem lost in the muddy grounds of the market place.  Everyone, kings and beggars walk over it and around it, without the slightest glimmer of noticing it. Everyone wears a mask, a disguise and they have fallen under the influence of their own deception.  Gurus, teachers, kings and merchants play their role in this parody of seeking truth.   Even if they are told that in the mud beneath their self-importance and pretentions of being a person lies a precious gem, they would not believe it or even if they went searching for it, they would give up soon enough, because to be seen by ‘others’ grovelling in the mud is below their station in life.

Self-image may seem like a harmless thing.  If believed in, it is a cloak of ignorance.    

The teachers and gurus who place great importance on their own appearance, the image they present to the world, are most likely the greatest fools of all.  Oddly enough, no one seems to notice the absurdity. Why?  Isn’t it quite obvious?  Because they themselves place great importance on their own self-image, their appearance, as if it represented their own true value.

Precious gems are scattered here and there.   Nature displays its own perfection but only by the grace of the immaculate spontaneous nature of wholeness.  No thing.

“I know what I need to know in the moment” – Nisargadatta


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  1. When you consider the effort, time and finance that goes into maintaining our appearance, according to fashion and looking our best, it can be a shock to realise how much we are enslaved to it all. Covering up is a big part of it. Presenting a false image of ourselves is an accepted game that most folk play. It is a highly competitive game in various ‘groups’ of society and business.
    Truth or reality cannot be taught. In the scheme of things it can be revealed. The believed in separate entity cannot see or know anything at all. It is locked into a realm of erroneous beliefs and it must resist what is true or real because if it lets even a single beam of light in, it will be illuminated as it is. A fraud. 15 years ago I met a well established ‘seeker of truth’. They had been on their path for many years and had risen to the top of their ‘ashram’. In conversation they emphasised the importance of purifying the body and mind. They insisted quite emphatically that it was essential work that must be done. I disagreed, which ruffled them a bit. Recently I bumped into them again. At some point in the conversation I asked ‘Have you purified the body and mind yet?’. If-looks-could-kill! I was quietly amazed at how such an ‘advanced spiritual soul’ could manifest such facial expressions in a split second. All that work on purifying the body-mind had amounted to zilch. My question was unexpected and unwanted. I remember telling them 15 years earlier that it was all unnecessary but they refused to recognise what I was pointing at. Today, I know that the capacity of the individual is not of their choosing. Wishing and hoping, praying and working on the image of self has less substance than a rotting leaf on the grass.

  2. Email from S:
    “Gilbert, is it this easy, just recognising the naked knowing arising in each moment? It seems a joke that I have been trying to achieve something spiritual for so long. Yet what I am was always ever present and alive in each moment. No wonder you feel like your pounding your head against the wall, dealing with a bunch of spiritual seekers (formerly me) trying to gain something when what they are trying to achieve they inherently are. You can never get away from the knowing. In whatever happens the knowing is always present.

    I was fairly new to the so called spiritual path, 2 years. During that time I looked at many different teachings and teachers. Some seem to have pure motives yet many are charlatan’s profiting from others ignorance. True Non-dual understanding can never be wrapped up in a belief or teaching. It is not conceptual. However, pointing it out, as both you and Bob do, has blown apart my notions and beliefs about what it is. Concepts get in the way of seeing it. Yet, concepts and belief are themselves no different than the knowing of them. It’s a hilarious joke…” – Simon

  3. You ask: “Is it this easy, just recognising the naked knowing arising in each moment? ”
    I can say Yes or I can say No. Either way it will have no value unless you SEE the effortlessness of pure being. There is only ever ‘this moment’.
    In that recognition, which is the delivery of mind into its own emptiness, there is naked cognition, which is known to be timeless. It is known without a single doubt or thought. It is not the result of time passed or effort. It is totally unbelievable for the mind (seeker-me). Therefore, there is no teaching whatsoever. Pointing is like a sign post. An accurate sign post. In the scheme of things, everyone, taking themselves to be name and form, recognises only THAT within their capacity of limitations. An example of this is found in ancient texts. Those who seek intellectual stimulation find intellectual stimulation. Those who seek poems find poems. Those who are free of the mask of the seeker find wisdom arising as pointers to their own naked experiencing. The seeking for one’s true nature is a fundamental error…..but this must be recognised on Home Ground. Pointing to truth or reality is effortless. What requires some effort, is to continue to point in the face of strong resistance from those who cannot acknowledge their own unnecessary psychological suffering. Sometimes an insult to the ego is necessary, only because the ‘seeker’ is so belligerent or defensive of their imaginary fortress. Ultimately nothing ever happened.

  4. The world is full of ‘teachers’ who are quite obviously serving an apparent purpose.
    Millions believe they are a seeker. The seeker does not exist! You cannot let a bird out of a cage if there is no bird in the cage. The seeker (bird) and its cage are illusions of mind. Belief is the culprit. NO belief is EVER the actuality. The messenger is NOT important. Only the message is required. Recognition of our true nature vanishes into the naked cognition. No entity – No thing.

  5. What is real is real. What is false is false. The false cannot become real. All phenomena is appearance, that which appears to be. Real in essence but not as it appears to be.

  6. Dear Gilbert
    Consciousness cannot hide from AWARENESS.
    CON-All apparent Phenomena.
    AWARE-That knows.
    This site seems last destination for one who
    really wants to see reality.
    There is nothing offered to me. So me can return disappointingly from this site.
    Because me doesn’t know what it is seeking!
    Probably what it needs is in the scheme of things, laying somewhere and one day
    it may find with good luck.
    If it has real good luck it can stay here and now. It just needs to bother to see
    where are you seeing from?
    Thank you for so many things.

    • I can accept your thanks but it is not necessary. Social standards suggest that one is civil and courteous. Social standards are not necessary when it comes to discovering your true nature. All beliefs must be put aside. The slightest attachment to conventions can introduce a truck load of associative attachments. Before you know it, you are back in the realm of belief and the essence of your own being-ness is seemingly obscured by mind content. There is nothing for the ‘me’ here or anywhere else. The me is a fiction. It cannot get any understanding whatsoever. The apparent understanding of the me is composed of memory only. The mind translates experiences into a narrative, words. The me is relative to past impressions and imagination of a future time. The me cannot stand in the immediate presence (present) because it is time bound. Mind is time. There is no time in this immediacy. The fleeting nature of a thought cannot stay in the immediacy without disappearing into emptiness. All thoughts appear and disappear. No one can produce a thought and say ‘Here is a thought, take it’.
      Good luck is a concept relative to a ‘person’ who apparently has good luck or does not have good luck. A good luck charm has a seeming potency due to belief. Without a believer, it is nothing but a pattern, shape. We give things meaning and purpose according to our culture or conditioned tendencies. They don’t exist unless you think about them. So it is all in the mind.
      Duality is ONLY appearance. Nothing of the appearance can stay the same. Things may appear to stay the same but on closer examination, it all changes. The limitations of the eye may give the impression of stability. Any science student knows that matter is composed of energy. E=MC2. Who truly understands that equation? Many pretend to understand it. The one who believes they understand it is composed of elements and the underlying reality is unreachable by any probe or intellect. Common consensus reality is merely an agreement, which falls apart when broken down to its apparent assumptions. ‘It seems to be’ means it appears to be. Phenomena is that which appears to be.

  7. Dear Gilbert
    I am that that I am and I am as usual with common disease, a believer, of that self image which arise in mind of this body and shape the next activity of thoughts to the things around.
    What a paradox!
    How come this entity knows that That I Am?
    My personal experience how can it be personal is the necessity of the person who is only able to understand personal point of view.
    May be all seem to understand in that way so is my personal experience.
    As I was reading an ebook of most unpopular teacher because of his honest effort in
    teaching or writing about truth as it is. Everything is clear and obvious.
    Everyone may find most books offer best clarity with its contents and writers do there level best to make a book most user-friendly.
    I don’t like to compare this or that but this time I can’t stop.
    Though I can’t prove my conclusion as the best I must say that which is best in a comparative
    While reading a book if you realise that words are or meaning is still unknown but you keep
    going into the book as if unknown truth itself is catching a finger and moving ahead to be
    able to reach unknown destination(relatively) to experience unknown experience ( nonobjective)
    by a known teacher (Gilbert).
    As I was sure that this intelligence (Gilbert) is quite different much superior and best in all degrees.
    Thank you Gilbert (SIR).
    I realised today what Sir means but sorry I can’t convince.
    If anyone reads a book by chance he will understand my feelings. And those who read it may be
    equal with my experience.
    Seeker finds sought after 10 years that is me.
    Ok thats all.
    Everything is clear and obvious shining through mind.
    Gilbert must be waiting with hammer to break the stubborn minds head. So I leave.

    • AM I banging my head on a brick wall? No. Intelligence prevents that. Sometimes it sure feels like that is what I am doing. A donkey will NEVER become a horse. It can pray to any god for a hundred years, it ain’t gonna happen!
      You ask “How come this entity knows that That I Am?”
      I have repeatedly explained that the entity that you think you are is just a thought, a thought that refers to an image called ‘I’ or ‘me’. It cannot think, hear, see or know anything.
      The seeing, hearing, thinking, sensing is happening spontaneously and no ’cause’ can ever be detected. Science must insert a concept of some kind of entity, where none can be found conclusively. There is a word in other fields of study called ‘anthropomorphise’ which means ‘giving human qualities to objects or animals, insects etc’ – in the mind.
      Take the seeing as an example. You cannot deny the seeing is happening. The mind quickly translates through habit and for an adult this happens so quickly, it is virtually undetectable. Whatever appears as the ‘seen’ is registering in the seeing. Without the seeing, there is no ‘seen’. The ‘see-er’ is a thought. A thought cannot see. There cannot be a see-er without seeing. Even in a dream, everything is registering upon the awareness (seeing).
      There is no need to fixate upon the messenger. In most cases, fixating on the messenger is effectively a massive blind spot and so the clean message is missed. Worshipping the messenger is juvenile and tantamount to ignorance.
      The mind assigns special meaning upon a messenger and that reflects a hidden clinging to name and form (in oneself). If the messenger believes he or she is special, then the message is basically flawed or diluted to a category not unlike gossip.
      The ‘person’ is not real and so if it is believed in there appears a need to make it solid. Slavery to trying to secure an unreal image of self, me, is a trap, so common, it is not questioned by anyone. Only by hearing a clear message does the idea of investigating these erroneously beliefs ‘arise’.
      The essence of ‘I am’ is formless and timeless.
      The ‘person’ is a construct of mind, like a dream character is confined to mind content.
      No one can penetrate a dream. If you wake someone from a dream, the dream vanishes as it is replaced by the waking state. The waking state has a similar character (me) as the pseudo subject. No one questions this pseudo subject. Why would they?
      The illusion of being a separate subject in a world of objects is a product of the mind under the influence of suggestion.
      So, we could say that we all have been induced into the common consensus reality. The fact that it is not real is not something that anyone is encouraged to investigate. Truth or reality is always present, there for the taking….but no one can take it. To believe that you can take it is an illusion also. If you could take it, it would remain. If it were the holy grail, as you picked it up, it would remain where it is. The grail you pick up would dissolve into nothing. So, no one ever ‘got it’, no one can ever ‘get it’ and no one will ever ‘get it’. Every effort to claim truth or reality for oneself must fail….because the self that WANTS to claim it is a fiction – a fraud. The self that IS THAT has no need to claim it. No need to claim to any ‘others’ that ‘I have got it’. Who cares what ‘they think’? Such lies as ‘I am enlightened’ are absurd and yet very common amongst spiritual circles (circuses). The foolish believe – the wise know.
      WHAT IS, is forever prior to that which the mind synthesises as ‘knowledge’. The so-called ‘knowledge’ that so many claim to be superior is nowhere else than in the personal dream. We dream that ‘I have it’ or that ‘someone else has it’. Both are illusions.
      There is an absurdity in speaking about these things because everyone translates whatever they hear via the memory. Being is before words come. We have given words an importance they do not deserve and we think that words have power. Investigate and see that word is just a vibration and the source of all vibrations cannot be located. The beginning of that body you appear to occupy started when the sperm penetrated the ovum. The DNA that formed as a unique being carries information stretching back through the ages. Where were YOU in all that activity? When did YOU walk onto the stage and announce “Here I am, this is ME”? Surely YOU would remember such an important entrance? The fact is YOU don’t remember. In the scheme of things, the age of reason is a ‘Johnny come lately’. Even as a believed in separate being, that being has an intimate ‘connection’ that runs back to the first being to walk upon this planet. You have been every being that ever lived, not as a separate entity. One Being – One Reality – One ever immediate present. Can you get out of it? No. So relax and be.