Un-mediated self-knowing – no agent

The concept that the mind is looking from somewhere is erroneous.

The mind CANNOT see…….the mind is a translation appearing and disappearing in the seeing.

The seeing is seeing is seeing is seeing.  Every thing, without exception is an appearance, belonging to one appearance, appearing upon or in the seeing.

Therefore everything IS the seeing without distinction.  It is only the mind that APPEARS to divide the natural oneness into an array of things appearing and disappearing.  It looks AS IF the mind uses concepts to divide other concepts…..but even that is a conceptual construct appearing and disappearing.

There is NO entity in the seeing, that is seeing.  When the ancients call it ALL SEEING……it is not some high flying spiritual concept…..it simply means what it says…..all seeing….all knowing.  There is no separate identity that is seeing or knowing.   The immediate truth of existence is undivided, unmediated presence-awareness.   No one ever ‘gets that’……or not.   It is all appearance – mind….and mind is time.  There is no duration to this immediate life or livingness.  Without this life energy, you could not entertain a single thought or belief….you could not move a finger…..or take one step in any direction.  The self-righteous man is only a fixation in the mind.  ‘I am right and you are wrong’ is a disease of the mind.

If you recognise this clarity of pure seeing, it undermines every belief and all apparent knowledge.  It leaves you present and aware, without any concepts about separation….therefore the illusion of being separate has already disappeared.  There is no faking it…..pretending to be enlightened. There is only total clarity……upon which everything appears and disappears……including thoughts, emotions, states of mind…… and all concepts about transmission are known only as absurd notions held by ‘others’.

Time itself is recognised as a conceptualised notion appearing and disappearing.

This may seem very radical to the patterns of belief but once they are seen through, or known to be only concepts, ‘then’, which can only ever be ‘now’, the absence of a separate identity is clearly obvious.

  1. When Jesus was asked if he had anything to say in his own defence, he was silent.

  2. Well said Gilbert, but the seeing arises from this nothingness, stillness, silent place which you can say is our natural state, does it not ?

    the seeing is seen but ……

    • (addressed to Ralph)….Your statement is based on concepts, not clear observation. The seeing does not arise from anywhere. All apparent places appear in the seeing. The seeing cannot be seen….the concept ‘I see’ cannot actually see. How can you say that you have observed the seeing arising? The seeing is there before any observation.

  3. This is the birth and death of words.

  4. Only love is thoughtless, so to speak.

  5. Why stop at seeing .

    The seeing is seen, yes? … otherwise how can you say there is seeing. Now the question is “That, infront of seeing is taking place, can That be seen ?

    • You are not listening Ralph. You cannot go past the seeing and the seeing cannot be seen….it is not an object. Everything appears upon the seeing. Seeing happens through the eyes….but the seeing is not limited by the eyes……seeing is everything and is everything. The patterns that appear do NOT have the capacity to see……all patterns appear in the seeing….and they all disappear in the seeing…..and they cannot be anything other than the seeing, appearing as this and that. Do not make this seeing into an object or subject. It is impersonal.

  6. … and you are not looking, Gilbert. Again , I say , why stop at seeing ? What lies beyond the seeing IS also impersonal. No words can touch that, it stands on its own, so to speak. You can say that ‘the seeing’ is the flashlight , all it does is it sees but what sees this seeing ? can this one be identified? I’m not looking for an answer here, just have a look.

    Now , Gilbert, if you are content with ‘this seeing’ , then ok , rest there, but it was not enough for me, so I did what Mooji suggested and I went further and what I found was beyond anything imaginable.

    • There is no one looking. Mind is time bound and the looker is a thought. It sounds like you are talking crap Ralph. There is nothing beyond the seeing. All this competitive nonsense about beyond seeing. Seeing is seeing. There is no seer that sees the seeing. Recognise that what you are is this activity of seeing and stop imagining something that sees (seer). Mooji talks crap sometimes. The fact that he bows to his followers reveals he is not totally clear of erroneous beliefs.

  7. Are you guys done being squirrels fighting inside each others’ underclothes yet? The Mooji video link that Ralph posted is beautiful. Also, I would agree that Gilbert doesn’t hit it out of the park every post; some are great and some are laced with ego. And not just to bring out the ego of “others” or to “stir the pot”; just plain egoic posts. A lot of my stuff is also egoic. That being said, who cares? There’s no pattern in the shape of Kimo or Gilbert or Mooji who is calling the shots in Life or who owns Intelligence nor who owns an Attainment or lack of an Attainment. No matter how egoic the posts or how spiritually-correct the posts, there’s no pattern there who is in ownership of delusion or spiritual correctness (there’s just an imagined attribution to a fleeting pattern). As Mooji mentioned, can you see that which is seeing? Ralph, you are taking something seen or imagined ,”a pattern named Gilbert” and attributing all sorts of attainments or non-attainments to the pattern (as I just did by mentioning a Ralph who is doing this). Do you get the joke yet? There is nobody who is confused as well as nobody who gets this. There is only Knowing. Inescapable.

    • Mooji – Spooji – Rooji – Krooji – Mic and Looeeji. There is no such thing as an ego. Finger pointing is finger pointing. Whatever you do, don’t look at where the finger is pointing. You ever hit a home run Kimo? 🙂

  8. If I did hit one out of the park or hit a lemon, there’s still no entity to claim it.
    The origination is intelligence energy; not the pattern.
    There’s no way to get “knocked out” of being what we are. Case closed.
    But I’ve noticed that EVERY religious and spiritual group, no matter whether it is admitted or not, is subtly dual-purposed: to #1 grasp and experience what the message is saying (whether it be the Bible or Advaita principles, etc.) plus #2 to emulate the telltale enlightened behaviors of the Messiah or perceived leader/guru of the group or lineage. (We won’t even mention the “making money” part).
    Many fervently studying Advaita will have a momentary dawning of what this is all about and then immediately fall into doubt as negative feelings arise or actions arise which are contrary to how they would perceive someone as “enlightened”; so they go back and back and back for whatever that “missed info” might possibly be.
    Again and again, falling back from realizing that we are what we seek and there’s no way to get “knocked out” of being the simplicity of that.
    But certainly, in imagination, there is a possible “attainment” and then there is an endless path of “living the teaching properly” and of course– all this is for perfection and aggrandizement of the person. It all comes back to making ME better and a master of self-knowledge. Which of course is something aspirants deny, but it all comes back to that; otherwise nothing would be seen as missing right now. Because nothing is missing from the Awareness we are.
    All is enlightened. All formation emanates from and within this light already. Any “person” or “idea” who wants to refute that or say there is still a long & arduous path remaining is just another short-lived dancing blip in the intelligence energy that we already and irrevocably are.

    • There is no entity anywhere. Have a look. If you cannot find one where ‘you’ appear to be, then how could there be any other anywhere else? All the stories about entities and circumstances are simple concepts appearing and disappearing upon this naked cognition….and THAT is no thing. Nothing at all.