The ultimate transparency remains unnoticed.

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Whatever truth is in religion, you can rip up all the books, burn all the texts, tear down all the sacred buildings and send all the followers away.

What will be remaining, untouched is what is real, often called the truth. Invisible to the naked eye and without need of any proof, any agent or witness.

Do you need to be reminded of being here, now?
How could you forget?

What is most familiar to us is not noticed because it has never not been present.  Mind uses contrast to distinguish this from that.  That which is most familiar to us has no opposite.

The living intelligence has nothing to do with any process, progress, path or method.

All those ‘things’ are a shroud worn by emptiness.

Emptiness seems to scare many.

Where does your courage come from? Does it not spontaneously appear as it is required?

Is it not true that you know what you need to know in the immediacy of this activity of knowing? Is there any question in that or about that?

Relax, wholeness embraces you entirely, whether you want it or not.

Let the concepts set over the horizon of your mind and rest in the wholeness of being what you truly are.

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  1. Beautiful. Without a doubt this knowingness that can be sensed simply in the beingness is always what lights all that is and all we are. It is so clear and obvious the mind has no use for it. Can’t know it. But IT knows the mind. IT gives life to its very functioning.