Where are ‘you’ seeing from?

Self-knowledge.  What is it?

One may assume to know what it is because there is so much talk about it and, after all, one is a learned being and one always has a firm opinion on most popular topics of conversation.

But pause your thinking for a moment.

What exactly is self-knowledge?

Many beliefs may appear about ‘self-knowledge’ but no belief can be given the title of ‘knowledge’.

Is self-knowledge a conclusion that one arrives at?

Or is self-knowledge what remains when all beliefs, opinions and concepts are absent?

Who is it that can claim to be aware of something?

What substance does the apparent identity have?

Surely ‘self-knowledge’ would include very clear uncontrived, spontaneous answers to such questions.  If not, then how valid can that self-knowledge be if ignorance is abiding within its designated boundaries?

Do the senses lie?

Is it the mind’s interpretation of the senses that introduces errors and beliefs?

Surely anyone who claims to have self-knowledge can answer such questions.

There is nothing to teach.

It appears that there is a lot of unlearning to be done.

Preconceived notions and beliefs cannot truly represent the spontaneous ever fresh actuality, right here, right now.  

Have you drifted off into associative thought patterns, since beginning to read this post?   Be honest.  Self-knowledge maybe something one can imitate or pretend to have but of what use is it?  Who is fooling whom? The evidence of self-knowledge is always clear and obvious and free from the transient circumstantial conditions.

Something is happening (or appearing to happen) and who is it happening to?  

Is there a static point at midnight when today turns into tomorrow?  Yesterday ‘happened’. Today is ‘happening’. Tomorrow ‘will happen’.  The only time there is, is now. The waking state is clear and empty.  What appears upon the wakefulness is a dream state, the waking dream.  

What is the waking dream?  The pure being-ness, or self-knowledge, is not seduced by belief any words or any dream.  Isn’t the waking dream composed of imaging?  Isn’t it all floating like a castle in the air?  All about the future or the past?  

The waking dream…..when is it ‘happening’?  When can it ever happen? Now, is the only time there is. Nothing actually takes place (or happens) outside of the present and immediate actuality.  

Pretending to know is a sure sign of ignorance.  Pretending to teach from that platform of ‘pretending to know’ is profoundly ignorant.  No one can teach what they do not know.   Vanity and conceit cannot be hidden by a facade of pretending.  It oozes out  of every pore.  

Micro-facial expressions betray the pretender.  Anyone who is genuine about discovering their true nature is a rarity.   They are immediately noticed by those who are not in the waking dream.

So much emphasis is put upon the word ‘awakening’ but what most of us fail to recognise is that for the believed in entity it is entirely composed of a waking dream – a dream about another time, a time other than now. The waking state has an apparent beginning and an apparent end, so how can it be reality?  The wakefulness or naked awareness is this unwavering stateless presence and this is the uninterrupted experiencing of or for every sentient being. Irrespective of states that come and go, beyond all beliefs and all fabricated knowledge, this wakefulness is formless and unconditioned.  

The word Buddha basically means ‘awake’.  The awake self is the formless, deathless spirit, which abides everywhere and nowhere.

Who is the one who gets offended?   Self-knowledge can’t be limited to a realm of limited points of view, can it?  

The senses are registering prior to any apparent division.  

Two eyes, one seeing.

Fake it till you make it is for the weak minded, the imaginary spiritual angel types with their bangles and beads.

Erroneous beliefs appear to limit the natural openness of the senses by diverting the attention onto the habit of belief in a subtle private mental imaging. The unquestioned automatic responses are seemingly sophisticated imagery full of associative narratives, which flow from one to another like a seamless shroud of distraction or inadvertence.  Who is it happening to?

Shocks can disrupt this apparent seamless realm of thought…. and brief moments of a relative openness can appear.  

‘We’ don’t like too many shocks because they challenge our assumptions and beliefs.  What is the nature of that identity that is challenged?  Can it be real? 

Can the false ever truly challenge reality?

Each sense is functioning perfectly before the mind translates the sense into a description. Reality is not relative to anything. The false is relative – and relies upon reference points in mind.  Self-centredness is ‘relative to me’ and that is the unquestioned common theme of all psychological sufferers.

Even though the mind may be busy translating something ‘appearing’ in the seeing, sound is still registering in the hearing (without any translation).  While in conversation an owl may be hooting in the background.  The sound registers, you know what it is but it requires no translation.  It does not necessarily enter the conversation as an ‘object’.  The sound of the owl is there in the field of sound. Later, someone may ask ‘Did you hear that owl?’ and you will answer ‘Yes’.  If you were deeply identified in the conversation you may deny hearing the owl.  It registered!  

You may be talking with someone and a loud jet may pass overhead.  Automatically you raise your voice so that your words cut through the sound of the jet (if possible).  If the jet is recognised to be too loud, you stop speaking and wait till it passes. Intelligence in action!  Intelligence is spontaneously operating without any need for the mind to translate it into words or concepts.  

You may be standing in a city park or the open countryside.  The whole environment is there as a dynamic influence.  If you had to label it all you could not do it.  We might say..’What a beautiful blue sky’.   The realm of words is valid but it can never be the actuality.  ‘In the beginning was the word’.  Is there a beginning?   Was there ever a beginning?  In the realm of words, there are endless beginnings and endings.  Words can serve us very well……but do any words truly amount to anything except as pointers?  How many sky’s are there?   The sky is blue?  Is it?  The night sky is not blue.    

The limits of MY language are the limits of MY world.

Space has no colour, shape or form.  Those last few words point at what?   Discovering your true nature is a lot like that.  Indescribable.

Is there a different ‘place’ where sound registers, different from where sight registers in the actual experiencing?

Light and shade, shape and form registers in the seeing.  At no point is this, or any another, world created.  An apparent and particular point of view is inherently present.  ‘You’ are the seeming centre of all these registering activities.  Who is it happening to?  That point ‘I’ or ‘me’ has no substance in the world it appears to appear in.  It certainly feels like it has substance.  Investigate!

The seeing is impartial and ever fresh.  The mind’s translation is partial and automatically calls forth ‘a past’ (memory) as a reference point.

To penetrate this mystery the mind needs to be free of fixations.

Who can claim to be free of conceptual fixations?  No one?

Yes, it is the ‘no one’ that knows.  The ‘no one’ knows the one who says..‘I don’t know’.

There is nothing outside of the activity of knowing.

There is no one inside the activity of knowing.

The activity of knowing is not a choice, not something to cultivate.

It is not spiritual or religious.

It knows no boundary or limitation.

All boundaries and limitations, things and circumstances appear as the transient content of knowing.  

If it were not so then you would have no cognisance of any boundary or limitation. The patterns or things that appear in the knowing know nothing.  They merely appear and disappear in the knowing.

So, the question naturally arises : Where are you seeing from?


You keep building conceptual constructs and you want someone else to solve the endless questions that these constructs of mind produce.  

Advice:  Stop building and investing in mental constructs……. and without fail, investigate belief.


Most ‘spiritual folk’ prefer the seductive concepts that entertain them and give them hope for some future time.  They flock like sheep around gurus who offer a promise about a future time.   The guru and their followers do not recognise the disease of tomorrow.  Tomorrow never comes.   It is as though they say to themselves ‘Do not disturb my dream – I am happy with my dreams about a perfect tomorrow’.   Each day is a repeat of yesterday for them.  Avoidance of investigating belief, for them is the limits of their ‘self-knowledge’ and apparently that is enough.   The wish-fulfilling tree must be close by.

  1. What if everything you have learned is merely content of a waking dream – or ‘knowledge’ contaminated by an invisible bias that renders it all as biased ‘knowledge’? Wouldn’t it be wise to investigate?

  2. If It is intelligence that we seek and that is not
    man-made but already happening phenomena,
    again not minds translation.
    Then it is Gilbert’s way of explanation.
    Thank you Gilbert you are are ahead of
    all in explaination.
    You not only say beyond words but using
    them brings clarity to the one who is dying to
    know what it is.
    Again that one is not real but his desire to
    know what truth is may be real. Maybe
    on an ignorant level he is searching in wrong direction
    assuming himself separate.
    But one thing is true, he needs it.
    Thank you again

    • Intelligence does not need to seek itself. All dualistic notions are belonging to maya. The illusion.
      There never was a seeker in reality. The seeking never started. This is what needs to be realised but the realisation is not for someone. There is no separation, never was. A rainbow is nothing but light. Is it in the world or in the eye? The eye is made of light. As Jesus says: “When the eye is one, the body is full of light”. That is a non dual pointer. You have two eyes but the seeing is one. Before the mind divides this natural unicity into apparent parts, the unicity is complete. Before a crystal divides the light into a rainbow, the light is whole. At no point does the light become anything other than light. In the dark night a lamp post will cast shadows from the light of another lamp posts and it will cast a shadow from its own light. Can the shadows be divided? The sun cast a shadow on the Earth and it has a name – Night. The shadow has no existence without light. Light overcomes darkness. Psychological suffering is unnecessary. Belief in ‘me’ is a cause of psychological suffering. To ignore the opportunity to investigate the cause of one’s suffering is not recommended. Our true nature cannot be fooled by anything. Only the imagined seeker is fooled by its own shadow.