Uncommon Advice

(Warning. This post may disturb the dream…..there are points that are often not talked about)

There is something I hear folks say quite often.  They say ‘I have seen through the self-centre’ but they keep speaking about their suffering. They demonstrate quiet clearly a point of view of being a someone who has not seen through the self-center – and they feel the contradiction in themselves.   It is only a me that can suffer psychologically.  So, the story of seeing through of the self-center is either a contrived account or just a trick of self-deceit.

It seems that so many do not realize that the ‘story of me’ is woven into all their mental activities and just stopping the use of the word ‘I’ or ‘me’ is just a mind game.  It is very common for pretenders in the so-called non duality scene (small or large groups who talk about spiritual matters and non duality) to take on an affected way of talking, as if it is going to prove to others (and themselves) that they have the ‘understanding’, that they know what ‘Non Duality’ is.  

To be blunt and frank, they have not got a clue.  Self centered opinions can’t be disguised all that well.  Imitation is not understanding, no matter how illustrious it appears to be.   ‘Bowing to the Divine’ in others is also an appearance game that serves nothing but pretentious nonsense.  The eccentric bias ‘me’ distorts everything and demonstrates itself as speaking in an affected way.  

Talking to such ‘spiritually affected’ individuals feels like being once removed from anything real (in them).  I am reminded of an incident of meeting a minister of the church who while holding my hand, appealed to my ‘good nature’ in a typical ‘holy fashion’ – while it was obvious the poor fellow was completely deluded.  Seeing through the shallow nonsense of affected behavior of others is not so difficult.  Seeing through your own me fixations may take a little earnest investigating.

So-called experts on the subject of ‘Non Duality’, including well respected authors, do not recognize that they also divide Non Duality up in the mind and swear by their erroneous convictions.  They get quite heated about it.  The term ‘Traditional Advaita’ and ‘Neo Advaita’ are terms used by these experts and  authors alike.  Even a ‘child mind’ could recognize that Non Duality must be undivided, non dual.  How can there ever be any division of Non Duality?

Mental gymnastics is NOT and cannot be true understanding and clever intellectuals quite obviously ‘get high’ on their own intellectualizing and even develop an addiction to the ‘buzz’ they get from it.  

If there is a true recognition that the self-center is just a ‘once believed in concept of being separate‘ it does not mean that you stop saying ‘me’ or ‘I’.  

If you have taken a glass of water out of the ocean, you know that the ocean is not blue.  It appears to be blue (or green on some days).  Knowing that the ocean is not blue does not mean that the ocean suddenly stops appearing to be blue.  You know it is not blue and you can even admire it and say ‘What a beautiful blue ocean’.  Just like the water from the ocean is clear, the mind is also clear.  What appears in the mind does not take up any space.  It is all transient appearances.  A thought weighs nothing.  Belief in thought appears to give it weight, especially after a believed in thought ‘develops’ into emotion.  It is nothing but energy appearing ‘as’ something.

If the message does not register straight away, then one may need to hear it again and again. To truly hear the message one has to be genuine, have a genuine interest and be willing to give up the ‘old mind of belief’Whatever you hang onto will turn into a massive obstacle and obscure the view.

One might venture to say that you have to be willing to exchange all beliefs for an unexpected spontaneous ‘introduction’ to your true nature.  I call that ‘a cutting insight’.  Once that ‘happens’ there is no going back.  

There appears to be so much resistance in many ‘aspirants’ and it is obvious that they don’t even recognize their resistance.  They have a hundred excuses and ‘reasons’ why the message doesn’t help them. 

In many cases the seeker appears to want reality to bend into a preconceived shape so that it will fit with their image of self – commonly called ego.

In the appearance of things there are thousands of ‘teachers’ who are just playing a mind game with seekers and they obviously believe that they are doing ‘good work’ but the clear and obvious factor is that no one is getting free from the bondage of self through such ‘teaching’.   It just looks like the particular limited point of view of the ‘teacher’ is passed onto the followers and everyone gets caught in the same ‘shit hole’.   Masking the frustrations of never getting anywhere must be tiresome, to say the least.  All of it is apparently happening in a ‘serious setting’ and in the name of truth

In the scheme of things, it appears that each seeker has a blind spot, an unconscious protecting mechanism for the fixation of me.  Reactive accusations directed at the one who (attempts to) points them to their errors of belief are simply an animated desperation, a clinging to an erroneous point of view, riddled with doubts and inner conflict.  The threat of losing one’s sense of security (a false one), in believing that the me is real, is too much to face. The ‘persona’ (face-mask-the psychological interface) seemingly protects the illusion of ‘me’.  

General advice for those who have a genuine teacher:

Let the hearing (or reading) register without adding anything to the natural and spontaneous recognition of the words.  You spontaneously know what the words mean.  Do not add your personal bias onto any words.

Do not refer anything in the message to the me of memory.  

In this way what is being pointed out can register without any interference patterns from ‘old mind’. 

Insights may appear but they are not the arrival of something new – an insight is a dismissal of an obscuration.  

The essence of any insight is ‘seeing’.

Seeing is always present.  Seeing is happening.

The essence of recognition is ‘knowing’.  Knowing is happening.

Seeing and knowing for-ever remain prior to all concepts about ‘me’ or ‘I’. Concepts about me or I come and go ‘in the seeing’.

Therefore this ‘seeing-knowing’ is already so.  Clear and present consciousness does not need an agent (a me) that needs to understand or know anything.  Such mental gymnastics is the common ‘trap’ of seekers everywhere.  The ‘me’ is not the cause of suffering.  It is just a word!

The belief in me is the cause of psychological suffering.

Everyone has moments of total relaxation even if it is only taking place in deep sleep. In such moments one is nothing. No Thing. 

No one wants to be nothing…..yet that is where resolution ‘happens’. 


Be nothing and see what happens!

  1. I hammer away at these common ‘problems’ of seekers but the strangest thing is it is like water running off a ducks back.

  2. Email response from someone: “You know..that’s what it feels like…a protective mechanism…sometimes your pointers register like ‘of course’ but then waves of tightness in the chest and crazy thoughts of denial..then a ‘someone’ to take that as proof of an (entity) individual…it’s getting really exhausting and quite insane”. Fear of being nothing has a grip. Loosen the grip by going into it and investigating exactly what it is. It won’t harm you.

  3. I can tell you that I do not make any new friends by being so outspoken. That does not concern me. I don’t know how long I will be around. Therefore, I do not waste time with trivial spiritual bullshit. What good is trivial nonsense anyway? Get the message and be done with it.

  4. Gilbert yeah,that’s the point,how long will you be here?
    Struck a chord when it comes to real friendship emerged from nowhere.
    Someone has to say straightforwardly go back to the root of existence and discover the seeing-knowing what is always here-now.
    I am eternally grateful all these clues over the years….mask,persona,seeing through
    and for-ever!

  5. My mother used to say, “being truthful won’t make you popular.”
    This truism still applies within the dream. If being popular entails applauding and buttressing the emperor’s new clothes (the false), where can that lead other than deeper down the rabbit hole of falseness and further astray.
    For me, it holds no interest. Eventually, folks weary from being milked emotionally and financially…but then, maybe not.
    What was it David Hannum said of P.T. Barnum? “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
    Not appealing, but the (unquestioned) human condition nonetheless.
    Love your posts Gilbert!