Urban Guru Cafe – introduces Urban Guru Magazine.

The new site will feature clear speakers (writers) on the subject of Non Duality. The UGC will remain on the net and programs can be accessed from the Magazine site.

Some good material is planned for the Magazine site and it will evolve over coming months.  Nothing misleading will be posted as articles and the utmost care will be exercised to keep the site clean from the usual nonsense that is so common on non duality and podcast sites.

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Most of the hosts of podcast sites on Non Duality could take some notes from The way the UGC conducts its interviews.  The interviewer allows the guest to get across what they wish to say, without a dominating personality (as the host).  Questions are asked and the guest can freely answer as they wish.  Many times the questions are removed simply to let the guest flow on with their clear expression.  It is certainly not a tug of war between egos.  It is shameful how most hosts on the video sites carry on as some sort of expert, when it is plain as daylight that they don’t have the foggiest idea of the actual subject.  The message gets compromised over and over.  It is an endurance test ride for most guests that are genuine.  There are the exceptions of course but all the popular sites have a weirdo at the helm, it seems.  No one says anything about it as far as I know.  The scene is so badly organised one is lead to believe that the folks behind it all are totally spoiled brats who get away with it because they are dominating ‘personalities’.  New sites start up and seem ok for awhile and then the host gets blinded by ‘fame’ and it all goes down the drain.  Amazing.

As for the folks who consume all that nonsense, it is the seeking attitude that inhibits the open appreciation of what is clear and obvious.  The biased frame of mind (ego) cannot see the obviousness of things as they are.

The material on the Urban Guru Magazine site does not support a search for identity or for meaning – the emphasis is on you looking now in the immediacy and recognising what has always been here, clear and obvious.

No one is asked to believe anything or to wait for some future event.  No delay tactics will be found in the material.

If the new site is appreciated it will be reflected by the donations that come in.  The site is free so that no one is excluded.  Those who can afford to donate a little now and then will be in effect subsidising those who cannot afford to ‘pay back’ something.   If the site proves to be taken for granted, it will be dissolved. – Gilbert

  1. I would like to say…Just checked out the UGM. I see a lot of effort behind the scene to polish and make this ‘Gem’ shine! Appreciation to all the individuals who have made it so. Two thumbs up!

  2. I agree Suki it is shining! 🙂

  3. Those who access the new site can play a role in its dynamic nature through comments and questions etc. Anyone who feels they can express some clear pointing through a short article, please submit it. However, be prepared for a rejection. The clarity of the articles is of paramount ‘importance’. There are far too many ‘spiritualised’ pointing out there on the net.