Two trees, one planet

The natural world is NOT relative to ‘me’.   That simple sentence just about sums up the ‘problem’ for all seekers.

There are two trees is The garden of Eden.

The Tree of Knowledge…..

….and the Tree of Life.

The natural world is not composed of words or language.   All creatures express their own natural sounds and those sounds (vibrations) communicate naturally.   The intellect interprets so-called meaningful sounds into words and concepts.   Language and added meaning is secondary to the sounds, the signatures of nature. The capacity of ‘reason’ is naturally occurring but belief is diverse and secondary. Belief is never the actuality.

The signature of all things is their expression, the expression of their natural state of being, as is, before analysis.

We ‘humans’ tend to ignore the simplicity of ‘what is-ness’ and focus upon the status quo (intellectualized notions about nature).  We take the mere labels and words, reflections upon nature, as if they were reality.   We believe what we think is real, is real and do not question its validity.   Therefore the status quo view is most usually upside down and back to front.  Natural insight and wisdom are now so rare, it seems that no one knows what ‘insight’ and ‘wisdom’ mean.  No wonder mankind keeps stuffing up the natural order.  

What we believe is profit (for a few) is really a damnation of inescapable debt (for all), in the appearance of things.   Drama, revolutions and unrest is common throughout so-called modern civilization. Religion is used as an excuse for violent behavior and backed up by an absurdity…..’God is on our side’. How can anyone validate such nonsense?   They can’t and so they have sleepless nights and punish themselves with self-righteousness mixed with guilt and constant aggressive behavior.  Then they kneel down to pray.

The status quo or the consensus reality is not reality and no amount of philosophy or word laden bullshit will ever turn intellectualizing into anything real, except as what it is….a mere reflection in mind.  Just because a thousand people agree that something is real does not make it real.   The definition of reality is…….. that, which does not change.

What stands before your eyes is the natural and expansive nature of phenomena and every fraction of it is light reflecting off or radiating from apparent surfaces.  (The Sun radiates and the Moon reflects.)  Spontaneously self-illuminated reality appears as phenomena and its true nature is only seemingly obscured by the labels (words) and intellectualizing.  

The simple fact is that the content of mind appears and disappears upon ‘that’ which never changes.  You need to discover what ‘that’ is.   Not so that you can flaunt it as ‘knowledge’ or pretend that you are enlightened.  The certitude of conscious being has no interest in mind games or pretending to be anything other.

Even the dullest mental nonsense is illuminated by the light of consciousness.  

One factor is inescapable and it applies to everyone, no matter what station they believe they occupy in the ‘world’ and that is this:   A belief is NEVER the actuality.

The natural world is NOT relative to ‘me’.   That simple sentence just about sums up the ‘problem’ for all seekers.

Contact emailSkype sessions will be available soon.  One to one and small 3-4 or 5 member group sessions.  Contact email address above for details.  Only those who are willing to drop their story of me need bother.  I am not going to waste time de-briefing seekers who are full of spiritual bullshit, perpetrated by some fancy friggin’ guru.


  1. Some can ‘hear’ the message through written words. Most don’t. One to one conversations provide a more dynamic opportunity to deliver the message. Because of this, there will be established Skype call opportunities for one to one sessions and possibly small group sessions…..4 or 5. Genuine questions will be examined together and in this way the mind’s habits of deflecting the message can be eliminated. If you wish to partake of one of these sessions, please email me and I will put you in touch with someone (who has agreed to deal with requests) who will organize the sessions. A small fee will be asked for each session. There will be no spiritual nonsense. Cutting to the core issue will be the main ingredient. Spiritual pretenders will not want to partake. My email address is in the ‘About’ section at the top of site.

  2. The leaders of Religion must cut through their own dogma and look into their own hearts. They have a position of ‘responsibility’ and it is they who validate the sectarian battles that turn into bloody scenes of emotional turmoil. God is not on anyone side. If this ‘god’ was to exist as a personified being, he or she would be disgusted by the behavior of 90% of believers. Battles over religion have been going on for centuries.