What you call ‘mind’ is (the) appearance.

Even though it is pointed out many times, it still seems to wizz by without hitting the mark.
There is no becoming, no getting anything, nowhere to go – everything is perfect JUST as it IS.
What you seek you already are.

The mind will always translate what appears to be happening into some sort of meaning, words, description etc. It all gets personalized and the believed in central ‘figure’ displays itself very plainly as opinions and beliefs. It is believed in as ‘this is what I am’.
The mind is appearance, it is time and it is ‘me’.
Pure cognition is not IN the mind.
What we call ‘mind’ is all that appears in or on pure cognition.

Whatever you take yourself to be via thought, by thinking about it, is merely a concept appearing.
All the clever thinking fails to apprehend its own source.
Like a single candle burning out in deep space, the limited believed in ‘I’ has no power to illuminate anything at all.
Not even the space it appears in is illuminated by that dullness of identified consciousness – yet it is intelligence operating under the seeming weight of mis-apprehensions and mis-identification.

The vivid activity of pure seeing is happening right now. It is not limited by any thing.
Everything appears in it and is illuminated by it and is appearing AS THAT which IS.

Everything is THAT, that undeniable illuminating presence. (before the mind even has a chance to label any of it)
It is ONE presence.

You are already what you seek. The limited candle of self-consciousness cannot be compared to the brilliance of what is naturally ‘self-aware’ – which remains nameless.
That is what you are seeing out of.

The ‘I’ cannot see. The ‘I’ is the mind translating the pure seeing into ‘I see’. The mind interpreting is not a bad thing or something to reject – it just needs to be understood.
Upon that false assumption called ‘I see’ the whole story of me is seemingly constructed, with all its suffering and dramatic display – the fixation of personalizing this clear and empty space-like awareness.