Walking in the wind – lookin’ at the sky


The greatest teacher of all is the Sky –  Sky knows no boundary and has no centre or point.  Right here, right now is everywhere without any condition, no past or future. Observe the sky without looking for any hidden meaning and it will reveal everything as it is.

The sky has no observation tower.   Right here, right now is everywhere without any condition, past or future.

Even the word ‘present’, like all words, they appear upon the cognition, they float upon emptiness.


Walking in the Wind – by Steve Winwood (Traffic)

“If I could talk to you for just one minute
Then you would know what it is I am getting at
But there again your head’s got nothing in it
By the way, you left without your hat

I’m walking in the wind
Looking at the sky
Hanging on a breeze
Wondering why, why?”



Why are you so unhappy?

Isn’t it because you focus on things that you think are bad or wrong?

Every stick has two ends.  Neither end is good or bad.  There is no stick with only one end.

Take a closer clear look at the things that cause you grief, conflict or bad feelings. Don’t buy into any of them, just observe them, as if from a distance.

Another way is to go right into them (investigate them) and let them reveal their true spacious nature.

You could be happy.   Why not?   Just stop taking everything personally.

Ask yourself ‘Who is it all happening to?’

The answer must be ‘me’.

Well, find out exactly what that me is.

If the ‘me’ was a factory, you could walk into it and take a look around.  All you would find would be machinery, wheels turning, things clunking and a general buzz.   Nowhere in the complex would you find something called ‘me’.  The seeing is not contained in something called an ‘observer’.   Once you see that the ‘me’ has no actual substance and it can’t stand on its own as something apart from everything, then how can you believe in it any more?  Where would the impending conflict find somewhere to lodge?

Nowhere!  There is no how.  There is no why.

Just what is.



  1. There is no separate entity here telling anyone anything. Intelligence expresses exactly as it does. No judge, no jury. No guilt, no praise.

  2. As is often said – but with no speaker – ‘just this’.