What is going on?

Due to belief in things that are not real or true, confusion appears to block clarity of thinking.  It doesn’t have to be that way just as psychological suffering is unnecessary.  A little bit of investigation can clear it up.  Resistance to clearing it up is due to the fixation on ‘me’, a fabricated entity.

Knowledge or so called knowledge that requires complex structures of support (a belief system) is obviously misleading.

Clear and present evidence requires no belief or conceptual construct to support it.  What is clear and obvious is spontaneously clear and obvious.

Many speak about having an intellectual understanding and of lacking any direct experience of what the intellectual understanding is supposed to indicate.  Well, there is no such thing as indirect experience.  All experiences appear in the immediate uninterrupted ‘experiencing’, which is spontaneously clear and obvious, just as it is, before the mind translates it.

What is true is spontaneously true, not the result of some intellectual exercise or process.  The conceptual overlays may fall off and reveal what was already clear and obvious – just seemingly obscured by the overlaying conceptualized notions and belief.

Who exactly is confused?  Who exactly is knowledgeable?   Even confusion is clear and obvious, just as it is.  Afflicted emotions appear to obscure the clear seeing due to an erroneous belief in ‘me’.

It is pointed out frequently that there is no separate entity anywhere…….but that straight forward message does not hit home. The message conflicts with the image of me, which avoids anything threatening.  Why spoil a good story of me with the truth?

Pretending to be searching for truth or reality while avoiding it at all costs is ridiculous, isn’t it?

Over and over I hear folk say that they have seen through the me fixation and in the next sentence they speak from the very fixation they say they have seen through.  So, isn’t  it quite obvious that an intellectual understanding is not anything like a true understanding at all?

So long as anyone takes themselves to be a separate individual, then of course the display of expressions will clearly demonstrate the fixation on me.  Doubt and insecurity will linger because the ‘me’ is not based on anything but concepts, images and memories.  Concepts, images and memories have no substance of their own.  They appear and disappear spontaneously. Anyone who is clear of erroneous beliefs can spontaneously and effortlessly see where someone who is fixating is ‘coming from’. Self-centeredness!  It needs to be realized that the fixation on me cannot see anything.  It is just conceptualizing the natural seeing into a story.  A concept cannot see or hear, neither can it know anything.  The narrative, internal dialog, the story of me is why the one fixating cannot see what is really going on.

If you think that there is a self-center and believe it is real, then logically it must be so that you know it in every detail.  Is that true?   How well do you know this self-center?  Why defend something that you know so little about?  Is it just a story?  Emotions?   What exactly is it?   Wouldn’t it be wise to find out?