What are your feelings right now?

There are many ways of expressing the certainty of being.  Each expression is unique and each one who expresses something about being is also unique.  Confirmation of one’s own experience may appear to be necessary, especially if doubt is a common occurrence.  In the belief of being someone who is looking for some meaning for being or some ‘reason’ for ‘why I am here’ there is a biased view, which distorts the view.  The fixation that we commonly call ‘me’ is like a lens that alters the view.   If by some chance occurrence, or by some shock, this fixation drops away, then the view is clear and open.   The significance of the open view may not register as anything of value.  Our habit of believing in the minds translation of events and experiences, as being reality, is one that needs to be broken.  Very few appear to be ‘willing’ to even attempt to break it.   There is so much invested in ‘the belief in me’ and so the mind, as if it had any power of its own, avoids anything that nudges the rawness of naked cognition (thoughtless being).

Very clear expressions can be delivered, yet few appear to have the capacity to follow what is being pointed out.   Confusing belief with ‘true knowledge’ (knowing) is so common it seems that it is never challenged at all in ‘the general scheme of things’.

Self-Knowledge appears to be so vague in most that they do not even distinguish the difference between sensation and feeling.  ‘People’ use the word ‘feeling’ to describe what is actually sensation or touch.   Feeling is a very clearly defined aspect of being but if the mind is confused and caught up in discontent and personal suffering, then such distinctions remain embedded in the chaotic mental flurry, so common to so many.

Intellectuals who believe they are not confused cling to their definitions like a dog to a bone.   They do not see that they are lost in the mental terrain.

Feelings, what are they?

A musician could be said to be in touch with their feelings, more so than a labourer.  That is not a value judgment in case someone runs off into some reactionary mental spiel about the above sentence.  An artist who paints or sculpts is guided by feelings.   When we look at a painting or sculpture, we feel it in a certain way.  We may not be able to describe how that happens but there are certain common factors that we all experience in such circumstances.   If you hear or read some comments by so called art experts, it is often a lot of empty talk that seems to have nothing to do with the feelings one may have about a particular art piece.   The mental description is never equal to the actual thing.  Even in literature, the words are only pointing towards an experience or an event.  It may be a complex experience or event but the words only ever point to it.   We may resonate with the words and acknowledge their appropriateness but they are only ever ‘sign posts’ to the actual experiencing, which is actually unique in itself.  Words can never capture the ‘reality’ of what actually is.  Words only point.

Feelings do not have a definite location or point.  Feelings have apparent volume.   We may often say that we share feelings with others but there is no way that that can be proven to be true.  Agreement is agreement.  A judge and jury may come to some agreement but the agreement is not an actual proof of anything, except that an agreement has been acknowledged.   The fact is that there are many who are in prison for crimes that they never actually committed and there are many who walk free, who actually did commit a crime.   Words never capture the actual.  A word is never the thing.

If I ask you how you feel about something, you will probably give me a series of words to explain what you feel.  I may get the gist of what you mean.   Beyond all that, as Shakespeare says “There is neither right nor wrong but thinking makes it so”.    That sentence is indisputable.   To deny it one must use thinking – to affirm it there may simply be a resonance in ‘knowing’ or being.   Knowing something is true is not actually limited to the mind or words.

So, after all these words, have we come any closer to what feeling is?

What is your feeling, right now?

  1. There is no word to make someone know a feeling. Even if a label is given to a feeling, the reality of it, exists only as that which is feeling. The word “peace” does not communicate the perfume of peace. Even when you have known Peace, you cannot make it come back when you say “peace, come, come”.
    Can you communicate a taste ? a sensation ? There is a taste for that which is tasting. There is sensation for that which is sensing. There is no separation in the experience of tasting, sensation, feeling, … Is there separation between writing these words and reading them. Is there a writer and a reader at the same time?
    The seeing is happening, at the same moment hearing is happening, at the same moment thoughts are seen, at the same moment there is labelling, at the same moment there is knowing of all these happenings. Is there a seer, a hearer,a knower, … ? is there multiplicity or unity?

    • Equanimity is unity. The expression of unity is via the appearance, which is multiple or diverse in expression. The variety of species, plants, animals and insects etc is vast. Some say that 99% of the species are extinct now. There may be new species coming into existence. Who knows? Science once believed that water was necessary for life……..but after investigating small dry eggs in the desert, eggs that sprang to life after rain, that belief was overturned. Life is eternal. The life span of a planet is vastly longer than a gnat. We are so accustomed to looking at life from our particular scale, we don’t notice the bias of our opinions and so-called knowledge. Spiritual folk pride themselves or punish themselves over their self-knowledge. Fact is it is mostly imaginary….if not all. The ego mind games that are displayed in the name of spirituality is flabbergasting. Touch upon that ignorance and all hell breaks lose. Much ado about nothing. Frankly speaking, I would rather hang out with ordinary folk who don’t believe in anything much than spiritual folk. They are so full of nonsense, it is impossible to have a decent conversation without someone getting really pissed off. Ha!

  2. I would like to say… Gilbert –I don’t believe a word you say or a word I say either. Nevertheless this is a poignant question you ask, similar to asking one to take notice of the breathing occuring, there is no choice or place to lean, just a pause in plain being.

  3. This is so so simple that there is not even a requirement to see it because it is.

  4. what is it that has feeling?

    form does not differ from emptiness,
    emptiness does not differ from form.
    That which is form is emptiness,
    that which is emptiness form.
    The same is true of feelings,
    perceptions, impulses, consciousness”…..the heart sutra

    there are feelings, but there is no feeler.