Well, you have found your way here.

What are you looking for?

Some want to ‘argue the point’. They are bored with life and themselves and look for someone to engage in animated argument… about life. They hold so dearly to the concept that they are intellectuals. Bright intellectuals.

It is a competition for them and the bias for them is ‘I am right’ and ‘you are wrong’. They do not see the mechanical nature of their own postulated situation.

Feeling good about being right is an addiction.

Feeling bad about being wrong is a wounded feeling for the believed in ‘me’.

What is true is not a matter of being right or being wrong.

The ‘entity’ is a fiction and so it cannot be right or wrong.

It can appear to be right or be wrong but what substance does an appearance have?

The underlying ‘truth’ is forever obvious.

It is not revealed by argument.

Belief is not the actual.

The only way out of the mind – out of confliction – is to stop.