Turn, turn, turn.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which was planted.” – Ecclesiastes 3 – King James Version

Reality is that which never changes, THAT which IS.    IS-NESS.  Undeniable is-ness, as is. Unaltered, unmodified (by mind) and uncorrected.  THAT which IS.

That which changes is that which ‘appears to be’.   Everything is appearance – appearance is everything.  What the appearance appears upon is like space – no thing.

Fear of reality – being afraid of what is true can only ever be a transitory state of mind.

The nature of reality knows no fear.   No transitory appearance can ever represent the Whole.

All things must pass.   No transitory state of affairs can be lasting.  It appears to have a beginning and an end.

What appears to have a beginning and and end cannot be reality.  Reality is timeless – not subjected to time.  Reality is eternal.

Because one believes that they were born, dying appears as its opposite (in dualistic mind).  Fear of dying is imagination.

Fear of the future is ‘unreasonable’ and is based on belief.  The fixation of ‘me’ can never be in the actual present.  The ‘me’ is mind, the mind is memory, past.

No one knows first hand what death is.  Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Without death, there can be no life.

Life lives on life.  

No one has ever come back from ‘death’ to tell their story about what death is like.  

In the scheme of things, in the appearance of what appears to be, existence appears as ‘things’, things upon a wheel, turning.

Things and events appear ‘as’ existence and then they appear ‘as’ nonexistence – then they re-appear – they appear to ‘come back’.  It is all a display.  Day and night.  All the seasons.  Sounds, visions.   Each gives way to the next, yet all is of one essence.  Everything appears in the seeing or in the hearing (or any one of the senses).  All is vibration.   Even the apparent stability of the sun has a pulse, a heart beat.  The human skull is not a solid structure.  It’s various plates are moving ever so slightly to a rhythm, a pulse.  All life is vibration.  Absolute stillness is nothing.  All things that appear are merely a seeming concentration of emptiness, a livingness appearing as form.   Form appears upon formless and the formless appears as form.  Not two.

In essence, nothing is created.  The One Essence remains as the ever present potentiality, which is never depleted.    Effortless expression of all possibilities without creating a single cause.  Without cause, there can be no effect.  No Karma.

This moment is unique.  Uncaused.  Spontaneous life.  Every fresh.  This moment has never happened before.  This moment will never happen again.  This moment, just like your own true nature, has no conditioning whatsoever.

Belief is NEVER the actuality.

In the appearance of things, the great wheel turns as ever new moments.  In a similar way this moment disappears as the next moment arrives and disappears.  The axis of this ‘metaphoric wheel’ is reality itself, the unchanging.  THAT which all things appear and turn and disappear upon.  Viewed from anywhere on the wheel, the axis appears the same.  Motion-less. What we call truth is like that.

All wisdom arrises out of silence and stillness.  Sincere contemplation indicates earnestness and a freedom from all fixed points of view. This appears to be very rare and yet it is always and ever available to one and all.

We may, through ignorance argue over what is true but there can be no argument in truth itself.  It is fixations with the various biased views of truth that form into argument.  If you suddenly agree with your opponent, what happens to the argument?

Bloody battles are fought over trivialities.   Belief is NEVER the actuality.

Draw yourself closer to the unchanging by recognizing that which never changes (in yourself) and keep recognizing what is truly real in your own being.  Recognize what is false and do not mix up, adulterate, the clarity of pure being, with mere opinions and belief.

As the ancient text says “Know the truth and the truth (itself) will set you free”.

  1. Most ‘teachers’ collect seekers and although they present their ‘teaching’ as if it were absolute truth itself, the actual truth is that there is nothing to teach. Zero. What you seek you already ARE.

  2. Dissolving into nothing, article written by Randall Friend. (website.)

    The uRbaN gUrU CaFe – it is clear many times as I sat there listening to what was actually said.
    The impact of the podcasts was immense – and today again with podcast 64.
    Gilbert – titled ‘so clear- so obvious’.
    The phrases “the essence you are (or I am) is already, free without being somebody – or see that you are not even the body.”
    Indeed, nothing is asked of you than just listen / hear where referred to.
    For me this is so important – say nothing like ‘there is something to do’.
    Finally, what gets in the way, when it comes to clear view, resolves itself automatically.

    The following words are visible:
    Is-ness, Pure being, Pure intelligence…..and then everything falls silent.

    Yes, there is nothing to teach….zero.
    Love to one and all,Divo