Well, who am I?

Hello Gilbert,

I believe I have listened to half – perhaps two-thirds – of UGC podcasts at this point and cannot speak highly enough of their quality and the joy they bring. I’ve also added more than a few songs to my playlist courtesy your eclectic taste in music.

I find myself stuck on something and am hoping you’d be kind enough to consider the following. In a nutshell, it is seen (cognitively) that “I” have nothing to do with the body/mind and that, in fact, the “I” is nothing more than an aggregation of a lifetime’s conditioned thinking construed as “me.” Further, I see that there is no enlightenment to be had by anyone because there is no one and enlightenment is nothing more than the imagined self dropping away to reveal the Oneness/awareness that is. The question is this: If, as so many non-duality teachers instruct, this reality/truth can best be investigated by inquiring of oneself, “What am I?” and yet the self is nothing more than a fabrication of the mind, is not the question “What am I?” also nothing more than a construct of that same fictitious mind? In other words, how is an investigation into the false self any different than, say, an investigation into any other question? Don’t all such questions stem from the same mind?

Thank you – D


The question ‘Who am I?’ is a very simple question.  It is commonly called ‘self-inquiry’.

The only use of the question is in the immediacy of its use.

The fact that so many turn the question into a life long practice does not say anything about the instruction.  It shows the fact that the seeker is stuck.
The question is the questioner and the questioner is the question.

The fact that no answer comes is the ‘answer’.

There is no entity that has any substance whatsoever.   All the investment in ME is the obstacle, which prevents the usefulness of ‘Who am I?’

You see, there in no one who benefits from any of this.    Imagining that there is someone who can benefit or suffer is the problem.

The person is not reality.

There is no way around this fact.   Innately you KNOW this.   The mind is TIME.     A ‘person’ lives in time.

Drop the concept of time and BE this immediacy……. The potency of this immediacy will dispense with all the erroneous beliefs, including the IDEA that I am a person.