What is seen or truly understood?


It seems, by all accounts, that we have been inducted into a belief that there are things that are distinct from other things.  A world of things.  We call it reality.  Yet disagreement seems to be more prevalent than agreement.

All words are composed of letters or symbols.  Words can be broken down. Sentences can be broken down.  Images appear in the seeing.  Word is also image appearing in the seeing.  This natural seeing is beyond doubt or question.  Liberation is a relative term and all effort to gain liberty simply reinforces whatever the liberation is perceived to be from.  Effortless awareness is effortless being.  ‘You’ did not choose to be.  You are here, present and aware.  Whatever you imagine that you need to add to this being-ness will be an unnecessary burden for the so-called mind.  Belief is never real, never (the) actuality.


Without a single thought, what belief is there without thinking about one?

Without a single thought, what conditioning is there without thinking about it?

There is none.

This pointing is like a portal to your original state.

In effect, so it seems, no one wants to go there.  Anything but that!  Fear of being nothing will appear to assist the grasping upon any concept, in order to avoid the recognition….. ‘I am nothing perceivable’.

So it is, we talk about reality when in fact we have no clear idea of what reality is.  We hold up a concept about ‘truth’ and try to live up to it……and we fail over and over.  

‘To be or not to be’ is, at its root, an invalid question.  You are and that is the only fact you can be sure of.  The rest is conceptual.


Relax and be as you are.  The spontaneous being-ness is effortless.

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  2. Good shite.

  3. What a journey not to say what a gift words, especially ‘Yours’ Gilbert, I needed for reflexion – actually stumble on – and yes, finally, there was not much left of it. Well better say you leave me with the following.

    Hermes Trismegitus….’one substance with three aspects’
    One thing, all things: move among and intermingle, without distinction….,Hsin Hsing Ming.

    Love to You.