Very simple. Some say too simple.

All you have to do is witness the disappearance of a single thought.

Stay there with open attention and witness the space that is left.

The seeing is prior to what the mind does…..that is why what the mind does is seen.


Belief in the mind’s translation is due to belief in the ‘me’ or the ‘narrator’.  The narrator is a mechanical voice that sprouts ‘stuff’ from past impressions.

Watch the mind.  See how it operates.

Take an interest WITHOUT believing it.

  1. You can’t uncover the heart of things clearer, though the words are respected in the play of things, they are also as fleeing as mine telling you how much I enjoy this key point you present here. ciao

  2. Thought and space, words and silence; all arise in me.

  3. I would like to say…”no body, never mind” Spinoza

  4. I would like to say… I got it. That is interesting, and i don’t believe it