What is it that you really want?

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The natural state is the innate knowing, which abides with everyone, irrespective of the conditioned mind.

The simple question “What conditioning is there, if I don’t think about it?”… is direct and uncompromising.

In order to recognise the ‘answer’ to that question, there needs to be a pause of thought.  The ‘mind’ cannot ‘do it’ but a spontaneous intention can.  What is uncovered is an unexpected revelation…..but a pause is necessary in order for the seeing to be naked (non conceptual awareness).  

It is possible while thought is ‘active’ but it is rare prior to this investigation. The empty mind is naked awareness and always present.  The attention is drawn to the content of mind and this forms a habit, a habit of ignoring the empty nature of mind (non conceptual awareness).

The natural clarity of unconditioned presence-awareness is NOT hidden or lost.  It is present as the open nature of spontaneous livingness. It only seems to be absent because we ignore it.  An example of this is intuition. Intuition spontaneously appears like the sun breaking through a cloud bank.  The shining is already present.  

The belief in the conditioned mind gives it, the conditioned mind, a seeming power to obscure the clear and obvious.  The attention is on the words or labels, the obscuring factors.  Emotional states are like thick clouds that take time to dissipate.  In seeing that the conditioned mind does not exist, even if only for a second, MEANS that it is not real.  Heavy emotional states cease to have anywhere to lodge themselves, without the habitual reference point ‘me’.  Even with a striking insight, the mind will attempt to translate the experiencing in its old ways.  Let it be.  Do not follow the thoughts or labels.  The content of seeing, cannot see and the seeing is not obscured.  Only the attention that follows the narrative of habitual mind appears to ‘create’ obscurations.

The majority of so-called spirituality is nothing more than dreams.   The mind may say ‘NO’.  Resistance to the obvious is due to the habit of belief.  

All of the states come and go as they cycle through their way of displaying, waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep, waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep etc.  

No state is static.  There is not a single thing that is static in the universe. That which is aware of all the states is not a state.  It is prior to any state and it is ‘no thing’. Free flowing intelligence is effortless.  The innate knowing is an aspect of it. Intuition is another aspect of intelligence.

Like space, ‘no thing’ is undetectable for consciousness.  We don’t see space, only apparent volume and things appearing in space.

There has never been a dreamer that has ever exited a dream.  The dreamer has no volition whatsoever.  Do dreams come true?  In a dream they appear to be true.  In the waking state a dream may appear to have a great deal of meaning.  Imaging in mind is a kind of dreaming.  It is useful in some ways and yet very destructive in other ways.  We utilise imaging frequently.  Imagination is useful so long as we know it is imagination.  

A little observation reveals that no dream can survive the waking state.

The popular forms of spirituality are waking-dreams that serve the false identity.  The deeply identified spiritual ‘person’, avoiding any confrontation with its own fabricated identity, the imagined spiritual self, sits on its own biased feedback loop of self-referencing.  It avoids anything that threatens its illustrious dreams about ‘me’.  This self-hypnosis is fortified by a belief in separation, which displays itself in the ironic emphatic phrase: ‘I have a personal relationship with god’.  That is ego indulging in an imaginary state of mind.  The pathological dark side of it is ‘God told me to do it’.   Religion, or the representatives of religion bound by their deluded beliefs, are the apparent cause of a great deal of on going conflict in this world.  On the other side of that coin are all the deluded spiritual teachers who keep seekers bound to a ransom, with endless promises of ‘better states of mind’ in the future.  Slavery to purifying the body-mind is a psychological trap.

The age old battle between light and darkness, good and evil, filters into the psyche of every individual and if it is not recognised as simply the mechanics of how the mind operates, then it will continue to cause havoc in the world.  It is all appearance only.

What would you prefer out of these options below?

A load of sophisticated spiritual belief and endless mind games, with which you can entertain yourself, addicted to seeking new experiences and incessant dreams of things that you can never actually attain, except in imagination (because they are NEVER real) or…….

A simplicity of actualisation, true facts that you can verify for yourself, facts that naturally and effortlessly dispense with erroneous beliefs?

The only fact you can be absolutely certain of, is the fact of your own being.   No one can say ‘I am not’.

Being is NOT ‘becoming’.

There is no need to follow a guru or teacher on some imagined path seeking the rewards of empty promises.

If the ‘teacher’ has any true knowledge of their own lucid being, they do not and cannot have any need to lead you anywhere in ‘time’.  There is no need for you to enslave your self-image to laborious mental or physical practices, no matter how holy your advisor may appear to be.  To ask you to take one step upon an imaginary path is an error made by one who is ignorant.  

The direct and simple message is not complicated.  The spontaneous nature of what is on offer is ‘the already so’, the ever-fresh, spontaneous nature of life itself.  This is not something to achieve, it is already so. The intellect is useful, so long as resistance from identified states are passive. A brief moment of clear insight is enough to dispense a life time of erroneous belief.

The livingness of the message is registered in the livingness of the undistracted attention.  It is not a transmission.  Equanimity reigns without any opposition in reality.  

The imaginary one fixated on ‘me’, being apparently convinced in being a thought up entity, cannot hear anything, so the message is missed.  Hearing is happening AND the image of self cannot hear.  He/she is like someone under water, who cannot hear clearly the sounds of a hundred gulls squawking overhead.  Everything is distorted by the fixation of attention upon self-centredness.  The mind is fixated upon its own translation.

Direct pointing is always to the immediacy of what is true, right here, right now.

Yes, it may appear to take a little time for the message to ‘sink in’.  If one is genuine and not looking for support for the fictional image of self (me), then it doesn’t take long at all. It’s very nature is spontaneous.  Insight happens spontaneously so long as one is not indulging in the false image one has of oneself.  If years or decades pass by without any significant insight, then it must be due to some serious blockage in the attention and that blockage will be some kind of clinging to the ideas about oneself, ideas that one is afraid to let go of.   If this is the case, then there is no genuine interest to speak of.


Our true essence is undistracted.  The ‘me’ is nothing but distraction.

  1. Very few, if any, will be happy to read this post. There is nothing in it for any ‘me’. No spiritual bait. No promise of some result in some habitually imagined future. Nothing is asked of the reader and nothing is expected.
    Seekers are usually extremely self-centred. They do their best to hide it but it is very obvious. Like a child that doesn’t want to get out of bed and go to school, the self-centred individual will contrive all kinds of excuses to avoid the stark realities awaiting their responses.
    Maybe one out of a million is not locked into the usual fixations with the intellect.

  2. Dear Gilbert
    What is the use of empty promises to me?
    Me can not see ‘no thing’.
    Me is object seen by………..
    Mistake is in labelling that, which cannot be labled.
    If labled person may claim ownership of that also.
    Nothing is offered for me, but shown non-existence
    of that which exist in imagination only.
    Image is not actual.
    Actual cannot be imaged.
    End of the imaginary field is good insight.
    What is uncovered is naked awareness.
    Though these revelations are nothing for
    mind. Who cares mind. It is itself nothing.
    That which is, needs nothing.
    Still mind wants to create something out of nothing. How foolish!
    Remarkable pointer is…what is the use of empty promises to me?
    Thank you.
    There is nothing to comment for commentators except gratitude only.
    One is still thinking that he doesn’t get it.
    He just needs to sit in Gilbert’s merry go round to get what he wants.
    Obviously it is nothing but the ride must be completed.
    There is no fun but a shock for mind.
    That shock is a ‘must’ for serious seeker of truth.
    That shock may reveal seeker is nothing or doesn’t exist.
    For rest, why not sit with a genuine interest, sit in
    Gilbert’s cart and see on your own instead of believing someone else’s guidelines.

  3. “One is still thinking that he doesn’t get it” is the obscuring factor.
    Gratitude is spontaneous due to the relief of belief being cut away.

    The thinking has no power at all, yet it appears to be the supreme power for the mind.
    You, whoever you think you are, do not know what your next thought will be.
    See that. Know that.
    Then it is obvious that ‘you’ are not ‘doing’ the thinking.
    Thoughts appear on consciousness. Mind content is the perfect display of consciousness, mind is me, mind is time. Nothing wrong or right! Appearance only!

    Awareness is not in mind. Awareness is timeless, with no beginning or end.

    LIFE is eternal.

    How arrogant that a transient fixation ‘me’ can believe that it can claim eternity or anything at all. Who is doing inner work on themselves? Ego is a fiction. Period!
    No ‘part’ of any pattern that appears in this world or universe can ever possibly be separate or have independent awareness or consciousness.
    The WHOLE is complete as it is. There is NO becoming to anything.

  4. Wanting, wanting, wanting. A man who wants a million dollars gets a million dollars. His wanting, by rights, should vanish with the accomplishment of getting the million dollars. But no…..the wanting shifts to wanting 2 million dollars. The ancient Sufi saying puts it well: “True wealth is in contentment with what one has. True poverty is in discontent”. One must investigate the ‘wanting’ because the wanting obscures the perfection of what is already so.
    It is all perfect. If the perfect be taken from the perfect, only the perfect remains. (from ancient old song ‘gita’). The labels don’t matter! No word is ever the ‘thing’ it re-presents. Not one word. So, all the philosophies from all the ages have no existence in ‘matter’. That is reality. The mental plane is ephemeral. In observing the disappearance of a single thought, without any bias, is the introduction to your natural state. The idea of ‘witness’ dissolves into naked awareness. Clear and present, boundless Emptiness….not a void. No one wants it BECAUSE that is what they already are. Some call it LIFE.

  5. Well, it looks like I am talking to the trees.
    No room for any me in the posts to get off on any spiritual nonsense.
    Folks just want a spiritual path to walk on, get lost in practices and have a dear hope for that me to achieve an imaginary goal.
    Indefensible is the stance and fortress of an imaginary entity.
    Pearl before swine?
    Watch out for those tusks!

  6. Dear Gilbert
    What conditioning is there if I don’t think about it?
    To know the answer there should be pause in
    the thought, which mind cannot do, but spontaneous
    intent causes that pause and there is revelation
    of thought/free spontaneity which is all (the) knowing
    capacity and that proves that the ‘thinker thought’ is not
    the knowing factor but it is one appearance out of
    In this review, seeing again and again what is there
    in the pause, it is seen how entity emerges and is false.
    Attention is drawn towards mind content.
    This causes habit and emptiness recognised
    in the pause of thought to be ignored.
    Here is a question.
    What is this attention which moves towards or
    with content?
    Is it also (attention) content of mind?
    Shift of attention to content seems to be process
    of identification but …. unable to continue.
    Attention is drawn – what is this attention?
    Thank you for short and summerised post.

    • The eye is an instrument of seeing. The focus feature of the eye allows the eye to focus on a particular distance.
      This feature is ‘in-built’. You can theorise about what the feature means. You can conceive of all sorts of theoretical explanations about it or about any other apparent process of the body-mind.
      The attention is focused on this series of words on a screen at the moment. There may be an interest in finding an answer to your question. This spontaneous function we call ‘attention’ has been functioning long before words were learned. Words cannot explain what it is! In a way, this question you ask cuts to the core of it all. The bias we call ‘me’ is a fiction. The attention is required to reveal the fiction but the bias of ‘me’ (mind) has hijacked the attention, or so it seems. Only you can investigate what the attention is. Belief is an obstruction. The core belief is ‘me’. Once you have really seen that the me is a fiction, the question you ask (and all other questions) are rendered passive. There is no being in mind. Mind appears upon awareness. Awareness is no thing.

      • There are many salient points offered in these posts and comments. ‘People’ get offended. The persona is a mask. The posts, at times, contain little barbs for the identified ‘person’. ‘People’ will NEVER get the message. The ‘person’ is not reality. It appears that I play games with ‘people’s attention’. There are gems scattered around the posts and there are many ‘traps’ for the ‘reader’.
        I know from first hand experience that the ‘direct teaching’ does not translate into ‘text’ all that well, if at all. Pointers can do their job through books or text.
        The mind is time, so the mind will always find a way to escape into ‘more time’ and so avoid the direct message. You could say that for most aspirants the ‘me’ is standing guard, ready to deflect anything that undermines it. The attention is focused on ‘self-centredness’ and it is a long standing habit.
        The ONLY way out is to pause the thinking. The unconditioned mind (empty mind) is no thing. Awareness is no thing. Not two. So, the basic question is, ‘Who is seeking what?’
        I cannot tell you. I am just the bell ringer!
        Note: I am not a fool, far from it. Over many years, I have witnessed a level of hatred for ME coming from ‘holy spiritual people’ that would shock most folk. I have been threatened with physical violence, even in the midst of a so-called ‘spiritual meeting’. Why, because at some point I trod on their ego in no uncertain way. The sheer hatred aimed at ME, from time to time, would probably put most ‘people’ in the dull-drums. I have seen through the facade and I cannot take it personally. It may still amaze, via the thought of, how separated these characters can be in their sense of separation. Such folk often say.. ‘Where is the love in this teaching?’ Love and hate are bed companions in the confused minds of spiritual pretenders.

  7. Email: “Gilbert, I just read your blog post “What is it you truly want.” You certainly do not mince words. I imagine most do not like you’re in the face, cut the bullshit style. In fact I have been a bit put off in the past. However, something has disengaged and naked awareness is being seen. How did I miss this for so long? Again thank you”.
    Regards, Simon.