What is

Non duality is not something to attain.

All striving to conceptualize what non duality is fails naturally simply because the need to conceptualize what is real is not necessary.  What is not real (me or I) cannot understand what is real.  The fabricated entity not only cannot understand anything, it cannot see, hear, taste or sense anything.

The entire manifestation (universe) is pure sensation and all the forms that appear within this unicity of sensation are not actually separate.  Beyond the capacity of the intellect, the nature of sensation is boundless.  Every thought, feeling and emotion is nothing but sensation, energy vibrating, without any subject or object.  There is no see-er, no sense-er, no ‘I’ or ‘me’ that can stand outside of sensation and observe the impartial nature of pure sensation.   And yet pure seeing is happening.   This mystery cannot be unravelled by any effort of mind.

Blind belief can never be the foundation of true knowledge, in fact any belief will taint the activity of ‘self-knowing’ simply because the sensation (me) has an unnecessary bias, which influences the clarity of thinking.  The fixation on ‘me’ distorts the clear view of ‘what is’ and ’causes’ the perception to see and feel ‘things’ that have no true being.

All impressions register anything and everything exactly ‘where it is, as what it is’ but what the mind translates it as, is most often something quite different from ‘what is’.   Denial of this is automatic for the one who is fixating of an image of self, which is nothing but an image made of memories, concepts and ideas from the so-called ‘past’. The immediacy is ‘what is’.  Not what was or what will be.  What is.

It seems that very few are cognizant of these simple factors.   Since the world is reinforcing the idea of each one being a separate entity, no wonder so few even have a wish to see through the self-centeredness of the me fixation.

Recently I have had the interesting experience of observing some extremely self-centered ‘people’ frequently.  Since everything is about ‘me’ for them, the various ‘deadly sins’ can be seen in the behavior and yet if you asked any one of them, they would deny it and forcefully paint a very different picture of themselves.  Amazing.   Of course it is all just appearing that way and there is no entity ‘doing’ any of it.