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The simple fact that almost everyone appears to overlook: Wakefulness.

Wakefulness is NOT a state of mind.

The wakefulness is ‘with’ everyone, perfect and pristine. Nothing alters it. No need to attain it or do some practice. All things appear upon the wakefulness….all the striving, the failing, the wanting, the wishing, the misery of me, the bliss of simplicity. Nothing changes the wakefulness. Be that and forget about striving to attain some special state of mind. ALL states of mind come and go. There is no such thing as a permanent state of mind. It all disappears every night in deep sleep.


EVERYTHING is nothing but the appearance of apparent ‘things’ and ‘events’ registering upon this Wakefulness. All words are learned. Mind is time and apparent conditioning. Wakefulness has no conditioning whatsoever. Be that!

  1. Wonderful book. Thank you very much.

    The pointers are clear and without reservation.

    PS If you (like me) like books in paper you can use “Cute PDF Pro” to make it a paperback. Free software version.

  2. Very short concise pointers that hammer away at the false sense of separation. They will expose the ‘me’ for what it is–just another highly cherished thought. Life above all else will leave you in the wakefulness that is always so if the simple investigation is made with Gilbert’s message. Thank u g.

  3. Gilbert,

    It makes perfect sense to me that everything is nothing but the appearance of things and events registering upon wakefulness, and that wakefulness is what I am. Some people like me may read that and say, “yes, that makes perfect sense.” That’s the end.

    And yet we’ve read stories of others hearing similar words, and the sky opens up, the self disappears, negative emotions never arise again, time no longer feels real, and whether attending an insurance seminar or football game, one is equally equanimous and certainly never bored.

    Is there a difference between understanding this intellectually and understanding it “in your bones”?

    Many thanks.

    • The words ‘understanding intellectually’ imply that there are different forms of understanding. There is only one understanding. The intellect is an apparatus. Concepts, words and labels are NOT what they re-present. This is the fundamental principle that seems to be missed by everyone. The innate knowing is with everyone. What appears to obscure it is belief in words, ideas, concept and belief itself. Clouds appear in the sky. The sky is not obscured by clouds, even though it may appear that it is. The sky is infinite. Clouds are transient appearances that are NEVER static. Clouds are vapours in the air. Concepts are subtle vibrations in mind. Empty sky and empty mind are one and the same.