What is real?

What is your shape or form in reality?

What form has the taste of being?  Can you put all egotism aside for a moment?

Without any pre-conceived ideas, without any ideas that you have been told – what are you in reality?


The most common error in so-called spiritual circles is the invention of a new narrative about being on a progressive line or path.

The very notion of being on a spiritual path is so obviously a metaphor and yet it appears that is overlooked, due to belief in the self-centred activity.

The constant seeking out new books, new teachings, new teachers, new methods and new practices is nothing other than an ignoring of what is always present.

By building a conceptual framework out of seeking, one is actually building a prison of belief, made from concepts, wanting and a consistent ignoring of one’s true nature.

Life itself is eternal.  Has there ever been a ‘time’ when life was not – in your own experience or even in your imagination?

Imagination needs life.

Life needs nothing.

Strip away all the concepts, ideas and belief and taste this non-conceptual being-ness.

Pause a thought.

Thinking is natural and no one can stop thinking with the intellect (there is no one in the thinking to stop it).

Pausing thought is easy.

What is the thinking appearing upon?

Naked awareness is like space.  All things appear in space.

Taste it.

A brief taste can be exquisite but the mind will then start looking for it again.   

The self-centre is a fiction and all of its activities are fictional.

This is the basic ‘fact’ that appears to be missed by the majority.

One must recognise that the seeking NEVER started.

Once tasted, it is clearly obvious that any seeking that appears to start up is an appearance, appearing upon THAT, which so obviously has no need to seek anything at all.

You are!  The only ‘fact’ you can be absolutely certain of is that naked knowing, this existence, here now.

‘Something’ is appearing to build a structure upon that clear and empty space-like awareness.  Unless you clearly recognise that activity for what it is, then the fictional character will carry on with its desperation of needing to be ‘someone achieving something’…’getting rid of something’ or simply an uneasiness in being.  Light of seeing overcomes the darkness of ignorance but it will not happen without a genuine conscious investigation of what is.  What is, means the actual.  Not the conceptual.  Not the ideation. The actual!

To be 100% genuine about your true identity is nothing to crow about.  

It is egotism that wants to make a big deal out of ‘spiritual progress’ and the fabric of that narrative is based upon a transient narrative, insecurity and slavery to ‘ideas about me’.

There is NO time to waste.  No time at all.

Time itself is a concept of relative values.

Reality or truth is not relative.

Absolute means ALL.

What can stand outside of the ALL and Everything?

Wholeness is NOT composed of parts…..nor is it dualistic.

Wholeness is not one.  Wholeness is prior to the conception of one.

‘I am’ is one of it’s names but any word is already too much.

Silent knowing, the activity of knowing.  Everything is already THAT.

  1. This is so so direct. And potently pointing to the truth of beingness. Ty G.

  2. I am speechless. Seemingly throwing one back to the Source. Seeing that’s all there ever is. Ty G.

  3. I am speechless. Ty G.