Truth or reality

What is most usually not recognized is that there is a bias to our ‘wanting to know’.  The ‘me’ gets desperate, frustrated, secretly or openly blames the ‘other’, life or maybe the ‘teacher’, then it all comes back on the ‘me’.  Depression sets in.   The way out of it is clear and obvious but it is not recognized. Just as the sky is not recognized due to the attention being attracted to the content of the sky.  Clouds, birds, planes, storms, blueness…. and then there is that gloomy grey-ness which appears to upset the self-image for so many.  The clear open sky is simply not present, it would seem – or it appears to be obscured.  

Through belief awareness is seemingly obscured.  Belief is the obscuration.

Awareness or Knowing is not a result (of any ‘thing’).  All is spontaneous and ever fresh, without any conditioning at all.  Like the sky, present evidence is awareness itself, clear and empty of bias.

The bias that causes misunderstanding is ‘me’.  What does ‘I want to know’ mean?   The assumption is that the ‘I’ has some substance which can add to or subtracted from (itself).  And the same assumption includes an idea that the ‘I’ has already accumulated lots of ‘knowledge’ which is being refined and added to…..and that it (me) is somehow evolving.  It is all nothing but imagination.  

As long as that me is not recognized for what it is, recognized from beyond the bias that it is, then nothing much can happen regarding any true understanding.

Knowing is instant, always instant.  Mind is time (apparent process).  It ‘appears’ that 99% of those interested in these ‘matters’ do not have a ‘clear capacity’ to acknowledge (their own) naked awareness because they are full of beliefs.  Belief is never the actual.  It ‘appears’ that everyone wants to hang onto their beliefs and to be enlightened at the same time.  Resistance to what is clear and obvious is the ‘me’.

The concept of ‘Enlightenment’ is like a carrot before the mule.  One can observe that the word is like an enchantment upon so many.  The common feature amongst ‘seekers’ is ‘I want it’ but the ‘I’ that wants enlightenment can never have what ‘it wants’ because ‘it’ is a fiction.   It is truly a fiction and any acquisition for any fictional thing is and can only ever be nothing other than ‘more fiction’.  

‘Want’ is like a thief that grabs what it values for itself.  It is all about ‘me’.  Self-centeredness.  The common ‘prima dona’ behavior of gurus and teachers proves only that they are especially self-centered, all about ‘me’.  How can enlightenment be grasped as a ‘personal acquisition’?  The blockage is the ‘person’ and the person is not reality.  So it is all illusions of mind.

Is light (illumination) anything that can be grasped or stored away?  Every beam of light from the sun is unique.  Here and gone before you can even contemplate its arrival.  Billions upon billions of unique beams of light, seemingly individual.  The whole radiance of the sun is beyond the intellects capacity to grasp.

This small planet is illuminated by the sun.  The shadow is called ‘night’.  The sun shines in every direction, illuminating each planet and moon of the solar system and any other object that comes within its radiance. The vast empty space between the planets is full of light even though it is not seen until it touches an object.

Awareness can be described as radiance or self-shining, like the sun.  Awareness is present whether thoughts appear or not.  The vast empty space between these small planets is full of the sun’s light.  The word ‘insight’ means something is in the seeing.  Everything appears and disappears in the seeing.  If an insight is not claimed by the habit called ‘me’ then the insight may well be recognized as ever present naked seeing.

The mind is time. In the appearance, in the ‘wake’ of this ever-present eternal radiance of being, in the afterglow, in time, the mind claims ownership (I, me, mine) and weaves its castles in the air.  The ‘me’ attempts to live in its own fabricated castle made only of imagination.

The last frontier is to break through the imaginary wall of separation, the seeming  wall of protection for the imaginary entity (me). 

Being totally conscious requires uncompromising vision, courage and tenacity. Such qualities belong to being, not to the imaginary entity called ‘me’.

There are no enlightened persons anywhere.  The ‘person’ is NOT reality.

To find truth or reality you must BE truth and reality.

One must start from the fact of being and drop all beliefs and all assumptions.

Everything you think you know is in error.

The fact of being is truth itself.  Start there.


 Watch video of Bob Adamson here CLICK.  (or google ‘sailor Bob Adamson 15th Dec’)

  1. Any insight you have is not a result from self referencing.

    The image of self is a dead image. It is always of the past. The vibrancy of life is not from memory, it is life, right here, right now.

    The immediacy is always now. The past cannot re-present the present.

    The mind is time.

    Awareness is time-less.

    Clear awareness is always present, even when the mind is drifting off into past and future.

    All that is necessary is to re-cognize that the immediacy is always present, as is….and never as we think it is.

    The experiencer is a concept. The experience is a concept. The uninterrupted experiencing is awareness, not a thing.

    Investigate this and SEE for yourself.

  2. The imaginary spiritual path vanishes all by itself when true insight reveals naked seeing. Beware of those who speak of a path and a destination, methods of attainment and promises about ‘tomorrow’. Reality is always right here, right now.
    All that is necessary is to re-cognize your innate being, self-shining pure being.
    A sense of expansion signifies the insight is true. The cage of limitations lifts away naturally, never to be believed in again.
    Seeing a distant star is instantaneous. You do not need a method or practice in order to see. Seeing is happening and ‘you’ are not ‘doing’ the seeing.

  3. Thanks Gilbert.


    Fran Hollywood

  4. The so-called ‘spiritual circle’ is full of grasping souls wanting freedom for ME. The ‘me’ is a fiction. There is no bondage of self. Like a bird in a cage (for years) and the door is left open, the bird will not fly out. It doesn’t even notice the open door. The habit of belief in me is like that. Fear of reality is unreasonable but by heck, getting anyone to acknowledge that is like pulling teeth out of an angry dog.

  5. What do you mean when you say, “Fear of Reality is unreasonable”. ( In the above)

    What is the :”Reality” you reference ?



  6. Reality is that which never changes. Reality is.
    Whatever ‘reason’ there may be to being afraid of what is (reality) can only be a transitory appearance.
    The nature of reality is not fear.
    No transitory state of affairs can be lasting. Everything must pass.
    Because one believes that one was born, dying is the opposite. Fear of dying is imagination. No one knows what death is. No one has ever truly come back from death to tell anything about it. In nature myriad forms of existence appear to turn (upon a wheel) from existence into non existence and then they come back. Day and night. Seasons. Sounds. In essence nothing is created. In appearance a seeming wheel of appearances turns and each moment is fresh and new. Similar to the last moment, this moment disappears as the next moment arrives and the wheel turns. The axis of the wheel is reality, the unchanging. From anywhere on the wheel, the axis appears to be the same. What we call ‘truth’ is like that. Yet we will argue over truth and even fight wars over trivialities. Bloody battles fought over beliefs. Draw yourself closer to the unchanging and keep recognizing what is true as true. See the false as false and do not mix up the two.

  7. Thanks for the clarification.