What is true?

Spirale 2

Primal Om


Realising that one has not actually acquired anything (nothing whatsoever) through any spiritual practice or any method is touching upon ‘truth’.

If you pause the thinking and look into yourself with a wholehearted clarity of simple awareness, it is quite obvious that nothing has been achieved, nothing has been acquired – and that there is no entity present and nowhere for any believed in entity to take a stand or claim anything in this clarity of naked cognition.  In it, there is nothing wrong and nothing needs to be fixed.  Like a crystal ball is empty, one can recognise that any content of mind is nothing but a passing parade of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, concepts etc. Nothing actually sticks to the empty clarity of simple awareness.  It is ordinary everyday awareness.  It is no big deal.  No one has it, yet Everyone has it! – Is that!

Perfection, beyond ‘doing’ and ‘non-doing’.

To imagine that one can find comfort in a dream about a spiritual self, who is advancing along a spiritual path is foolhardy or just plain vanity and conceitedness.  The consistent wheel of dis-ease for the seeker is totally unnecessary.   It is turning upon a false premise – the belief in a self-centre that actually has no substance.  All the apparent evidence is conceptual (thought based).    

Whether you believe you are a guru, teacher or just a miserable seeker, it is all an illusion of mind and your narrative about your ‘status’ is what keeps you bound to that illusion.

Why indulge in self delusional stories about your ‘personal spiritual progress’?   Why? …when you know full well that all the stories disappear completely every night in deep sleep.

The pristine clarity of simple wakefulness in the first waking moments of the morning is empty of a ‘past’, empty of any ‘story of me’ …and it is in these moments where one, as a whole, is closest to the natural state.

The narrative about your understanding of non duality or of religion or spirituality is just words.  Words don’t contain anything.  Where do they spring from?  

How you answer this question will be a most interesting pointer to your own misunderstandings, your delusions about spirituality …or simply a merging with a clarity of spontaneous understanding, which ‘you’ cannot claim as your own ‘property’.


  1. Being full of self-centredness, for so long, with a thinly disguised self-centred spiritual self-appraisal, self-criticism or ego-pride, going on day in, day out, for so long, dulls the intellect to the point where truth or reality is nothing but a dream (for the apparent subject).  
    Self obsession is not enlightenment!

    On Spiritual Teachers. In reality, there is nothing to teach. The one obsessed with being a teacher (in spiritual matters) is a dream character. Full of self-importance reveals their agenda clearly. The imagined perfected entity, a ‘teacher’ is a fiction. The seeker is also an imagined character. It is all a dream. The dream character cannot wake up. It is all a fiction.

  2. Emails: 1. “Tonight there’s just this query arising whether the dissolution is possible for someone as absorbed in stories as me? But how is it possible to not let the narrative continue? That commentary in the head runs habitually. It goes on from moment to moment.”
    2. “Tried to comment on your Sept. 11 post but was locked out. Just to say thanks. Was going to post something of my own today, something about truth, jibber jabber. Visited your site for the first time in awhile, bam!, that post struck home. ‘My truth.’ Laughable now, thank you.”

    Comment on emails: The narrative will continue just as the sky appears to be blue, even though you know that the sky is not blue in reality – it appears to be blue.
    ‘My truth’ is the prison for the mind but it is rare that anyone realises it. Once known for what it is, belief in it eases off. Nothing can exist without energy. Belief can be shed like a snake skin. Being cognisant that it is all nothing but sensations appearing and disappearing, one can cease to invest in belief in it. See what happens without the investment.

  3. Seekers are either presented with a clear and clean message or a creative story of stages according to their capacity, a ‘stairway to heaven’.
    If there is a developed spiritual self-image, then they will want the advanced stages or teachings for the higher soul. Self-delusion is so common now in spiritual gatherings, it has more or less replaced anything genuine. Everyone wanders about looking holy (or not so holy), wearing special clothes that suggest their special status. They have read all the latest books and have an opinion ready if needed. Amazingly it is all a display of self-centredness and it is supposed to be sacred in some obscure way. Navigating your way out of that web of self-deceit can be a nightmare. The only way out it to stop. Stop and wait for something genuine to come up in your own being. If you need help, then find it with a so-called ‘teacher’ who is available to speak with, one to one, without having to pay some massive fee. The clear messenger is not bogged down by hundreds of followers or with maintaining some spiritual empire. Very few want the clear and direct message. That is just the way it is.

  4. Dear Gilbert
    I thought that I am realised what is pointed at.
    Still thought of thinker with his association.
    Worries and disappointments appear and
    disappear… and reappear.
    What was or is found in the pause of thinking,
    an experience of nothing… is-ness, which no
    entity program or entity is functioning through it.
    Most other titles may express it like ‘no thing’,
    emptiness, non-conceptual presence or presence
    of awareness.
    These words were heard (many years ago) but
    never tasted the presence of moment.
    I doubt whether I really tasted.. or not.
    Logic says ‘If you taste falseness of belief, truly, belief cannot
    take over ever again after’.
    Just like you know rope is reality and snake was
    So the narrative of status is here now.
    Though I know that in the pause there is nothing to
    get and no-one is to get it, why disappointed person
    reject this reality and expect something
    better in the offer of a revelation.
    Thanks for your generocity and kind guidance,
    spending time to share nothing to no-one.
    When most of the speakers earning lot of money
    by alluring seekers with special gift of enlightenment.

    Hats off to your humility.

    • Once the senses are freed from the illusions of ‘belief in me’, everything is clear and obvious. What you perceive as humility (in me) is a product of your own imagination.
      There is no entity anywhere in reality. No entity that can be proud or humble.
      What is true is true. What is false is false. When the false presents itself as truth there is a flavour to it. Like stinking cheese, it is hard to mask the smell with other aromas.
      We all know what is true, innately. The odd thing is, we ignore it and the habit of ignoring our true nature keeps the believed in entity recycling. The image of self is constantly referred to as if it is real (me, I am real) and this constant referencing is vulnerable, it has a false sense of security that is very obvious.
      It is a dream. No one can penetrate a (your) dream. The dream character CANNOT wake up.
      Only through a resonance in being can the innate knowledge (knowing) overthrow the hypnotic trance, the belief in being a separate entity. Because the majority are living from self-centredness, it appears that the potency of ‘the dream of me’ is full proof. It appears to be supported by society, family, friends, enemies and the world. It is all relative to me! ME. Who is this me? If you don’t know, then why not? Find out! The me is composed of images, stories, words and the main ingredient is ‘belief’. Belief is NEVER the actuality.
      To simply be awake with what is requires no method or practice – it is the natural state. The natural state is already present. It is non-conceptual, non-verbal, silent and infinitely wise. The wanting to claim the innate wisdom as a personal attribute is the most common ailment. It is insidious. Each individual is whole and complete, whether they know it or not. The dissonance that repeatedly introduces ‘problems’ for the individual is based on belief in being separate. You are not separate. There is no possibility that you could ever be separate from the whole. The word individual means ‘whole’…undivided. The micro and the macro are one and the same. “As above, so below” (Emerald Tablet). Pause the thinking and recognise your innate natural (state) of being. One Being. No beginning. No end.
      It may seem like a phantasy. Words have bound us into servitude to an illusion. Words (on rare occasions) can point the way out.
      There is no way out of the mind, except to stop. Pause the thinking (as often as necessary) until a recognition comes. The recognition, if total, will be accompanied by a conviction, which no experience, words, philosophy or person can pull apart or undo. ‘I am’. THAT is THAT.

  5. Investigate. Pull it all apart. By investigating ‘your own consciousness’ the woven fabric of the apparent status of being separate will fall apart. No harm can come from the natural state. The removal of belief frees up the innate wisdom. It appears that millions upon millions want to be enlightened. Whatever they imagine enlightenment to be is imagination. The living essence, the light of consciousness shines in all. Blocking that light with erroneous beliefs is the basic problem. The clinging to belief is a most insidious ailment. Only through seeing that there is nothing to acquire, recognising that the natural state is already complete and whole….and in keeping on recognising it, does the hypnosis of the false premise fall away. No one can do it for you. Investigate. Don’t get bogged down in psychological nonsense, like, ‘Who is going to investigate?’
    If you have an once of being genuine about this, use it….and it will grow.

  6. Dear Gilbert.
    warm regards and love.

  7. “and it’s whispered that soon….when all are one and one is all”

    but then
    “they miss the whisper that runs anyday in your light”
    and more so “humming to myself” where have I heard that before?

    Oh yes it was in the podcast 72 (urban guru cafe) – relaxing into that –

    What a blessing Gilbert, being moved by that energy towards the Primal Om.

    My love to you.