What is real?

The living tissues of the body are functioning intelligence, an obvious display of intelligence that the mind cannot successfully explain.  The brain is living tissues and even after decades of study, with increasing sophisticated instruments, the theories and the complexity of all the explanations do not solve the sheer mystery of how the brain works.  

Intelligence is Life.  Intelligence acts as integration and integration is Life.

Moments of harmonic resonance in being, appearing in the experiencing, is the life of intelligence resonating with (and as) the expression (form) of life itself.  A sense of no separation signifies the singular nature of consciousness/awareness.

Life displays itself as wholeness. One Life.  One Wholeness.  No separation.

Included in this wholeness is the instinctive functioning of the apparent individual.  The instinctive functioning is spontaneous and free of language and words.  It has no ‘language of words’. Words belong to the intellectual functioning which can be observed to be slower than the instinctive functioning.  The intellectual functioning cannot ‘catch up’ to the instinctive. The description is never the described.  

Naked seeing is naked seeing.  Seeing through the filter of belief in concepts is not naked seeing.

Intuition appears as a bridge between instinct and intellect.  Thinking is a function. Instinct is a function. One might suggest that the buffer zone between them is called ‘me’.  Referring every experience to the image of ‘me’ smothers the intuition.  In other words it is the ‘me’, a mere belief in an image and story, that appears to cut us off from the spontaneous intuitive intelligence.  

The being-ness is primary.   Thinking is secondary.  Everything registers in the immediacy.  All the functioning registers upon the same timeless presence we call ‘awareness’.

The best that thinking about this can ‘do’ is bring an open sense of spaciousness where the thought ceases.  Insight happens.

In such moments where the ‘me fixation’ is absent, an innate knowing is experienced as an expanding sense of all inclusiveness. 

To go beyond mind is to recognize, to be, see and know, the original timeless nature of awareness, the knowing that I am That.  No separation. 

‘I am That’ and ‘Everything is That’ are not separate.  Everything is a dynamic display of awareness and this is the basis of all experiencing.   Awareness is all inclusive and everything that appears is a display of awareness, the knowing.

You cannot separate anything from the knowing.  Even the apparent obscurations of belief are registering in the immediacy of knowing.

There is no one, never was or will be anyone, to claim any state of mind.   

Seeing is happening.   In this space-like awareness, this seeing, there is an obvious absence of any entity, without thought.  The belief in an entity depends on ‘thinking’ and ‘an image’ in memory.

The display of the manifest is appearance only.

The un-manifest remains un-manifest.   The manifestation is a dynamic ever-fresh spontaneous expression of the ever-new potentiality of the un-manifest, otherwise known as ‘reality’.

  1. Why do I write these posts? “My cup runneth over”. By sharing this ‘knowledge’ my cup is emptied. Because my cup is empty it fills up again spontaneously. We are all vehicles for Life expressing. There is no right or wrong. There is no difference between a Buddha (a sage or saviour) and a town tramp. Every word spoken by anyone and everyone is spontaneously expressing ‘the vibration of life’. Non Dual in essence and yet complete diversity in appearance. Who can be a judge? Who can be a victim?

  2. Re article. 3 cheers! The omitted voice of the wisdom teachings does “nothing” for the quality of the happening. Unfortunately there are not more speaking about this subject.
    It would be wonderful to hear this teaching in a broader area of public life.


    • It wont happen. Society is locked into self-centeredness. Friction on the ‘me image’ brings unease and that prevents anything getting through the barrier. ONLY those who are genuine in the ‘heart essence’ can respond to the message. Resonance in being is the key, is life itself.

  3. This post points to something significant but words cannot convey it. Pointing to ‘it’ always fails but in some rare cases a clear recognition spontaneously ‘happens’ and a smile wells up without any cause. Recognizing that the mind is actually clear and empty is, in the scheme of things, a rare event. No one believes that the mind could be empty. The beliefs cloud the view, even though the mind is empty. The obscuration is the belief (in me) which is an appearance of something that cannot see. This is so obvious yet it seems that almost no one recognizes it.

  4. Gilbert says:
    ‘Every word spoken by anyone and everyone is spontaneously expressing ‘the vibration of life’.

    How true that is.