What more do you want?

What more do you want? How many roses must you smell before you know the rose? How many mornings must you greet before you realize that the mind is but a mechanical thing turning like a wheel?
What is it that you want?
What is it that you lack?
Capacity to understand?
All the drama of all the world amounts to nothing but a play of the elements.
The wheel turns and all things considered good and true are pitted against that which is deemed to be bad and untrue.
Neither heaven nor hell exist anywhere – but are existing only as imaginary realms of the mind, depicting the extreme polar opposites of mind.
The instant that you take sides, a conflict is engaged. What quality of attention is required to recognize this?
For time immemorial this struggle of the opposites has played itself out as the world of appearances.
Kings and Queens, Empires and Nations have arisen and fallen over and over again. What has been gained? What has been lost?
Hunfendraktermologis.  What meaning does that word have?
It has no meaning whatsoever. You can look for meaning in it and you may even imagine some meaning. It has no meaning.
What is genuine and true in yourself can never be corrupted by words or meaning. Innately this knowing is present as presence itself.
Beyond the reach of our ordinary vision, beyond the subatomic substances, there is the same clarity which you are totally familiar with – it is this natural presence, which for the mind is beyond all comprehension, if only because no labels have been placed upon it.
Yes but………..the mind wants to deny or object.
By its very nature the dualistic mind ‘creates’ problems for its apparent ‘owner’. The contriving tendencies of mind is the dis-ease of being. Relaxation in the natural state, easily observed in a sleeping baby, is no stranger to you. Cease searching for fabricated meanings and spiritual fantasies and relax in being.
From there, see if there is anything more that you want.

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  1. The mind says “Yes but…..” Without the constant referencing of everything to the ‘me of memory’ things flow with more ease. “Am I doing a good job?”
    “Will they like what I have done?” – “With all this work to do, will I ever get any time for me?” – Things are either done or not done. The fact of your own being is the only thing you can be absolutely certain of. When has being ever been in doubt? Doubt is just a thought that appears and disappears. The ‘me’ wants praise and fears retribution. Being is fearless.