What identity does the seeker have?

Many decades can pass by –  as all things must pass.  All ‘things’ are nothing but appearance, including the search for true identity.

That which is real and true does not need to search for itself.  The ‘pattern’ that is believed in as being ‘self’ can NEVER find itself as any ‘thing’ excepts as a concept, an idea.

Many profess to be teachers or guides and ALL of them are appearances.  The ‘journey’ is an illusion and mind is time.  Therefore it should be easy to ascertain that the search is the problem.  STOP.

Be what you ARE.


If this does not stop you in your tracks…….then…

Who is asking the questions about identity or about needing help to see?

‘You’ are ‘looking’ for answers in concepts.  Who is looking?  Looking is not seeing.

Looking comes and goes.  Seeing is registering everything without altering itself.  It has NO substance and therefore is beyond all change.


The mind translates through words.
ALL words are empty.


What you are is the activity of knowing.

Two aspects of one reality. One aspect is movement, change. The other is stillness unchanged.
That which is looking for identify cannot find anything but change. Without the stable background the looking would not register upon anything except the changeful.  The idea of self is just an idea.

You are already THAT, which is beyond dualism.  Relax.  Let it be however it appears to be.

Insight is nothing more than seeing and seeing is already happening!  You are NOT doing it.

Read through it again, if it does not hit a home run.
You will NOT find any ‘hooks’ for the mind in these pointers.
Most teachers leave a trace of hooks and if one doesn’t grab you, another one will.  Such is the game of seeking.  The seeker NEVER becomes a finder, no matter what promises the guru makes.  Stop being a fool for gurus and teachers.
You are already THAT which is total and whole.   How can you not know this?    Well, because of belief in concepts, that is how.
Drop them all and be silent.
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  1. In the appearance of things, I have given about 10 years to pointing the obvious out in hundreds of ways. Thousands of ways actually. There are very few ‘takers’. Not much more than my fingers and toes, in ten years. A great deal of effort has apparently been made. Many have cottoned on to the basics but they have not gone beyond their own bullshit. Frankly I have lost the patience to listen to any more self-proclaimed ‘finders’ and I suspect that I may vomit when I hear the next one prattle on like a demented preacher. The ONLY value any pointer has is in the moment of recognising the truth of the pointer. So, the pointer has no value before ‘that moment’ and it has no value ‘after that moment’. The value is the livingness of the immediacy. THAT is the stability of reality. It is not an object ‘out there’ – it is what you ARE.