The unspeakable remains Wordless


What more can be said?  What has not been said already?  

Why do the most subtle ‘pointers’ turn into jaded phrases?  What is your experience?  Truly yours?

You cannot teach a puppet to understand anything.  A talking parrot does not understand what it is ‘saying’.

Experiences are commonly held up as some kind of unquestionable reality.

A most common belief is that what I perceive is real and my experiences should not be questioned by others.  ‘I get offended’ is a pointer to an unquestioned belief of being a separate entity.  Is it true?  Is it real?  

If one investigates any experience thoroughly, the experience vanishes…. just like every thought vanishes. By continuing to investigate any concept about experience that appears, they are seen to vanish and the mind goes quiet. This quietness of mind is non-conceptual awareness. Non-conceptual awareness is not the label ‘non-conceptual awareness’. It is no thing to the mind.  The knowing remains as knowing……..and the knower and the known do not touch or alter the activity of knowing.  The knower and the known are CONCEPTUAL.  No concept has any substance whatsoever.

This pervasive no thing(ness) is dimensionless existence. It is our true nature and upon this, everything appears, moves and disappears, leaving no trace.

The unspoken assumption for all seekers who walk into a ‘spiritual meeting’ is that there is something to get and someone to get it.

Self-centredness is not something ‘bad’. It is natural and your experience is of being the centre of this phenomenal world. You cannot see through someone else’s eyes. Walk around the room. You take that self-centred point of view everywhere you go and even the slightest tilt of the head alters the perception or point of view.

It is what we add conceptually to this apparent self-centre that causes so much strife and confusion.

Everything registers with and as the conscious being-ness.

Everything registers as it is. What the mind adds to this natural registration is also registered spontaneously.

The registration of the field of vision and the field of hearing, touch, sensations and a thousand and one other ‘experiences’ all register in the same immediacy without taking up any space or room.

There is nothing other than this spontaneous, immediate, un-interrupted experiencing. There is no experiencer.

The narrative about an experiencer is composed of words, ‘a narrative of words’ and all words have been acquired (along the way).  There are no words in your original state, which is still present (it is presence) – it is not ignorance…it is this ever-fresh immediacy, we call ‘knowing’.  

It is the believed in entity that is ignorance.

Time does not divide presence. What time is there if you don’t think about time?

The experiencer is a fiction and ‘the experience’ and ‘the experiencer’ are the same ‘story’, a story, which of course, needs time to be told in.

Who is it that misses out on the immediacy by filling it with a personal story about me? Experiences are held up as some kind of unquestionable reality.

For mind it is all a mental construct. ‘You’, as a believed and imagined entity, are the construction worker on a building site that has no location in reality.